The Ultimate Guide to ASCP Continuing Education for Laboratory Professional

The ASCP Board of Certification is very progressive and liable to provide convenient ways for laboratory professionals to stay sharp in the field.

The Board determines the ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals that meets their institutional, certification, and licensure requirements.

Here are the resources for ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals:

  • ASCP Online CE (Continuing Education) Courses (more than 500 on-demand courses)
  • ASCP live events, including annual meetings and live sessions
  • ASCP publication keeps you updated with the latest technologies
  • ASCP CMP (Credentials Maintenance Program)

From its inception, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) made many modifications to its profiles.

It launched advanced technologies in its working system to provide the best resources to train lab professionals.

The board wants to become the gold standard in global certification for all lab professionals; therefore, it adds perfection to certification to provide the best treatments to patients.

The ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals is enough to improve their skills, add excellence to their experience, and make them highly-trained professionals in their field.

Here, we will explain the of ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals and tell you how you can avail of all the services of ASCP as a lab professional.

Why is ASCP Continuing Education for Laboratory Professionals Essential?

There is no alternative to the certification and struggle that the ASCP accomplishes for lab professionals.

Here are the benefits of ASCP CE for laboratory professionals:

Maintain Certificate

  • The ASCP continuing education resources present the CE credits toward the certification renewal process.
  • Many courses like “Inside the Lab Podcast” and activities like live sessions offer you free credits
  • Keep a balance between practice and the ASCP CMP process.

Advanced Lab Professional Career

  • The ASCP CE online courses offer you the best learning that sharpens your skills.
  • Always available in an updated version that keeps you in touch with the latest updates.
  • Introduce you to current topics in the field.

Network Opportunity

  • The ASCP annual meeting is a big gathering of experts that not only enhances your knowledge but also exposes you within and outside of your country.
  • Offer you CMP points
  • ASCP live sessions and roundtables, all increase your area of network.

Career-Changing Programs

  • The ASCP BOC presents multiple career-changing programs, like the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program (ASCP CQI) and Quality Assurance Programs (Checkpath, etc.).
  • You can also make yourself popular and advance your skills by participating in many other ASCP programs, like “ASCP Patient Chempion.”

Exploring ASCP CE Opportunities

The ASCP BOC develops many continuing education opportunities, including ASCP CE courses,  live events, and certificate programs for the lab profession.

Here is a detailed explanation:

ASCP CE Courses

The ASCP provides over 500 on-demand courses that are available every time. These courses are

ASCP Case Report

  • The ASCP case report is an online and self-learning tool that covers the topics of clinical and anatomic pathology.
  • It is the best study tool for laboratory professionals because it presents comprehensive details on real-life scenarios.
  • It offers CME/CMLE credits per exercise

CE Packages

  • These packages include one-year unlimited online CE packages and multi-credit online CE packages.
  • One-year unlimited online CE packages offer you unlimited CE credits but you have to complete them within one year.
  • Muti-credit online CE packages offer you a wide variety of courses that you can choose according to your requirements.


  • It is a tool that comprises 18 real-life case studies (cases comprised of digital images, tables, references, figures, etc.) and trains lab professionals to solve lab problems.
  • It offers credit for lab safety and patients and CMLE credits.

ASCP Patient Safety

  • It is also a tool that is designed for lab professionals to introduce them to case-based laboratory practice.
  • It highlights many prominent areas, including Fundamentals of Quality Improvement, Culture of Safety, Methods and Tools for Evaluating Safety, etc.

MLS ASCP Review Course

  • The best preparation course for MLS ASCP (medical lab scientist)
  • It comprises 10 interactive online modules (9 covering the exam syllabus and one demonstrating the exam process)

Inside the Lab Podcast

  • Concentrate on current topics to inform the lab professionals
  • Offer you free CE credit after the completion of the episode.

ASCP Live Events

The ASCP live events is also a great source as ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals.

  • ASCP Annual Meeting: Opportunities to meet with the world’s best experts and get their experiences.
  • ASCP Live Webinars: Focus on current topics that offer you information related to your field.
  • ASCP Round Table: It explores the extremely vital topics that demand diversity of thought to find the best solutions.

ASCP Certification Programs

The ASCP Board of Certification establishes many certification programs that meet lab professionals’ needs and help them stay updated with the field.

The ASCP BOC designed these programs with partner organizations like the Association for Pathology Informatics and the American Pathology Foundation.

