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To get American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) certificate, candidates need to choose the best ASCP preparation course that helps cover the ASCP BOC content area for exams.

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The prep course you choose for the American Society for Clinical Pathology exam preparation must cover all BOC resources in one unified study material. It also offers questions and answers that help to understand the nature of exam questions.

Furthermore, it is also able to explain all content area of the ASCP exams in various ways, including PDF, videos, etc.

You can get fully prepared for ASCP exam with's prep package for each certification exam. Whether you want to become ASCP medical laboratory scientist, ASCP Technician, ASCP technologist or an ASCP specialist, MLSIA offers you the best to make sure your success is 100%.

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We are a dedicated Academy for ASCP certification that Provides All-In-One Prep Package for passing ASCP Exams.

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Leader in “Medical” Laboratory Science! Pioneer in ASCP Certification Preparation

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory-Scientist Certification Exam Prep by MLSiACADEMY

MLSIA prep course package for MLS (ASCP) covers all content areas for the MLS ASCP exam. The covering content area is blood banking, urinalysis & other body fluids, microbiology, hematology, laboratory operations, chemistry, and immunology. American Society for Clinical Pathology Borad of Certification (BOC) selects different percentages of questions from these content areas. MLSi academy takes care of it.

BOC offers three journals, 29 textbooks, and 15 online associations for exam preparation. MLSIA covers all these resources in one unified study material. The study material covers these resources in easy-to-understand ways that are easily understandable.

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist Exam Prep by MLSIA

MLSi ACADEMY also offers online live classes along with the recording that can be watched during flexible hours.


BOC offers nine technologist certificates for U.S. and eleven for international candidates. Surprisingly, MLSIA offers ASCP technologist prep packges for all different certificates. This including MB, M, C, H, BB, CG, CT, HTL and CTgyn.

MB ASCP Exam Prep Course Online by MLSiACADEMY

BOC determined molecular science, applications of molecular testing, laboratory operations, and molecular techniques exam content areas for technologists in molecular biology. MLSIA takes your exam preparation to the next level by covering all MB ASCP exam content areas in the prep course.

MB ASCP Exam Prep Course

To sum up all your exam requirements on one platform. MLSIA breaks down a BOC reading list that comprises 15 textbooks and 6 online into all-inclusive study material. After subscribing to the MLSIA MB prep course package, you do not have to worry about your success in getting an MB certificate.

M ASCP Prep Online Course M Study Guide Matrerial, Practice Exam Questions and Live Classes

Preanalytic procedures, laboratory operations, analytic procedures for bacteriology, and analytic procedures for mycobacteriology, parasitology, virology, and mycology are M ASCP exam syllabus. To achieve a technologist in microbiology ASCP credential, you have to get enough knowledge in all these content areas.

The best way to cover this exam content area is to pick the best prep package that covers it. MLSIA is best in this regard, covering all analytic and preanalytic procedures in its prep course.

M ASCP Exam Prep

In addition, the MLSIA M prep course package also summarizes the BOC reading list including 5 journals and 20 texts into one comprehensive learning source to save candidates time and effort to find the best one.


Technologists in Chemistry ASCP play a vital role in diagnosis and treatment of disease. To become C ASCP, candidates must have strong knowledge of the BOC exam content area. General chemistry, blood gases, acid-base & electrolytes, special chemistry, lab operation, and proteins and enzymes are covering content area.

MLSi ACADEMY truly aids you in C ASCP exam preparation by describing these content areas in a prep package.

C ASCP Prep Course

BOC offers a huge reading list for the chemistry technologist exam that comprises four journals, four textbooks, and eight online. MLSIA digests all these resources into one learning material. After subscribing to the prep course, you do not need to move on to other resources because MLSIA leaves no utterance to offer you all the crucial information for exam preparation.

H (ASCP) Prep

There is no better certificate for hematology technologists than the ASCP BOC in all medical sectors. But getting this is not child's play. BOC never awards this certificate until you prove your skill and experience in hematology exam content areas. For this, you have to trust any prep course that aids you in covering this content area.

MLSi ACADEMY could be your best choice regarding H (ASCP) preparation, which incorporates all BOC exam content areas. MLSIA covers hemostasis, hematology physiology, hematology laboratory testing, laboratory operations, and hematology disease states.

