HT ASCP Exam Prep Online Review Course: HT (ASCP) Study Material, Guide, Practice Exam Questions and Live Classes

HT (ASCP) Review Course
HT ASCP Histotechnician Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY 3's HT (ASCP) Course Is Your All-in-One Preparation Package To Ace your HT ASCP Histotechnician Exam The Easy Way in The Shortest Time with The Minimum Effort. Course Package includes Live Online Classes, Recording Of Classes, One Unified Study Material and Q&A Bank.

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HT ASCP Histotechnician Exam Prep Online Course by MLSiACADEMY

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HT ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

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We are a dedicated Academy for ASCP certification that Provides All-In-One Prep Package for passing ASCP Exams.

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Leader in “Medical” Laboratory Science! Pioneer in ASCP Certification Preparation

To prepare yourself for the HT ASCP exam, you must save time and effort by relying on the HT ASCP histotechnician exam prep online course. Preparing with and without a prep course cannot be the same. Getting an HT (ASCP) credential without a prep course is almost impossible. On the other hand, if you select a prep course to ace the exam syllabus, you will be able to get the ASCP certification with ease.

Whether you are trying for an ASCP technician certificate or an ASCP specialist certificate, a prep course will make you able to sit in the exam confidently.

To get the HT (ASCP) certificate with enormous success, you have to learn some strategies to choose the best prep and how to get the ASCP histotechnician certificate. In addition, we will also explain which course is better for you and why you should select this HT ASCP histotechnician exam prep online course.

HT ASCP Exam Preparation Course Revealed!

The ultimate HT ASCP histotechnician exam prep online course is an all-in-one solution to your exam prerequisites that is assembled by experts or ASCP professionals. These experts know all the necessities of the exam, and they offer these requirements in their prep bundle as services.

A comprehensive prep course offers step-by-step assistance, the best tips to pass the exam, and all materials, including study material, live classes, questions, and answers.

Besides this, it takes care of student's compulsions, IQ levels, and budgets to benefit from the services that it offers. Therefore, it presents some extra valuable offers like recording of classes, low prices, or bonuses to reduce the students' stress.

To break complicated concepts in the syllabus into simple content, it uses visual illustrations, so the content can be made digestible for students of all intelligence levels.

When you get something from experts, whether it is advice or a prep course, no doubt it will be rare. HT ASCP histotechnician exam prep online course is also designed by experts who are also HT ASCP certified. Consider what your preparation level will be when you get services from this 1×8 prep bundle.

HT ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

Following are the components of the MLSIA prep package.

  • Important login information is available on your membership dashboard.
  • A link to the Zoom platform for attending live sessions
  • 3-4 hours of live classes per week
  • Weekly lectures that continue for 16 to 20 hours
  • Access to live class recordings
  • HT (ASCP) practice questions and answers
  • Inclusive, comprehensive, and ultimate learning material (a complete study material that covers 100% of the exam syllabus for the ASCP histotechnician exam)
  • Two subscription bonuses: one worth $9.99 (an ebook), and the second is priceless (assistance from experts).

Feature of MLSIA Study Material for HT (ASCP) Exam

Something valuable is available on MLSIA that makes them confident enough to give a 100% success guarantee in one sitting. This product is their ASCP Histotechnicianstudy material that is designed by experts. This is not only learning material but also a comprehensive experience of ASCP-certified tutors that they insert into one study source.

This study material offers top-notch information to help you ace the exam syllabus. The way of delivering information on this study material is so easy that it can be easily digestible, even with the average intelligence level of students.

Here is why is optimistic about its study material.

  • Conclusive: Cover all HT (ASCP) syllabuses that are recommended by ASCP BOC.
  • Comprehensive: Focus on important content areas without unwanted information.
  • All-in-One Solution: Describes BOC ASCP's recommended 22 reading list resources into one unified study material.
  • Easily Digestable: Make content digestible with images, diagrams, or other visual materials.
  • Best Flexible Format: Use PDF and video formats to deliver content.
  • Questions and answers: Try to mimic the real exam questions by providing practice questions that are very close to the real exam.
  • Budget Consice: Provide a concise budget option so that everyone gets something of value.
  • Expert Experience: The complete essence of HT (ASCP) professionals.

What Does MLSIA HT ASCP Histotechnician Exam Prep Online Course Covered?

