ASCP Certification Cost: Benefits, Investment Details, and Career Impact

The American Society for Clinical Pathology delivers +25 credentials, and each has its own cost.

As an ASCP certified, you will get better job prospects, career satisfaction, opportunities to improve your experience, the best environment to perform the job in any worldwide hospital, and much more.

ASCP certification fees are a little investment when it comes to getting advantages from being certified.

Here is a comprehensive guide about the ASCP certification cost including application, recertification, and some other ASCP certification examination expenses.

Understanding ASCP Certification Cost

The Board of Certification fixes some charges that candidates have to pay to participate in their relevant program.

Whether you are going to purchase an ASCP study guide or fill out the application form, you have to pay ASCP certification pricing.

ASCP Certification Cost

All expenses you pay to obtain an ASCP certificate are included in the ASCP certification cost.

To become ASCP certified, you have to pay

  • ASCP certification application fees
  • ASCP study guide fees
  • ASCP practice test fees
  • ASCP certification renewal cost
  • ASCP membership costs (of choice)
  • ASCP CMP reinstatement cost

Application fees

The ASCP certification application fee is different for different certificates.

It may be ranging from $100 to $500.

However, the ASCP application cost is $200 for most certificates.

This fee is non-refundable in all situations.

List of ASCP certification application fees

ASCP Scientist Certificate

Medical Lab Scientist (MLS)

ASCP Technician Certification


  • For U.S.: $225
  • For International: $185

Medical Laboratory Assistant

  • For U.S.: $145

Phlebotomy Technician

  • For U.S.: $145
  • For International: $135

Medical Lab Technician

  • For U.S.: $225
  • For International: $185

ASCP Technologist Certification

Technologist in Blood Banking

  • For U.S.: $250
  • For International: $210

Technologist in Chemistry

  • For U.S: $250
  • For International: $210

Technologist in Cytogenetics

  • For U.S.: $250
  • For International: $210


  • For U.S.: $250
  • For International: $210

International Gynecologic Cytologist

  • Application fee: $135

Technologist in Hematology

  • For U.S: $250
  • For International: $210


  • For U.S.: $250
  • For International: $210

Technologist in Microbiology

  • For U.S.: $250
  • For International: $210

Technologist in Molecular Biology

  • For U.S.: $250
  • For International: $210

ASCP Specialist Certification

Blood Bank Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

Chemistry Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

Cytology Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

Cytometry Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

Hematology Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

Microbiology Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

Molecular Biology Specialist

  • For U.S.: $300
  • For International: $260

The candidates who received medical lab education and live in a board-selective nation that is mentioned in the “International Pricing Policy” will pay a discounted fees of $95 for international credentials.

Total Examination Fees

The American Society for Clinical Pathology conducts exams for medical lab scientists, technologists, specialists, and technicians. 

You pay only application fees as examination fees if you are a US candidate.

But in case you are international examine,

you need to make transcripts equivalency that will add additional costs for you.

Foreign Degree evaluation cost

ASCP determine some institutions that are the excellent international degree evolution providers, but here are two that are most important.

World Education Services, Inc (WES) and Foundation for International Services, Inc

The degree evolution cost of WES is $258, and it takes seven days (business day) to evaluate and send documents to the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

While FIS (Foundation for International Services) demand $110 to offer degree evolutions within two weeks. It takes $155 for one week, $205 for two days and $265 for same.

Pls, check this post for the expected cost based on the institution you are going to apply for degree evaluation

Study Material

Study material is the ultimate source of the ASCP exam syllabus that covers the exam content concisely.

An excellent study material offers your preparation a final look.

Once you implement it into your study strategies, you never feel the need to go to another resource for information. offer you an all-in-one conclusive study package. You must prefer MLSIA instead of struggling between different resources.

For ASCP MLS, technologists, technicians, and specialist's certification preparation, you will find MLSIA with your shoulder-to-shoulder.

Following is the list of study materials and their price that ASCP BOC offers.