H ASCP Technologist in Hematology Exam Prep Course by MLSIA

Not only this, but also consumes the BOC reading list in one executive learning guide for the H ASCP test, which has 12 PDFs, 3 journals, and some online associations.


Technologists in Blood Banking ASCP exam content areas are immunology and physiology, blood group systems, laboratory operations, serologic and molecular testing, blood products, and transfusion practice. MLSIA covers all these content areas in its prep course, eliminating the need to rely on other ones.

Furthermore, MLSIA's conclusive study material also summarizes the BOC reading list (8 journals, 24 textbooks, and 6 online sources) in one comprehensive learning material. Despite choosing many study materials for the BB exam preparation. you should trust MLSIA, which covers everything in one study source.

To fulfill your dream of becoming BB ASCP certified, MLSIA does all that is necessary for your exam preparation.

Get the Best BB ASCP exam Prep Course

CG ASCP Technologist in Cytogenetics Prep Course by MLSiACADEMY

American Society for Clinical Pathology Bord Of certification specified specimen preparation, imaging, and chromosome analysis, molecular cytogenetic testing, and a laboratory operations exam syllabus for CG ASCP. The CG prep course covers all these content areas to offer you a satisfactory resource for exam prep.

With this, MLSIA consumes a reading list that has three journals, ten textbooks, and nine online into one irrevocable learning material.

CG ASCP prep bundle by MLSIACADEMY

CT ASCP Prep online course by MLSiACADEMY

Whether you are sitting in the Cytologist (CT) ASCP test for the first time or you are trying to ace this exam a second time, MLSi ACADEMY improves your way of preparing by offering a tremendous prep course for exam preparation.

You cannot comprehend the BOC exam content area for CT without any proper guidelines. The BOC exam syllabus for CT ASCP is fine needle aspiration and other, lab operations, gynecological cytology, and non-gynecological cytology (genitourinary system, respiratory system, and body cavity fluids).

MLSIA CT prep course bundle covers this exam syllabus in a simple way that can be understood easily.

Additionally, the MLSIA prep course study material is an all-in-one study source that abridges the BOC reading list, which is composed of 19 textbooks, 7 journals, and 10 online.

CT ASCP Prep course by MLSiACADEMY

HTL ASCP Exam Preparation Course By MLSi ACADEMY

Histotechnologist ASCP exam content areas are staining, processing, laboratory operations, fixation, and embedding/microtomy. Getting expertise in all these content areas is essential to earning an HTL (ASCP) credential.

MLSIA assists you in becoming BOC certified by covering all these exam content areas in the prep course bundle. MLSi ACADEMY compiled HTL prep course with the help of ASCP experts.

HTL (ASCP) Histotechnologist Certification Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

To minimize the need for candidates to rely on more than one study material. MLSIA shrinks the BOC reading list (16 textbooks and 6 online) into one comprehensive study material.

CTgyn ASCPi Gynecologic Cytologist Prep Course by MLSiACADEMY

The MLSi ACADMY CTgyn prep course covers all the essentials of the exam. From the BOC exam content area to the reading list to offer you cooked food for exam preparation.

The MLSIA prep package covers the CTgyn (ASCPi) exam content area. It coverslaboratory operations, pathology, biological behavior, cytopathology, normal cellular morphology, histology, physiology, anatomy, and embryologic origins.

Besides this, MLSIA apprehends a BOC reading list for CTgyn that offers 12 textbooks, 7 journals, and 6 online into one decisive learning material.

CTgyn (ASCPi) Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY.

American Society for Clinical Pathology Specialist Preparation

ASCP Specialist Preparation Courses for SM SC SBB SCT SCYM SH SMB by MLSiACADEMY

SM, SMB, SC, SH, SBB, SCT and SCYMare certificates that American Society for Clinical Pathology BOC grants to specialists. MLSIA has compiled a prep course for all ASCP specialist certifications.

SM ASCP Specialist in Microbiology Certification Exam Prep Online Course by MLSiACADEMY

MLSi ACADEMY has become one of the best online academies, offering ASCP prep bundles for SM exam preparation. With its many years of experience, MLSIA clarifies the specialist in microbiology exam syllabus. It covers analytic procedures for mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, and virology, bacteriology analytic procedures, preanalytic procedures, and laboratory operations, in an easy way.