ASCP certification programs are:

  • Lab Management University
  • University of Pathology Informatics
  • Leadership Institute

Lab Management University

ASCP feels proud of the collaboration with Lab Management University because it develops perfect courses on laboratory management for laboratory professionals.

  • LUM Fundamentals: it allows you to choose the 25 on-demand courses out of 30 that explain the lab management topics (offer certificates after completion).
  • LUM Advance: It provides 10 courses that explore the advanced topics of lab management (once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate).

University of Pathology Informatics

This university was established with an equal struggle of the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the Association of Pathology Informatics.

  • UPI Certification Programs: It provides 20 courses that emphasize the four lab informatics competencies, including information fundamentals, information systems workflow and processes, and management and governance.

Leadership Institution

The leadership institution presents a complete source to train laboratory professionals.

  • Leadership Certificate Programs: It improves the lab’s professional skills with practical training and offers 18 courses that present certification after completion.

How to Access the ASCP CE Courses?

  • First of all, you need to login to the ASCP website.
  • After this, all the ASCP activities will explore in front of you.
  • Choose “Learning” under all other activities, including “Board of Certification,” “Membership,” “News,” etc.
  • Here you will see all the ASCP continuing education Programs, including online education, live events, books and journals, etc.
  • Choose the best one that fits your needs

Maximizing Your ASCP Membership for CE

The ASCP membership comes with incredible advantages that not only boost your career but also minimize the cost of education.

Build Connection

  • ASCP membership offers you an opportunity to meet with 100,000 laboratory professionals.
  • Also, build your connection with other lab professionals via chapters.

Eliminate Education Cost

  • You will get all the products and resources at a lower rate than non-members.
  • ASCP Patient Safety ( Member price:$175 and non-member price: $ 250)
  • Leadership Certification Programs (Member price: $399, and Non-member Price: $499)
  • Free shipping on domestic products


  • Offer you CMP points that manage your recertification program.

ASCP Award Program

  • The ASCP offers member rewards on insurance, office supplies, travel, identification protection, etc.
  • The Board also offers many other reward programs, like Mastership

Staying Certified: Meeting CMP Requirements

The ASCP BOC develops CMP (Credential Maintenance Program) for all its certifications.

This program updates your certificate for the upcoming three years.

To meet its requirements, you have to earn CMP points.

The number of CMP points is fixed for all certificates.

For most certificates, you have to earn 36 points, and for a few, you need to get 9 points.

You need to get these points in medical ethics, lab safety, area of specialization, and lab operation.

For 36 points (MLS ASCP)

  • 2 points in each subject, that is blood banking, microbiology, chemistry, and hematology.
  • 1 point in patient safety and lab
  • Medical ethics 1 point
  • 26 points in lab operation-related work

All the ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals offers you CE credits that you can use to meet the requirements of CMP.

Success Story of Laboratory Professional Advancing with ASCP CE

“ASCP offers a variety of excellent online continuing education courses and activities to help me earn my continuing medical education credits (CME) and meet my Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) and Continuing Certification (formerly MOC) requirements while staying on the forefront of the profession.”

Alexandra Harrington, MD, F and MLS (ASCP), says

“ASCP’s online certificate programs give me the flexibility I need to advance my career.”

Valerie Fitzhugu, MD, F ASCP, says

Future Trends for Laboratory Science Education

With the emerging technologies of pathology and lab medicine, you need to update your skills over time.

The ASCP BOC determines many activities that keep you updated with the field.

You must get the ASCP continuing education for laboratory professionals, participate in the ASCP certification programs, and make sure to attend the ASCP live events; all these activities make you a highly sought-after professional.

Final Thought to ASCP Continuing Education for Laboratory Professional

The ASCP Board of Certification never compromises on lab professional skills, experience, and education; therefore, it trains the professionals with the selection of programs, activities, and events.

The ASCP continuing education courses offer you a wide variety of information that increases your knowledge level and boosts your learning.

You must participate in all available resources that the board offers to remain elite in the crowd.

Besides this, the ASCP membership offers you great relief on all resources so become an Ascp member to double your benefits.

Check ASCP CE for Pathologists?

FAQs for ASCP Continuing Education for Laboratory Professional

Does the ASCP present any continuing education for lab professionals?

Yes, of course, the board of certification offers a wide selection of courses and activities for that help to update professional knowledge and skills.

Can I get any discounts on ASCP continuing education programs?

Yes, of course, if you become an ASCP member, you will get an exclusive discount on all the products.

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