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A medical laboratory scientist (MLS) is a qualified and certified professional who performs a variety of high complexity analytical tests. This is in order to cooperate with physician in finding the accurate diagnosis of patient’s health issues. MLS also sometimes referred to as a clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) or medical technologist (MT).

MLS ASCP is a credential given by ASCP BOC for medical laboratory professionals who qualified and passed the BOC certification exam. This credential may be MLS ASCP for US candidates or MLS ASCPi for international candidates.

American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) is the gold standard in global credentialing for medical laboratory professionals.

Getting credentialed as Medical Laboratory Scientist by ASCP BOC has its own eligibility criteria, requirements, preparation course and benefits.

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist Exam Prep by MLSIA

What is MLS ASCP?

MLS ASCP meaning a certified medical laboratory scientist by ASCP BOC. It means that those scientists have passed the BOC exam with a minimim score of 400 out of 999 to get such credential.

Adding the superscript “CM” after the credential [MLS(ASCP)CM] indicates that such scientist has successfully maintained certification under the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). Such program requires renewal every 3 years by getting CE hours.

US vs International MLS ASCP?

Both credentails are offered for medical laboratory scientists all over the world by the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP BOC).

But MLS ASCP is for US medical laboratory scientists (US citizens) with US degree. While MLS ASCPi is the certification for international medical laboratory professionals from around the world who don’t have a USA degree.

Hence MLS ASCPi examinees require a USA degree equivalency/ evaluation of their certificate(s) from a USA evaluation agency approved by the ASCP BOC as discussed before in this post.

Everything else is the same for both certificates even the curriculum/ syllabus.

Both MLS certification examinations use conventional and SI units for results and reference ranges.

Benefits of MLS ASCP Credentials by BOC?

Before getting credentialed from the biggest certification agency worldwide in the field of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Science (ASCP BOC®), you should be motivated by the following advantages:

1.(ASCP BOC®) is the gold standard of certification for laboratory professionals world-wide.

2. The American Board curriculum is the most recent and strongest course in the world in Clinical and Laboratory Sciences, and it aims to provide the most recent scientific findings in medical analysis up to date.

3. Such certificate is considered the strongest in such field for all laboratory professionals.

4. As a certified MLS ASCP, you have the strongest certificate to get your license to work in any medical lab allover USA states.

5. Being an International MLS ASCPi certified, you have a good chance to work in USA as you already have the strongest certificate ever to get your licensure in USA as a certified medical laboratory scientist.

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist Exam Prep by MLSIA

6. The holders of (MLS ASCPi) have more ability to compete in their countries and qualify them to get the best jobs in the field of medical analysis locally or globally.

7. (ASCP BOC®) certificate grants a license to practice the profession directly without any additional examinations in many USA States and many countries around the world.

8. In Arab countries, this certificate will make you a special laboratory professional in the field of Clinical Pathology to get the top position at the best health institutions in Egypt, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and UAE and others.

9. Also, It's highly authenticated in Europe as well.

Routes Requirements for MLS ASCPi/ ASCP Certification by BOC

If you are aiming to get certified as Medical Laboratory Scientist, you must fulfill the minimum requirements of at least one of a five pathways.

ASCP BOC have classified the requirements into the following routes:

International ASCPi Routes

Route 1:

  • Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science, biological science, or chemistry,
  • AND successful completion of a accredited Medical Laboratory Science training program. The training program must include blood banking, chemistry, hematology, and microbiology.

Requirements Per Route 2:

  • Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science
  • AND three years of clinical experience in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, and microbiology.

Requirements Per Route 3:

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited educational institution,
  • AND successful completion of a two-year Medical Laboratory Science program including blood banking (immunohematology), chemistry, hematology, and microbiology.

Route 4 Requirements:

This pathway is the best fitting choice for all graduates of faculty of medicine, veterinary medicine, Science and Pharmacology.

  • Bachelor's degree in biological science or chemistry,
  • AND five years of clinical experience in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, and microbiology from licensed laboratory.

Route 5:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited educational institution,
  • In addetion to a two-year diploma from an accredited/approved* educational institution in biological science or chemistry,
  • Along with five years of clinical experience in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, and microbiology.

ASCP Routes

US certification for MLS has up to 6 routes. For More details about each route, check this post.

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist Exam Prep by MLSIA

Eligibility Check for MLS (ASCPi/ASCP) Certification?

Here at MLSi Academy, we will take the Route 4 (The Most Common) as a model on how to check your eligibility requirements to apply for your BOC Exam.

For step by step tutroial on how to check your ML ASCP Exma eligibility, check this post.


Is the testing stage for MLS certification by ASCP. The exam is composed of 100 questions in the format of multiple-choice questions (MCQ). The examination is a timed (2.5 hours) and administrated by Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT).

“With CAT, when an examinee answers a question correctly, the next test question has a slightly higher level of difficulty. The difficulty level of the questions presented to the examinee continues to increase until a question is answered incorrectly. Then a slightly easier question is presented. In this way, the test is tailored to the individual’s ability level.


MLS ASCP Study Guide, Material and Exam Questions

The Study Guide for MLS is a PDF file compiled by the ASCP BOC to help both ASCP/ ASCPi examination candidate to know the exam curriculum . It has the broadlines of the subject areas that you should study before sitting for the MLS/ MLSi exam.

