International Degree Evaluation in USA Guide?

How to Evaluate International Degree in USA

Education evaluation or international degree evaluation or foreign degree equivalency and foreign transcripts evaluation are synonyms for the way in which academic and professional degrees earned in a foreign country are compared to those earned in another one.

Why Degree Evaluation? This way licensing boards, universities, colleges, employers, or immigration authorities can easily understand the educational background of someone to judge applicants for admission or employment.

Hence, all Laboratory professionals who are intending to get the American Board of Medical Analysis (ASCP Board of Certification®) must have a foreign transcript evaluation with U.S. educational equivalency statement and course by course evaluation as an application requirement. so Let's check the types of international credential evaluation in USA.

Types of Foreign Degree Transcripts and International Degree Evaluation in USA?

Before you apply to get a International degree evaluation in USA, you should determine the type that will suit your purpose of equivalency. Totally, there are 3 types of international degree evaluations:

1. Document-by-Document Evaluation

• Provides the U.S. equivalency of your credential
• Used for freshman university admissions, employment, and U.S. immigration

2. Course-by-Course Evaluation

This is the required option for ASCP Board of Certification®.

• Provides the U.S. equivalency of your credential and U.S. GPA
• Lists your courses and grades.
• Used for transfer and graduate university admissions, and licensing boards (except CPA)

3. CPA Supplemental Report

• Analyzes your business and accounting courses for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) boards.

Although, there is a lot of international degree evaluation service providers all over the United States, you should only get your credentials evaluated from agencies that are acceptable by the ASCP Board of Certification®.

The following list is approved institution by ASCP to get ready to apply for your BOC Exam. Note that the first two agencies are our best recommendation based on the cost and time to get you service done.

  1. World Education Services, Inc
  2. Foundation for International Services, Inc.
  3. Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc
  4. Globe Language Services.
  5. International Consultants of Delaware, Inc.
  6. Educational Perspectives.
  7. International Education Evaluators, Inc.
  8. Foreign Academic Credentials Services, Inc.
  9. International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
  10. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.
  11. Foreign Credentials Service of America.

What is Required to Apply for A International Degree Evaluation Agency?

Academic degree certificates (transcripts) is the only documents that you need to get your international degree evaluation in USA. You need an OFFICIAL copy of:

1. Graduate Certificate in English, for the degree earned.

2. Grades Certificate in English, lists all subjects taken and grades earned for each year of study.

But if you wondering about the word Official, let’s make it clear and tell you.

OFFICIAL Copy of Academic Degree Transcripts, What Does It Mean?

International degree evaluation agencies want to make sure that your academic records are real and not fake one when you are going to send these records yourself but not by your educational institution.

Consequently, to do so, they place the following conditions for the records to be accepted as official:  

• It must be made by your school, university or college.
• It must be in a sealed envelope.
• Stamped, stamp across the back flap.

Foreign Transcripts Evaluation

Successfully you have obtained you official academic records, asking what is next?

how to get your degree evaluated in uSA?

As a laboratory professional, MLSi Academy know how much busy you are! So to make your life easy, save your time and effort, we will show you how to get your USA degree evaluated.

Here is a step by step demo on how to apply to one of the best International degree Evaluation services. First of all, go to the World Education Services Website Here,

1. Click Get Started under, Need an Evaluation?

foreign transcripts evaluation , WES

2. Where will you use your evaluation? Kindly, Select U.S.

international credential evaluation

3. Create an account and “kindly use your name that appears on your degree transcripts”.

3.1. Fill your first and last name

1.1. WES Fill your first and last name

3.2. Fill your Date of Birth

3.3. Do You Have a WES reference number? NO

3.4. Add your email Address? Add Date of Birth Reference enial

3.5. Add a Password?

3.6. Re-enter Your Password?

3.7. Select a Security Question?

3.8. Answer to Your Security Question? Pass Security

3.9. Subscribe to WES newsletters, if you like that! me subscribed,

3.10. Hit Create Account.

1.9.10 Creat WES Account

4. Personal Information.

4.1. How Did You Hear About WES? Kindly Select Licensing Board,

4.2. Fill in Your Personal Information,

4.3. Fill in Your Date of Birth and Gender,


4.4. Fill in Your Mailing Address,

The must fields to fill are Country, Street/P.O. Box, City and Telephone.

