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Medical Laboratory Scientists International Academy (MLSIAcademy, MLSIA), is an eLearning dashboard dedicated for helping and preparing medical laboratory professionals around the world to Get Certified By (ASCP BOC) The American Society For Clinical Pathology Board Of Certification. 

Founded By Medical laboratory professionals Exactly like you! Who struggled for years to get certified by the ASCP BOC! They were like you in the same situation.

Lacking the time, effort and know-how of: 

  • From where should i start for ASCP Certification Exam?
  • What resources should I use? 
  • Where can I find such resources? 
  • What type of questions will I face? 
  • And a lot hows, wheres, whens?
So After Passing Different ASCP Certification Exams in All 4 Categories:
  • Generalist (MLS ASCP), 
  • Specialist, 
  • Technologist, 
  • and Technician.

The founders of MLSi ACADEMY said, Let’s do the heavy lifting for our colleagues. 

Let’s Make The Shortcut and build The ALL IN ONE TOOL for Passing ASCP Exams. What do we offer?

  • The Easy Way, 
  • In The Shortest Time 
  • With The Minimum Effort. 

The All-in-One Tool Is Prep Course Packages That Include: 

  1. Live Online Classes 
  2. Recording Of The Classes 
  3. One Unified MLSIA Study Source
  4. Q&A Bank

Instead of the Recommended Reading List by ASCP BOC, it may include 49 resources between textbooks, journals and online resources. The average cost of each is between $50-S149 (Saves A lot Of Time, Effort And $$$$).

Demo Questions: To Get Familiar with ASCP Exam Questions Such Preparation Courses Are Compiled and Conducted by MLSi ACADEMY Stuff Members Who Are Medical Laboratory Professionals Like You ASCP Certified, Passed ASCP Exam(S), Master's Degree and  PhD Holders. 

Our ASCP Prep Courses Service

MLSi Academy provides a wide range of Preparatory Courses that are designed to meet the development of yours skills and expertise in different areas of specialties within the Clinical Laboratory Field. Whatever your goal, we are excited to make you fully prepared and super-qualified to pass the ASCP BOC Exam for any the following certifications:

  • Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Medical Laboratory Technician, MLT (ASCP/ASCPi)
  • Technologist in Blood Banking, BB (ASCP/ASCPi).
  • Technologist in Chemistry, C (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Technologist in Hematology, H (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Technologist in Microbiology, M (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Technologist in Cytogenetics, CG (ASCP/ASCPi)
  • Cytotechnologist, CT (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Histotechnologist, HTL (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Technologist in Gynecologic Cytology, CTgyn (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Specialist in Blood Banking, SBB (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Specialist in Chemistry, SC (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Specialist in Cytometry, SCYM (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Specialist in Cytotechnology, SCT (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Specialist in Hematology, SH (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Specialist in Microbiology, SM (ASCP/ASCPi)
  • Specialist in Molecular Biology, SMB (ASCP/ASCPi)
  • Phlebotomy Technician, PBT (ASCP/ASCPi),
  • Histotechnician, HT (ASCP/ASCPi)

Our Team

We are a team of Your Colleagues Who Dedicated A lot of Time (Few Years), Effort, Money To Pass our ASCP Exams in all 4 categories, Generalist (MLS ASCP), ASCP Specialist, ASCP Technologist and ASCP Technician But Now It’s Your Turn To Do It The Easy Way, in The Shortest Time with The Minimum Effort By Giving You our Experience with ASCP Exams.


Our Mission

We exist to educate and empower Medical Laboratory Professionals around the world particularly in USA to pass their ASCP certification exam for US (ASCP) and International (ASCPi), the easy way in the shortest time with the minimum effort and to achieve their maximum God-given potential, so they can get work licensure and serve others and provide for themselves and their families.

Discover Your Path in Laboratory Science.

Realise Your Career Ambitions. At MLSi Academy, we offer a diverse array of programs tailored to guide you towards your professional goals. Whether you're aiming for certification, advancement, or specialisation in medical laboratory science, our programs are designed to pave your path to success.

MLS ASCP Certification for by MLSi AMLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist Certification & Prep by

Medical Laboratory Scientist ASCP Certification

The MLS (medical laboratory scientist ASCP) also called clinical laboratory scientist or generalist, performs a variety of tests in immunology, urinalysis, chemistry, microbiology, hematology and blood banking to diagnoses and treatment of diseases. MLS aids physicians in choosing the accurate technique when treating patients.

MLT ASCP Medical Laboratory Technician Certification

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT ASCP)

The responsibility of an MLT is to assist physicians and other medical specialists by offering accurate test results for patients' treatments. They perform lab tests on biological specimen including blood and other body fluids to get information. MLT is an expert in chemistry, urinalysis, blood banking, immunology, molecular biology, and hematology lab tests.

MB ASCP Exam Prep Course Online by MLSiACADEMY

MB ASCP Certification Prep

MLSIA MB preparation package includes MB live classes, MB one unified study material and MB Q&A bank. It is made of the four-exam testing area including Molecular Science, Lab Operations, Molecular Techniques and Applications of Molecular Testing.

SMB ASCP Specialist in Molecular Biology Certification by MLSIACADEMY

ASCP Specialist in Molecular Biology (SMB ASCP)

ASCP Specialist in Molecular Biology uses advanced molecular diagnostic techniques to detect inherited and acquired diseases. SMB has specialized skills in molecular methodologies to provide high support in complex tests, troubleshooting, and development.

M ASCP Technologist in Microbiology Certification, Study Materials and Exam Prep by Abdelhalim Elshawadfy from MLSi ACADEMY

ASCP Technologist in Microbiology (M ASCP)

M deal with microscopic organisms such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Microbiology Technologist identifies bacteria & microorganisms in body fluids and tissue samples to help in diagnosis & treatment of infectious diseases.

SM ASCP Specialist in Microbiology Certification and Exam Prep by MLSiACADEMY

ASCP Specialist in Microbiology (SM ASCP)

SM has advanced knowledge and experience in identifying bacteria and other microscopic organisms in body fluids and tissue samples. SM use best technique to help in the diagnosis & treatment of infectious diseases.

Colleagues Support

Support, MLS (ASCP)

ASCP certified colleague for your Support! Feel free to text or Schedule a meeting with Adam.

Our Lecturer

Whatever your aim for you future, we have the perfect program to get you there.

• ASCP Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP)
• B.Sc., Western Governors University
• Master of Science, Loyola University-Chicago


• B.Sc., Webster University
• Master of Science, University of Wisconsin-Stout


• ASCP Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP)
• B.Sc., Bowling Green State University-Firelands
• Master of Science, University of Southern Mississippi


• ASCP Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP)
• B.Sc., Grand Valley State University


• ASCP Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP)
• ASCP Board Certified Specialist in Microbiology, SM (ASCP)
• ASCP Board Certified Medical Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB (ASCP)
• B.Sc., Sadat University
• Master of Science, Benha University
• Master of Science, Microbiology, Benha University
• Doctor of Philosophy, Microbiology, Benha University

Still wondering where to start?