SM ASCP Specialist in Microbiology Certification Exam Prep Online Course by MLSIA

It knows that every little piece of exam content can be valuable for exam preparation. This is why it offers all-in-one inclusive study material. It covers a BOC reading list, five journals, 20 textbooks, and four online.

It’s a ready-to-done prep package that cover specialists in molecular biology exam content areas. That is molecular testing applications, laboratory operations, molecular techniques, and molecular science.

MLSIA ace your all-essentials before exam final days by offering complete study material that absorbs BOC's huge reading list (17 texts and 6 online).

SC ASCP Specialist in Chemistry Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY's SC ASCP Prep course covers exam content areas. This including acid-base, electrolytes, and blood gases; general chemistry; laboratory operations; and proteins and enzymes for specialists in cytology ASCP test preparation.

Like other certificates, MLSIA condenses a BOC reading list of 8 textbooks, 9 online, and 4 journals into one comprehensive learning source.

SH ASCP Specialist in Hematology Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

The online SH prep bundle is the best source for specialists in hematology exam preparation. Because it addresses exam content, including hemostasis, lab operations, hematology disease states, hematology physiology, and hematology laboratory testing.

To make everything clear for SH ASCP candidates, MLSIA professors also work on the BOC reading list. This list includes 12 texts, 3 journals, and 9 online associations to convert into one comprehensive study guide.

SBB ASCP Specialist in Blood Banking Online Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

The BOC exam content area for specialists in blood banking is blood products, immunology and physiology, laboratory operations, transfusion practice, serologic and molecular testing, and blood group systems. The MLSIA SBB prep course bundle describes all these content areas in depth.

As well, it has a deep look at the BOC reading list for exam prep. It adjusts this huge reading list—24 texts, 8 journals, and 6 online—into one tremendous study material.

SBB ASCP Specialist in Blood Banking Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY
SCT ASCP Specialist in Cytology Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

The SCT prep bundle covers the BOC syllabus. It covers gynecological cytology, fine needle aspiration & other, laboratory operations, non-gynecological cytology: body cavity fluids, respiratory system, and genitourinary system.

For specialists in cytology preparation, BOC offers 22 textbooks, 6 online, and 7 journals in its reading list. Surprisingly, MLSIA experts lay out the BOC reading list in only one beneficial study material.

SCT ASCP Specialist in Cytology Preparation Course by MLSiACADEMY

SCYM ASCP Exam Prep Online Course by MLSiACADEMY

After selecting the specialist in cytometry ASCP certificate, your priority should be to choose a productive prep package. To minimize your success path in getting a SCYM certificate, you can count on MLSIA. Which encompasses all exam content areas, including instrumentation, data, panel or experiment design, laboratory operations, and applications.

The Academy does not compromise only the exam content area. It also consumes the BOC reading list. Eight journals, 18 texts, and 9 online) for exam preparation into one beneficial study material to minimize your struggle to pass this exam.

SCYM ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

American Society for Clinical Pathology Technician Preparation

BOC offers four technician certificates for U.S. candidates and three for internationals.  MLSIA offer preparatory courses for all techncinian certificates.

MLT ASCP Exam Prep Online Course by MLSIA

The MLSIA MLT prep bundle encompasses the MLT ASCP syllabus, including microbiology, chemistry, blood banking, laboratory operations, hematology, all body fluids, and immunology, to help you get better results with minimum effort.

It puts together one study material from all BOC recommended resources in the reading list, 28 textbooks, 15 online and 3 journals to prepare you for the exam in the limited time.

MLT ASCP exam prep bundle by MLSIACEDAMY
PBT ASCP Phlebotomy Technician Exam Prep Online Course by MLSIA

Non-blood specimens, specimen collection, laboratory operations, waived and point-of-care testing, and specimen processing, handling, and transport are exam content areas for the PBT ASCP exam. The academy explains all these content areas one by one with step-by-step guidance in the prep course bundle.

