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Are you ready to apply for ASCP Exam and get certified BY the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP BOC, American Board of Clinical Pathology)?

Have you prepared your required documents? Have you studied well?

In case of answering yes, let's show you ASCP (BOC) Exam application process step by step.

MLSi Academy will take your through a step by step tutorial to submit your ASCP (BOC®) application online to get certified by the largest certification agency in the field of clinical Clinical Pathology worldwide, American Society of Clinical Pathology.

For more information about the ASCP certification exam and its requirements before application,

Check the is post here.

Kindly, follow these steps to submit your application to ASCP (BOC®):

1. Go to The Bord of Certification Here.

2. Create an Account using a user name, password, …etc

3. Click Get Credentialed

ASCP (BOC®) Exam Application Online | Click Get credentialed

4. Select International Certifications,

4.1. A drop-down menu will open,

4 Select International Certifications

5. Select the Certificate You Want to Examine,

5.1. 2. Click Apply,

5.1. 3. Read this post on How to Check Your Eligibility for a Specific Certificate?,

Note: I have selected International Specialist in Microbiology (SM), as i'm already certified as International Medical laboratory Scientist (MLS ASCPi),

ASCP (BOC®) Exam application, Get Ctedential

6. Add Your Email and Tick The Agreement,

6.Add your email and tick the agreement

7. Verify Your Email Via the Link Sent to Your Email,

7.Verify your email via the link sent to you email Copy

8. Verify Your Personal Info,

8.1. Your first and last name must match Your valid passport or local government issued ID card.

*As International Professional, MLSi Academy Advice You to Use Your Passport*

Hit Next,

ASCP (BOC®) Exam application, Verify Your Info

9. Examination Application,

9.1. Select the certificate you want to examine, the Route and the Country,

Note: MLS is not available as I am already passed MLS ASCPi (BOC®) exam and have been certified as International Medical Laboratory Scientist.

ASCP (BOC®) Exam application, Select Route?

10. Review the Route Description and its requirements,

Hit next,

10.Review the Route Description and its requirementsm

11. Add your Education History and Save,

Hit next,

ASCP (BOC®) Exam application

12. Add Employment History and Save,

12.1. Description of job duties is not mandatory.

Hit next,

12.Add Employment History save

13. Alternate Contacts,

13.1. Such contact persons will be reached by ASCP BOC in case you are not available! so add your friends, colleagues, …etc.

13.2. Add and save

Hit next,

13.Alternate Contacts

14. Review Your Submitted Information and Agree to the Terms of International Certification Program,

* I have read and agree with the Legal Statement above

* I authorize the American Society for Clinical Pathology(ASCP) to publish my name as a successful (ASCP) certificant.

Hit next

14.Review you submitted info and agree to the terms

15. Select Your Payment Option,

15.Chose you payment option

16. Send your evaluated academic scripts and work experience forms to [email protected],

For more information about foreign transcripts evaluation and USA Equivalency,

Read this Post Here!

17. Get Ready to Pass Your Exam Easily?

let MLSi Academy Help You Through the Live Lectures of Our Premium Preparatory Courses Here?

18. Congratulations, Best Wishes from MLSi Academy.


  1. I have a foreign work experience but my Bachelors degree was obtained in the US university. Will this be acceptable in applying for ASCPi Technologist in Microbiology?

  2. Amadi Emmanuel msays:

    Hi, percy your post was very useful to me. Want to know if ielts is a must have before registering for ascp? And how can prepare for the exam. I would like to have your contact for more update on this, if possible as my mentor please.

  3. Boniface Ndiritusays:

    I have a bachelor degree from Kenyan university,do I have to underdo evaluation of my foreign transcripts before application of ASCP exam

  4. After payment, where do i send my Transcript of Records(original from school) and License ID electronically? There wasn’t an option in the online application to submit it. I did not have it evaluated in the WES

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