5. Mailing Adress

4.5. Review Your Login Information

7 Review Login info

5. Eevaluation Report Purpose

5.1.What Is The Primary Purpose of This Evaluation?

Select Professional License/Certification

5 Purpose

5.2. Select Licensing/Certification Type?

Select: Health Science related fields

5.2. Select Licensing State? Does Not Matter Select Any,

5.2. Health Science related fields

6. Education

A big advantage of WES as an International Credential Evaluation service is that you can evaluate all your certificates (Bachelor, Master and/or Doctor of Philosophy) at one flat fee not per A certificate as it's done by many services!

6.1. What Credentials Have You Earned?

“Please enter your higher education credentials for analysis. If you have completed less than one year full-time, post-secondary study, WES recommends that you also include your secondary education credential.”

6.1. What credentials have you earned

6.1.1. Click Add Credentials,

6.1.2. Fill in the required info for each degree you want to evaluate as shown below, Bachelor's Degree,

6.1.1. Credentials Master Degree,

6.1.2. Credentials MSC Doctor of Philosophy,

17 Credentials PhD2

Note: Academic Records Request Form Is Not Mandatory.

7. Report Recipient.

7.1. Please Enter The Recipients You Would Like WES To Send Your Evaluation Report To.

7.1.1. Recipient 1: You:

Review Your Provided Address to Receive Your Copy. Would You Like To Order Additional Copies For Yourself? It’s Up To You!

7.1.2. Recipient 2: Institution(s) Receiving Your Report:

You don't need this option as you will send a scanned copy of your reports to ASCP BOC via this email [email protected], for more information about Online Application Process for ASCP (BOC)® Exam,

Check This Post Here!

7.1.3. Hit next

7 enter the recipients

8. DegreeEvaluation Package Type

Remember that Course By Course Evaluation is what Board of Certification needs so,

Select WES Basic (Recommended) as you don’t need WES to send authenticated degree transcripts to ASCP Board of Certification®. You will send a scanned copy along with work experience forms by email to [email protected]

19 package we recommend

9. Delivery Option for Recipient.

Select: International Courier, for customers outside USA and hit next,

9 Select International Courier for Outside USA

10. How to Send Documents?

10.1. Send your official transcripts to one of the following addresses provided by WES and don't forget to Include Your WES Reference Number,

By Postal Mail

WES Reference No. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

World Education Services

Attention: Documentation Center

P. O. Box 5087

Bowling Green Station

New York, NY 10274-5087


By Courier

WES Reference No. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

World Education Services

Attention: Documentation Center

64 Beaver St. #146

New York, NY 10004


Include Your Reference Number. Before you send documents, you must complete an application and pay the fees to obtain a reference number. You must write this reference number on each envelope and document that you submit to WES. “WES is not responsible for documents that arrive without a reference number. Documents that arrive without a reference number can create delays”.

22 How to Send Documents

10.2. Hit next.

11. Please Confirm Your Name and Date of Birth
11.1. Hit Confirm

23 Confiorm Birth

12. Please Review Your Application and Make Sure All of The Information Is Correct.

12.1. Review the summary of your fees based on what you have selected for your application.

13. Accept Applicant Acknowledgments

24. Accepts WES Terms

14. Select Your Preferred Payment Option

13 Payment

15. Fill in Your Payment Data.

25 VISA 2
34 Payment Billing

16. Don't Forget To Get Your WES Reference No.

17. Congratulation, Best Wishes from MLSi Academy.

18. Are You Ready to Take Your Exam?

Check Out Our Premium Preparation Live Classes and Accredited Certification Programs Here.

19. Finally , don't forget to check our post about how to apply for the BOC Exam Here?

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