Why are you concerned about how you can navigate the HT ASCP exam's huge syllabus before the final day? You do not need to worry about it because the MLSIA ASCP Histotechnician prep bundle comes with the proper plan. Your work is only subscribed to the prep bundle; the rest is the work of MLSIA. HT ASCP Histotechnician exam prep online course covering syllabus includes

HT ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY


MLSIA prep bundle covers the following content area with their key components.

  • Tissues
  • Procedures
  • Parameters
  • Reagents
  • Instrumentation


Following content area with sub-topics

  • Instrumentation
  • Tissues
  • Reagents
  • Procedures


Focus on tissues, procedures, and instrumentation with their details sub-topics.


Offer all necessary details about

  • Mounting Procedures
  • Reagents/Dyes
  • Instrumentation
  • Reagents
  • Procedures

Laboratory Operations

  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Ancillary Instruments/Equipment (e.g., recovery, microwave, pH meter, computers, solvent)

Summary of Stain

MLSIA prep package also encompasses the stains that are

  • Prussian blue
  • Alcian yellow
  • Congo red
  • Giemsa
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Colloidal iron
  • Immunohistochemical stains
  • Oil red O
  • Fontana-Masson
  • Hematoxylin and eosin (H and E)
  • Luxol fast blue
  • Rhodanine
  • Periodic acid-Schiff
  • Alcian blue-PAS
  • Melanin bleach
  • PAS-hematoxylin (PASH)
  • Verhoeff-van Gieson
  • Bielschowsky
  • Romanowsky
  • von Kossa
  • Carbol-fuchsin
  • Crystal violet
  • Mucicarmine
  • Trichrome (Gomori, Masson)
  • Enzyme histochemistry
  • Grocott/Gomori methenamine-silver
  • In situ hybridization (CISH, FISH)
  • Movat pentachrome
  • Toluidine blue
  • PAS-digestion (PASD)
  • Mucicarmine
  • Papanicolaou

Who Is Eligible To Take the HT ASCP Exam?

Whether you are an HT ASCP (U.S.) candidate or an HT ASCPi (international) candidate, you have to meet ASCP BOC recommended requirements to qualify for the exam.

Eligibility Routes for U.S. Candidates

  • Route 1: Complete the Histotechnician program by NAACLS within the last five years.
  • Route 2: 60 semester hours with a combination of 12 semester hours in chemistry and biology of academic credit from an approved institution. Or an associate degree with a combination of 12 semester hours in biology and chemistry from an authorized institution. Besides this, one year of histopathology laboratory clinical experience. Or one year of histopathology laboratory research, veterinary research, or industry in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Route 3: Academic credit 60 semester hours in biology & chemistry with a combination of 12 semester hours from an approved institution. Or an associate degree in biology & chemistry with a combination of 12 semester hours. In the last ten years, the 50-week U.S. military histotechnician training course.

Eligibility Routes for International Candidates

  • Route 1: Histotechnician clinical training program and high school completion or equivalent
  • Route 2: Two-year diploma and one year of clinical, veterinary, research, or industry experience in a histopathology lab.

Laboratory Experience for HT ASCP/ASCPi

To become an eligible candidate for the HT (ASCP) exam, you must have lab experience in all

  • Staining
  • Fixation
  • Laboratory Operations
  • Embedding / Microtomy
  • Processing

Why Should I Sign Up for MLSIA HT ASCP Exam Prep Online Course?

With many years of experience, offers a complete course for the ASCP Histotechnician exam. If you want to get an HT (ASCP) certificate in one sitting, you must enroll in the MLSIA prep bundle, which comes with superb services and a 100% success guarantee.

First Time Sucess

To get the HT (ASCP) certificate in one sitting is a wonderful success. But do not be afraid to take part a second time if you cannot pass the exam on your first attempt. MLSIA offers you a first-attempt success guarantee after getting its services, whether you are trying first or second time.

Do not Compromise on Minimum

MLSIA always emphasizes getting the maximum score, not the minimum. After becoming part of, you will learn from the best study materials that are designed based on different formats and compiled by experts. In this way, your success chance increases many times more, and you get fantastic progress with a high score.