Study Subject Area

According to the ASCP website, there are seven subject areas that will be found on the BOC certification exam including:

  1. Blood Bank
  2. Microbiology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Hematology
  5. Urinalysis and other bodily fluid
  6. Immunology
  7. Laboratory Operation

Study Questions

Regarding MLS study questions, don't go for the basic type of MLS ASCP questions. BOC exam questions are super tricky and indirect. find that type of Q&A that mimic the real exam of Board of Certification.

Study Material

If you are looking for study material to pass the ASCP exam. It is highly advised to find a one study source that cover the recommended reading list by the BOC. Struggling between multiple resources will need a lot of time, effort and money!

Reading List

ASCP recommends about 48 reading list between text book, online journals and resources to pass you MLS exam. Some of the resources are:

  • AACC Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council
  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)
  • Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB)
  • Blood Bank Guy
  • BloodLine Image Atlas
  • CellAtlas – Blood Cell Morphology Guide
  • CDC
  • DPDx – CDC Parasitology Diagnostic Web Site
  • AACC Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines
  • Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Medical Laboratory Observer
  • Lab Medicine

How To Become MLS ASCP/ ASCPi Certified?

Actually, to get honored as MLS ASCP or international MLS ASCPi) by the BOC, MSLi Academy is here to save your time and effort and to help you by following a few easy step by step tutorial:

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist ASCP Certification Exam Prep by MLSi ACADEMY
  1. Check Your Eligibility as mentioned above
  2. Get an official copy of your certificates form your university,
  3. Apply for one of the evaluation agencies for foreign transcripts acceptable by the ASCP for USA degree equivalency.
  4. Get your training or experience document filled per your route
  5. Study very well through the provided ASCP Reading List Here,
  6. Or let MLSi Academy remove all the hassle and help you pass the BOC Exam the easy way from the first time with minimum effort by subscribing to the 4×4 MLS ASCP Prep Courseby our MLSIA
  7. Apply for the BOC Exam, For step by step on how to apply for BOC exam on the ASCP website, Check this post Here!
  8. Pay your fee
  9. Send a scanned copy of your required documents to [email protected]
  10. Schedule your exam, day and date.
  11. Get you exam result, Pass Score is 400.
  12. Congratulations, best wishes from MLSi Academy!
  13. For a more detailed steps check this post on how to get MLS ASCP.

MLS ASCP Certification Online Programs

If you don't have the prerequisites for ASCP MLS certification, here are some of the accredited online certification programs to help you qualify for MLS exam!

George Washington University (Health Sciences)

  • Medical Lab Sciences Post-Bacc Cert (ASCP MLS)
  • MSHS – Laboratory Medicine (ASCP MLS)
  • MSHS In Biomedical Lab Science (BLS)
  • MSHS In BLS – Medical Laboratory Science

University Of West Florida

  • Online BS – Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MLT Cert Required)
  • Online BS – Health Sciences

University Of Cincinnati Online

  • BS – Medical Laboratory Science (MLT/CLT Cert Required)
  • MS – Medical Laboratory Science Leadership

How Do I Pass the ASCP MLS Exam?

Are you asking, how do i pass the MLS (ASCPi/ ASCP) exam?

Passing the certification exam of BOC is really challenging. You need time, effort and money. You need a plan to determine when, how and how long to study for your exam.

This why Medical Laboratory Scientists International Academy (MLSi ACADEMY) has been founded by certified MLS ASCP professionals exactly like you to help their colleagues around the world to pass the BOC exam the easy way in the shortest time with the minimum effort.

How To Pass MLS ASCP Exam in 5 Steps?

Total Time: 1 minute

Find The Best MLS Study Source/ Material/ Guide

The ASCP BOC recommended a list of more than 46 study source for MLS certification Exam.
But with our Exclusive MLS Preparation Course Package,
you will have the all-inclusive one unified study source compiled by our ASCP certified stuff members of MLSi ACADEMY.
MLS ASCP Study Material for MLS/

Study with Pen and Paper

MLS exam questions are so tough and complicated.
To answer such type of questions you should have a library of organized information in your brain.
With pen and paper, you can print the whole MLS curriculum in your memory.

 Train Yourself on Exam Questions

You should train yourself on such type of exam questions you are going to face in the ASCP exam. With MLS Preparation Course Package, you will have the best Q&A that mimic the real exam questions. 

Apply for BOC Exam

Never apply for ASCP exam before being fully prepared.
4.1. Create an account on ASCP BOC
4.2. Fill and submit your information.
4.3. wait approval by ASCP
4.4. Schedule your exam

MLS Exam Preparation Package

Our Prep Course Package for both (ASCP/ ASCPi) include:
1. Live Online Classes, up to 4hrs/ week for up to 16-20 weeks (4-5 months)
2. One Unified MLS Study Source/ Material and guide
2. Q & A to train yourself of ASCP exam questions
4. All classes will be recorded so you can watch per your comfort at any time.

Where To Get Exam Prep for MLS ASCP?

The MLSi ACADEMY's Online MLS ASCP Preparation Course Package is your conclusive weapon to ace your ASCP medical laboratory scientist certification exam the easy way in the shortest time with the minimum effort. The package includes live online classes, one unified study source instead of a bunch of recommended resources by ASCP BOC and practice exam questions. with such comprehensive online preparatory package you can get your certificate to obtain your licensure in the shortest time frame.

MLS ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist ASCP Certification Exam Prep by MLSi ACADEMY


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