BOC Study Guide 7th Edition: MLS-MLT Clinical Laboratory Examinations

  • List price: $99
  • Member Price: $89

BOC Phlebotomy Study Guide 3rd Edition

  • List price: $89
  • Member Price: $69

BOC Histotechnology Study Guide 3rd Edition 

  • List cost: $99
  • Member cost: $89

BOC 2023 Histotechnology (HT) Interactive Practice Exam

  • List price: $99
  • Member price: $89

Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text 5E and BOC Histotechnology (HT) Interactive Practice Exam Bundle

  • List Price: $199
  • Member Price: $159

Renewal Fees

After three years of getting ASCP certification, you have to pass your credentials in the renewal process.

The renewal process is also called ASCP CMP or continuing education program.

The purpose of ASCP behind the renewal program is to add perfection to certified candidates' certificates and introduce them to new technologies.

Like certification, the ASCP recertification program also has eligibility requirements, and the ASCP certification renewal cost.

For all American Society for Clinical Pathology certification, the application fee is $95.

But, if you cannot apply for the CMP exam and the date has expired, you have to pay extra fees.

This extra fee with application cost is called the reinstatement fee and it is $125 for all credentials.

Candidates with multiple credentials can get a $15 discount for all if these certificates have the same expiration date.

You also get the same discount if your multiple certification expiration dates fall within 3 months of each other.

From July 1, 2024, CMP application and multiple certifications CMP costs will increase by $5, and CMP reinstatement expenses will increase by $10.

Navigating ASCP Certification Cost: Practical Tips

The ASCP membership program can help a lot to reduce the ASCP certification cost.

The board establishes different membership programs with unique packages for pathologists, students, laboratory professionals, residents, and professional affiliates.

This package helps you to get many advantages including navigating the ASCP certification cost.

The American Society for Clinical Pathology demands fees for membership programs.

For instance, if you join the pathologist “Follow Membership” option, you have to pay $399 for a one-year membership and $749 for a two-year membership program.

But the board offers free membership in some cases, you must join the free membership programs.

For instance, pathologist “Follow-in-Membership” is free, and “Laboratory Student Membership” is also free.

The ASCP board offers scholarships up to $500,000 to help students with their education expenses.

Besides this, being a member, you also get free shipping on domestic products.

By free shipping, you can save your money.

Membership programs also save tons of dollars from ASCP certification examination expenses.

You also get membership rewards that help you save money on insurance, student loans, and vacations.

Exploring Third-Party Study Material Providers

The ASCP Board of Certification allows its students to get the ASCP preparation study material from a third party.

If you are successful in getting the study material from the best third-party provider, your success will be sure.

Because the best online prep bundle providers struggle a lot to offer all their students under one roof.

You must choose study material, if you want to get the preparation resource from a third party.

Because MLSIA has a strong background in developing comprehensive prep packages for all ASCP certification.

The uses many different ways to offer information including PDF and video classes for students' convenience.

Besides this, it makes content easy by adding images, simple vocabulary, diagrams, tables, etc.

For all certifications, the academy offers online live classes, recording of lectures, unified study material (cover reading list of all resources), and practice tests (flashcards, mock tests, and question banks).

You can get MLSIA ASCP prep bundles at an affordable price.

Beside this, the academy offers its students 100% success guarantee with great scores (more than 400).

You will also get two subscription bonuses for all certification prep bundles: academy support and a book as free ( $9.9 price).

Conclusion for ASCP Certification Cost

The American Society for Clinical Pathology offers life-changing credentials. ASCP certification costs nothing regarding its benefits.

Besides this, the Board offers you many programs that help you reduce your ASCP certification process charges.

You can also get scholarships, rewards, and free shipping that help you to reduce your ASCP certification cost.

Are you looking for a third party to get the ASCP preparation bundle?

MLSIA is always present to serve you regarding making you ASCP certified.

FAQs for ASCP Certification Cost?

What is the ASCP certification cost?

It is different for different credentials. $210 for almost all certifications of ASCP technologists (CTgyn ASCP: $135) and $260 for specialist certification.

Is ASCP certification pricing the same for U.S. and international candidates?

No, it is different for U.S. and international applicants. For the MLS certificate, it is $250 for U.S. and $210 for international.

What is the ASCP certification renewal cost?

The ASCP certification renewal fee is $95 and the reinstatement fee is $125.

What is the cost of ASCP certification prep bundles?

You can get MLSIA prep packages for only $497.