ASCP MLS Exam: Basic Details, Study Guide, How to Apply and How to Get Credential

The ASCP MLS exam is a really tough one that is conducted to strictly monitor the candidates' lab experience. This exam is held worldwide to select highly qualified and well-experienced medical lab scientists.

To be an ASCP medical laboratory scientist, you get more job opportunities, higher salaries, and career satisfaction. With the power of this certificate, you will see miracles in your life that will happen every day.

In this article, we will describe informative details related to the ASCP MLS exam. In addition, we will tell you techniques that may be helpful to pass the exam on the first try.

What is the ASCP MLS Exam?

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) conducts an exam for medical lab scientists to award the ASCP MLS certificate. This certificate goes to candidates who can prove their experience in relevant fields.

To pass this exam, you must have experience in performing routine to complex lab experiences. This laboratory experience must be in microbiology, blood bank, chemistry, and other appropriate subjects.

Ascp BOC determines seven subjects, including hematology, lab work, chemistry, immunology, blood bank, all-body urinalysis, and immunology, for this exam. Getting expertise in all areas is vital to earning an ASCP medical laboratory scientist credential.

MLS ASCP Exam Basic Details

This is a computer-based exam that works in a computer-adaptive testing format. This computer shows the next question by determining the answer to your previous question. It will show a slightly tough question if your last answer is correct. Contrary, it shows easy questions if your previous answer is incorrect.

All the questions that the computer displays on screen, you have to solve. Because the ASCP Board of Certification exam does not offer any skip or leave option regarding questions.

The MLS ASCP exam comprises 100 questions (all MCQs) with one correct answer. 2 and half hours are given time to finish this exam.

The total score range is 0-900 for this test and 400 is the maximum score that you must earn. Otherwise, you cannot earn the ASCP medical lab scientist credential.

Both U.S. and international medical laboratory scientists can participate in this exam. $250 is the application cost for U.S (MLS ASCP) candidates and $210 is for international (MLS ASCPi) candidates.

ASCP MLS Exam Study Guide

The ASCP Board of Certification offers complete information about exam content areas. The board determines the exam syllabus with subjects, percentage of questions, topics, and key topics. Here are the subject names and question percentages.

  • Immunology: 5 – 10%
  • Microbiology: 17 – 22%
  • Blood Bank: 17 – 22%
  • All Body Fluids: 5 – 10%
  • Lab Operation: 5 – 10%
  • Hematology: 17 – 22%
  • Chemistry: 17 – 22%
ASCP MLS exam question percentage by MLSiACADEMY

ASCP MLS Exam Credential Process

To sit for the MLS ASCP exam, you have to follow a process. This process is

Step 1: Check Eligibility Requirements

ASCP MLS exam hopefuls have to meet some predetermined eligibility criteria. The ASCP Board of Certification offers these eligibility requirements in the form of MLS ASCP routes. The BOC Eligibility Assistant helps you figure out your eligibility for the exam.

Step 2: BOC Official Website Account

To apply, you have to create an account on BOC's official website. After logging in, you will get an application form. Fill it out carefully. Add all the required documentation to prove your eligibility. Remember, the application fee is non-refundable, so check the application form again and again before submitting.

Step 3: Application Status

You can check your ASCP medical laboratory scientist exam submitted application status online after login.

Step 4: Receive Admission Notification

You will receive an email notification about viewing admission notification to log in.  After that, you can schedule your MLS ASCP exam at a Pearson VUE Center.

Step 5: Schedule the Exam

You must schedule your exam within your eligibility time. Use the provided information in the admission notification from Pearson VUE to organize your computer-based exam. After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation from Pearson VUE that shows your test time, date, and center name.

Step 6: Take the MLS ASCP Exam

You must reach the exam center 30 minutes before. Late candidates may not be allowed to sit in the exam. You must have an ID card with a signature and photo. It must be valid.

Step 7: View Result

You can see your score report after login when you receive a notification.

Step 8: Get an MLS ASCP Certificate

You will receive your ASCP MLS certification 4–8 weeks after receiving the score report.

Recertification of ASCP MLS Certificate

This certificate works for three years. After this time, you have to participate in the CMP (Credential Maintenance Program) to update the certification. This process continually repeats itself after three years to maintain your certificate and update your skills.

The purpose of recertification is to add advanced experience and familiarize you with the latest technology in the medical lab sector. You must apply for a recertification exam before expiring your ASCP medical lab scientist certificate. $95 is the CMP application fee.

MLS ASCP Exam Prep Bundle

ASCP BOC offers entire details about the ASCP medical lab scientist exam including preparation resources. But you have to log in to the online prep bundle to pass the test successfully. is the final destination for ASCP medical lab scientists to achieve the credential in the first trial. MLSIA offers live classes, recording of classes, inclusive study material, and practice questions to ace the exam.

MLSIA MLS ASCP prep bundle comes with a proper plan to ace the exam syllabus. If you subscribe to the MLSiACADEMY prep bundle, you can overcome the exam content with minimum time and effort.

How to Pass the ASCP Medical Lab Scientist Exam?

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory-Scientist Certification Exam Prep by MLSiACADEMY

To pass the ASCP MLS exam, you have to dedicate your full attention. Because passing the ASCP MLS exam has never been easy. Here are some useful and tested strategies to pass this exam confidently.

Total Time: 1 minute

Figure Out the Best Study Material or Study Source

Your chance of passing the ASCP medical lab scientist exam increases many times if you choose excellent study material. MLSIA Academy is more confident about its study material. Because it covers all ASCP BOC recommended exam sources in one unified study guide. It is an All-in-one solution.

Never Leave Even Little Information

The American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) offers an MCQ exam. Therefore, a little piece of information can be useful to cover MCQs that may appear in an exam. Never leave information, considering that it is not important.

Prepare Yourself on Practice Question

Practice questions are a very useful tool for passing the exam with the minimum effort. MLSiACADEMY offers dozens of practice questions (questions bank also) to get the preparation done for its students. These practice questions cover all BOC-recommended exam content.

Practice with Pen and Paper

If you want to keep information in mind for a long time, you must practice with pen and paper. Sometimes you only read information and realize that it has become part of your memory. But when you try to deliver it or write it in a test, you cannot remember it. Because you did not practice with paper and pen. So, to make the information your memory part, you must practice with pen and paper.


  • ASCP MLS Preparation Course


  • ASCP MLS Live Classes
  • ASCP MLS Recording of Classes
  • ASCP MLS One Unified Study Material

Materials: ASCP MLS PDF Study Material ASCP MLS Live Video Classes

Frequently Asked Questions for ASCP MLS Exam

Is the MLS ASCP exam challenging to pass?

Yes, of course, it is a very challenging exam. Candidates with a higher level of preparation can only pass it.

What is the application fee for the ASCP medical laboratory scientist exam?

For U.S. candidates, the application fee is $250. For international candidates, it is $210.

Why should I get an ASCP MLS certificate?

It is a very powerful certificate for medical lab scientists. Because it enhances candidates' experience and confidence many times to perform the job. It is enough for career satisfaction.

Where do I get a prep bundle for MLS ASCP exam preparation?

At MLSiACADEMY, you will get all the services that are good enough to pass this exam on the first attempt. This prep package comes with a 100% success guarantee for subscribers.

Are MLS ASCP exams valid for life?

No, it is valid for three years. After this time, you have to update your certificate.

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