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Are You a Medical Laboratory Professional?

Do You Really Want to Get Certified as International Clinical Laboratory Professional from American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP BOC®)?

If so, let MLSi Academy take you through a journey about what you must know before taking your International ASCPi Certification Exam.

Board of Certification Exam is an exam for a number of gold standard certificates that are being granted by the largest certification agency worldwide in the field of Clinical and Laboratory Science, ASCP.

Each certificate has its own on exam and exam eligibility prerequisites that depend on the type of certificate wanted. So, let’s first share with you the type of such certificates!

Types of Certificates Awarded by Passing ASCP (BOC) Exam!

American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (BOC) award about 24 type of Gold Standard certificate. Each of them has its own prerequisites and exam questions. They are categorized into four major categories per ASCP site:

A. Highest Volume Certificates

  1. Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS(ASCP/ ASCPi)
  2. Medical Laboratory Technician, MLT(ASCP/ASCPi)
  3. Phlebotomy Technician, PBT(ASCP/ASCPi)
  4. Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP/ASCPi).

B. Specialist Certificates

  1. Specialist in Blood Banking, SBB(ASCP/ASCPi)
  2. Specialist in Chemistry, SC(ASCP/ASCPi)
  3. Specialist in Hematology, SH(ASCP/ASCPi)
  4. Specialist in Microbiology, SM(ASCP/ASCPi)
  5. Specialist in Molecular Biology, SMB(ASCP/ASCPi)
  6. Specialist in Cytotechnology, SCT(ASCP/ASCPi)
  7. Specialist in Cytometry, SCYM(ASCP/ASCPi)

C. Technician Certificates

  1. Histotechnician, HT(ASCP/ASCPi)
  2. Medical Laboratory Technician, MLT(ASCP/ASCPi)
  3. Phlebotomy Technician, PBT(ASCP/ASCPi).

D. Technologist Certificates

  1. Technologist in Blood Banking, BB(ASCP/ASCPi)
  2. Technologist in Chemistry, C(ASCP/ASCPi)
  3. Cytotechnologist, CT(ASCP/ASCPi)
  4. Technologist in Gynecologic Cytology, CTgyn(ASCP/ASCPi)
  5. Technologist in Hematology, H(ASCP/ASCPi)
  6. Technologist in Microbiology, M(ASCP/ASCPi)
  7. Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP/ASCPi)
  8. Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP/ASCPi)
  9. Technologist in Cytogenetics, CG(ASCP/ASCPi)
  10. Histotechnologist, HTL(ASCP/ASCPi)

ASCP (BOC) Exam Questions, Which Type You Are Expecting?

Regarding to questions, there are three points you should take care of them before taking the ASCPi (BOC®) Exam. These points are the number of questions, time allowed to answer them and the module of the exam itself.

The first two elements are interrelated which means, the more question you have to answer the more time you are allowed.

In general, all ASCP certificate exams are composed 100 questions given in a 2-hour 30-minute time frame except for the following:

Technologist In Gynecologic Cytology, Ctgyn(Ascpi):

50 exam questions given in a 1 hour 30-minute time frame.

• Phlebotomy Technician, PBT(ASCPi):

80 questions given in a 2-hour time frame.

Module of ASCP/ASCPi (BOC) Exam, Take Care of That!

American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (BOC) Exam is unique so that you must be aware of that:

• It will be Multiple Choice Questions, MCQ,

• BUT with One Best Answer, not just right and wrong choices but all answers may be right and you have to select the *Best Answer*

• Dynamic in difficulty level, computer adaptive testing (CAT).

So, to make it clear, we will quote from the ASCP website itself.

“Exam questions are multiple‐choice with one best answer. The certification exam is administered using the format of computer adaptive testing (CAT). With CAT, when a person answers a question correctly, the next test question has a slightly higher level of difficulty. The difficulty level of the questions presented to the examinee continues to increase until a question is answered incorrectly. Then a slightly easier question is presented. In this way, the test is tailored to the individual’s ability level.

What Is the Difference Between ASCPi (International) and ASCP (Local at USA) Certification Exam?

The primary difference between the ASCP and ASCPi certifications is that laboratory operations questions regarding U.S. policies and procedures are specific to the USA ASCP exams. Questions regarding CLIA and OSHA regulations are replaced with ISO international standards questions in the ASCPi exams.

Attaining ASCPi certification demonstrates equivalent competency to an ASCP certified individual in all other (scientific) aspects of the medical laboratory.

How to Apply for of ASCPi Board of Certification (BOC) Exam?

1. Check your eligibility for the certificate your applying for at Examination Eligibility Assistant.

Kindly, Check our MLS (ASCPi) Certificate Post Here, as a live demo on how check that!

2. Get an official copy of your certificates form your university.

3. Apply for one of the evaluation agencies for foreign transcripts acceptable by the ASCP.

Check our post here for step by step process.

4. Get your training or experience document filled per your route

5. Study very well through the provided ASCP Reading List.

Or let MLSi Academy remove all the hassel and help you pass the BOC Exam the easy way from the first time with minim effort by subscribing to one of our Premium Preparatory Course that has been complied and presented by top notch MLSi trainers and lecturers.

6. Apply for the BOC Exam,

Check this post for BOC exam online application process tutorial.

7. Pay your fees,

8. Send your required documents to [email protected],

9. Your will receive a notification from ASCP BOC site via email to take the examination on computer at a Pearson VUE Professional Center,

10. Schedule your exam,

11. Take Your Exam at VEU center,

12. Exam result will appears as PASS or FAIL exactly after submitting your answer on the computer,

13. Exam result score will appear on your ASCP BOC dashboard withing 3 day,

14. Congratulations, Best Wishes from MLSi Academy.

How Much Does It Cos? International ASCP Exam Fee Explained!

Application fee is about $200 except for certain countries in the Middle East like Egypt where it cost about $95 only.

ASCPi BOC® Exam Schedule, How Can You Do?

After application, the BOC will check your sent documents and status of your BOC ACTIVITIES page on you BOC account will change periodically.

You must check your BOC ACTIVITIES page until saying you are eligible to take the exam at PearsonVue Company with a specified time frame. BOC will provide you with a link for VEU company to create an account.

At PearsonVue Company site, you can schedule your exam within a time frame determined by the ASCP (usually its 3 months but was extended to about 6 months during the COVID-19 pandemic).

ASCPi BOC® Study Guide, What Are You Looking For?

If you are looking for the type of questions you will get on BOC exam, the BOC questions book is the best source for you.

ASCP/ ASCPi Exam Preparation?

MLSi Academy have the best Premium Preparatory Course to help you pass the exam the easy way from the first time with minim effort. These course has been complied and presented by top notch MLSi trainer and lecturer.


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