HT ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

Qualified ASCP-Certified Professional

You can only perform better when you learn from the best. MLSIA does not compromise on its students' success in getting HT (ASCP) certificates. This is why, at MLSi ACADEMY, you will meet a team of tutors who are ASCP-certified and now contribute to making you certified in your relevant field, like HT (ASCP).

Ultimate Study Material

Save your time, money, and effort by choosing the right material for preparation. MLSIA offers inclusive, all-in-one, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive study material that covers the A-Z BOC ASCP syllabus with reading list resources.

 Interactive Classes with Recording

MLSIA prep bundle offers live classes where you can ask questions from tutors and get answers promptly. Besides this, you also hear the questions that other students ask from the tutor or each other.

Furthermore, the academy offers the recording of live classes. Whether you have missed your lectures or do not understand any section of the lecture, you can watch these recordings for a better grasp.

Visual Material

For better comprehension, only text is not enough. Visual illustrations enhance the speed of the learning process. Due to this, MLSiACADEMY adds images, graphs, drawings, and other visual material to simplify the tough content.


You will get two mouth-watering bonuses after signing up. One eBook worth $10 and a second export guidance until the exam's final day.

 Cost for HT ASCP Exam Prep Bundle Offered by MLSIA

To get a life-changing certificate, the cost of the prep bundle does not matter. The thing that matters is the services of the prep bundle that you are going to get.

You will get services from including one unified study material, practice tests, live classes, and more, for just $497. What a low price for this rewarding course! Thanks, MLSIA, for overcoming the challenges of the HT ASCP certificate with such a comprehensive preparation package.

Send Your CV to The Course Director,

  • Dr. Halim, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP)CM, SM, MB
  • Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS ASCP)CM
  • ASCP Board Certified In Molecular Biology (MB ASCP)CM
  • ASCP Board Certified In Microbiology (SM ASCP)CM
  • Education Committee Member Of Association Of Genetic Technologist,
  • Ambassador Of Association Of Genetic Technologist,
  • Member Of Association Of Molecular Pathology,
  • Member Of American Society Of Human Genetics and Genomics,
  • Member Of American Society For Microbiology,

Send Resume/CV to: [email protected]

How To Pass the HT (ASCP) Exam?

No doubt, the path that leads toward an HT (ASCP) certificate is really exhausting. But, when it comes to the miracle of this life-changing certificate, it seems to be a good sound. Hence, despite the tiring work, you will want to get this certificate. But here are some tips that will help reduce the challenges if you implement them in your study strategies.

Total Time: 1 minute

Understand the ASCP Histotechnician Exam Nature

Understanding the exam's nature is really important to earning a certificate in the first trial. The HT ASCP exam contains 100 MCQs with one right answer. Two and a half hours are given time frame to complete the test. This test is formulated in CAT (computer adaptive testing) format.

Cover All HT (ASCP) Syllabus

Embedding/microtomy, fixation, processing, staining, and lab operation are exam content areas for the ASCP histotechnician exam. Covering all content areas is important because ASCP BOC chooses a different percentage of questions from each area.

Rely on the Best Study Material

HT ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

You must select comprehensive and conclusive study material for exam preparation. In this regard, MLSIA study material is the best option because it organizes the BOC-recommended exam syllabus and reading list into one unified study material.

Organized Study Plan

All study products do not work until you set up a study plan and act upon it. Make sure to establish a study schedule that has time for studying, learning, and practicing.

Health is Priority

Take health as a priority. For better performance
Fix time for rest
Get 7-8 sleep
Do not eat unhealthy food
Drink plenty of water
Spend little time with hobbies.
All these activities keep your mind fresh and boost your memory for understanding content.


  • HT BASCP Live Classes
  • HT ASCP Recording of Classes
  • HT ASCP Study Material


  •'s HT ASCP Histotechnician Prep Course

Materials: HT ASCP Classes Video HT ASCP PDF Study Material

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ASCP Histotechnician Exam Prep Online Course FAQs

What does HT ASCP mean?

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) awards a histotechnician certificate to those candidates who have strong knowledge of histologic techniques, including embedding, staining, processing, fixation, and microtomy.

What is the application cost for U.S. and international candidates?

For the U.S., it is $225, and for international, it is $185.

How to pass the HT exam?

You can only pass the HT (ASCP) exam by joining prep packages that offer the best material to get knowledge and the directions of experts. has been featured on:

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