Furthermore, the MLSIA's PBT prep course package can result in greater preparation satisfaction. Because it adjusts the giant BOC reading list, which comprises seven textbooks and nine online, into one productive study source.

HT ASCP Histotechnician Exam Prep Online Course by MLSiACADEMY

For your Histotechnician ASCP exam preparation, you do not need to search for online prep bundle when MLSIA offers all that is crucial. The HT prep bundle offers you the best solution to all your problems. this is by discussing HT ASCP exam content areas including processing, fixation, microtomy/ embedding, laboratory operations, and staining.

The HT ASCP reading list comprises 16 textbooks and 6 online. While MLSIA engulfs all these resources into one informative learning guide.

MLA ASCP Exam Prep Online Course by

Your struggle to get an MLA ASCP certificate is meaningless if you do not rely on any effective prep course. Because without proper guidance, you cannot pass this exam.

The MLSIA's MLA prep package can be valuable for you. Because it aids you by covering MLA exam content areas. this includes laboratory operations, clinical testing support, patient registration and specimen collection waived, point-of-care testing, and specimen preparation and processing.

The academy fulfills its promise of providing all-in-one beneficial study material by taking on the reading list of BOC (7 texts and 6 online).

Advantages of MLSIA Prep Course

With many years of experience in ASCP certification, MLSIA has become a popular online academy. It works on all American Society for Clinical Pathology BOC certificates. Whether you want to become an ASCP scientist, technician, technologist or specialist, you get the all-in-one ASCP prep package to pass your BOC exam.

MLSIA ASCP Prep PDF Material

Many study resources can confuse you. You do not get a better understanding of what is essential to pass the ASCP test. Therefore, MLSIA offers you only one unified study material that covers all BOC exam content and the BOC reading list.

The MLSIA prep course gives you great advantages by presenting all exam syllabuses in one definitive study guide. After choosing the MLSIA learning material, you do not need to choose another one.

MLSIA ASCP Preparation Classes

MLSIA offers you online live classes that are a great opportunity to clear up your confused concepts with the help of ASCP-certified instructors. Features of MLSIA live classes

  • Interactive classes, where you can discuss your problems with experts and other classmates.
  • Weekend classes (Saturday and Sunday) are also available.
  • If you miss classes due to any reason, MLSIA will solve this problem by providing the recording of classes. You can watch your missed lectures at your convenience after recording them.
  • All classes are delivered in exam language, English language.


The academy offers questions and answers for better exam preparation. All these questions mimic the actual exam and prepare you to pass it confidently in one sitting.

How to Get Prepared for the ASCP Certification Exam

American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification awards certificates to candidates by demonstrating their previous skills and knowledge in their area of interest. Therefore, you should learn some tricks to pass this test.

Total Time: 1 minute

Understand the BOC Exam Structure

Before sitting in the BOC exam, you should know the exam structure. Most of the BOC exam comprises 100 MCQs (few are not). You have to solve in a given time frame. CAT (Computer Adapting Testing) is an exam format.

Exam Content Area

Never ignore any part of exam content areas by considering it easy or tough. BOC ASCP is an MCQ exam, so you do not have any option to leave any piece of information.

Choose the Trusty Prep Package

Choose an excellent prep package that offers you enough services for exam preparation. MLSIA prep package is best in this regard. Because you get one unified study material, interactive classes, and Q&A.

Select the Perfect Study Material

Your selected study material should have the following characteristics:
Conclusive: covering all important content areas.
Comprehensive: focus on what you exactly need to pass the exam.
Q&A: Offer questions and answers that are nearly related to the final exam.
All-in-one: Your selected study material must offer all the required information in one study material.

Organized Effective Study Timetable

You must be organized in your study schedule. Once you make your study schedule, never ignore it, especially when you prepare yourself for ASCP certification.

Visit Exam Center

When you book your ASCP exam, you get the name of your center with exam dates. Visiting the exam center before the exam final day. So that you may know the center's distance, time, and transportation to get there.

Practice on Exam Questions

For better preparation, you should practice on exam questions to retain them in mind for a long time.

Tips for Exam Final Day

Sleep early, so you take better rest and get up with fresh mind
Book your exam in the first hour of the day.
Reach the exam center before an hour of starting the exam. has been featured on:


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