ASCP Difficulty: Can You Pass then Exam?

You consider that the ASCP is challenging.

Then you are right. Here are some of ASCP difficulty.

  • The ASCP conducts a very challenging exam.
  • Due to the complicated and huge content, it syllabus also makes it difficult.
  • Partial preparation source
  • Exam format (CAT) and non-refundable fee policy
  • Three-years renewable process is also little time which make the ASCP more challenging.
  • The ASCP does not consider any personal or family-related problem if you are late to meet your CE credit(for continuing education)

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) is well-known organization for presenting the certification for medical lab professionals.

However, many candidates hesitate to participate in the exam due to the ASCP difficulty.

A lot of candidates are unable to overcome the ASCP exam complexity and lose their opportunity to become ASCP certified.

Every year, hundreds of students around the globe come to get ASCP, but many of them fail it.

The reason behind this large volume of failure is the ASCP examination complexity insight.

But not all fail the ASCP.

Many of them sit in the ASCP Board of Certification exam with their general credentials but stand up wearing the cap of ASCP certification.

In this article, we will offer a brief overview of ASCP difficulty.

Furthermore, we will also tell you tricks that help you overcome the ASCP certification challenge.

ASCP Exam Difficulty Overview

The mission of the ASCP is only to certify the candidates who really deserve it.

Hence, it wants to become a gold standard for all medical laboratory professionals.

Many things contribute in making the ASCP difficult. These are

  • ASCP exam format
  • Very complicated exam
  • ASCP exam syllabus that cannot be handled in a small amount of time
  • Little time to expire the certificate
  • Non-transferable and non-refundable fee

All these things push the candidates toward failures.

But, you can pass the ASCP successfully, if you learn the tricks on how to balance the ASCP with other activities.

Factors Influencing the ASCP Difficulty

Following is a complete detail on how some factors make the ASCP challenging.

ASCP Exam Format

ASCP utilizes the format of CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing).

This computer is designed based on a series of difficult and easy questions.

If your answer is incorrect, it triggers the next easy questions.

If it again incorrect, the upcoming question is easier than the previous one.

Contrary, if your answer is correct, the next will be more difficult than the prior, and so on.

If you cover the series of easy questions, it means a lot of your answers is incorrect which minimize your score.

On the other hand, if you answer the difficult questions, it increases your success percentage.

Complicated Exam

The ASCP Board of Certification conducts a very complicated exam, which can confuse a highly intelligent person.

This ASCP test difficulty level pushes many students away from success.

ASCP Exam Huge Syllabus

The most prominent factor that has a huge contribution to ASCP difficulty is its syllabus.

The ASCP determined the very complicated exam content area for all its certifications.

You need ample time to ace this syllabus.

Besides this, the ASCP selects different percentages of questions from all subjects, so you have to pay proper attention to all.

Partial Preparation Source

No doubt, the ASCP BOC offers step-by-step guidance on all its aspects.

But when it comes to ASCP preparation study sources, you cannot blindly depend on them.

According to ASCP

Preparation study materials are only partial sources, it is not clear whether ASCP BOC will choose the exam questions from these resources or not.

Non-Refundable Fee

The ASCP exam fee is non-refundable.

Whether you miss the exam or want to transfer your fee to another matter, the ASCP will not consider any compulsion regarding the fee.

For reapplication, you have to pay the full fees, whether you miss your exam or fail it.

Certifications Expiration

The ASCP certification is only valid for three years.

During this period, you have to not only perform your duty but also keep the certification expiration date in mind.

You have to earn ASCP CMP credits during this period and send a declaration for review before the three months of your certificate expire.

Preparation Strategies for ASCP Exams

You should not give up the life-changing certificate due to ASCP difficulty.

Find the best strategies, implement them, and become a highly sought-after person in the medical lab field.

Here is how you can get the ASCP certification with great score:

Check the ASCP Exam Syllabus Carefully

The ASCP BOC offers many subjects for each exam.

The board offers detailed information related to exam subjects and its percentage.

You must see all subjects with topics, and key topics.

Pay extra time for those subjects that have high percentages.

Use Alternative to ASCP Study Material

You must use the ASCP preparation study material for exam preparation if you have ample time.

But if you want to ace the ASCP exam within three months of the period, you must subscribe to an online preparation bundle like prep courses.

Determine the ASCP Exam Format

You use the mock tests as a study tool to get best the idea related to the ASCP exam format.

Because, the mock tests are designed to follow the format of a real exam.

If you keep practicing exam preparation using the mock exam, you will be able to sit in the real exam confidently.

Pick the Footprint of Senior

Senior could offer you excellent strategies on ASCP certification examination hurdles.

Hence, you must sit in the company of ASCP certified.

For this, you can join the ASCP Facebook page, where you can share your complications related to ASCP and get better solutions.

Breakdown the Long Concepts

The ASCP exam syllabus is very tough, huge, and complicated.

The thing that makes it more complex is its long concepts.

You must break down all long topics into short paragraphs and MCQs so you can understand them clearly.

Testimonials and Experience

According to testimonial the of Ericka Hendrix, PhD, MB (ASCP)

“From the BOC Newsletters and annual reports, the ASCP Board of Certification provides a variety of resources to assist Program Directors as they support their students’ efforts to achieve certification.”

Testimonial of Karen. A Brown, MLS, MS (ASCP)

“The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) affirms that an individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to perform the essential task in the medical laboratory. My certification and involvement with the ASCP BOC have enhanced not only my professional career but also enriched my life in many other ways.”

Study Material and Resources

The ASCP Board of Certification offers many tools to minimize students’ efforts to get certification.

These tools include the content guidelines, BOC study guide question of the week, exam video interviews, review courses, and practice exams.

ASCP Certification Content Guideline

The ASCP certification content guidelines consist of subjects, topics and key-topics.

ASCP Reading List

The reading list comprises the entire preparation source, including the journals, study guide, and online association for each specific certificate.

BOC Study Guide Question of the Week

The ASCP BOC publishes these questions every week on their Facebook page.

The BOC StudyGuide question of the week covers all vital concepts regarding the ASCP exam.

Exam Interview Videos

You can get experience of ASCP certified through these videos.

Advanced Interviews Highlight Video

  • (SM) Laksana Sierra, MS, MLS(ASCP)SM
  • (DLM) Patty Eschliman, MHA, MLS(ASCP)
  • (SMB) Hana Fukuto, PhD, SMB(ASCP)
  • (SBB) Karen Miks, MLS)ASCP) SBB
  • (SB) Danielle Mullins, MLS(ASCP) SBB

Qualification Exam Video Interviews

  • (QBRS) Lisa M. Turner, BS,
  • (QIHC) HM1 Neisha V. Wright, HT (ASCP) QIHC

Technologist/Scientist Video Interviews

  • (CLM) Mercedes Cedeno, CLM(ASCP)

ASCP Exam Study Guide

Some study guides that are recommended by BOC

  • Clinical Chemistry 2e
  • ASCP Case Set: Hematology and Coagulation eBook
  • Practical Clinical Pathology eBook
  • BOC Phlebotomy Study Guide 3rd Edition
  • BOC Study Guide 7th Edition: MLS-MLT Clinical Laboratory Examinations

ASCP Practice Exam

  • BOC 2023 Histotechnology (HT) Interactive Practice Exam
  • BOC 2023 Medical Laboratory Interactive Practice Exam
  • BOC Phlebotomy Interactive Practice Exam

ASCP Exam Pass Rate

2021 Examination Statistics for ASCP Credential Per ASCP BOC

   FIRST        MEAN    TOTAL #    1ST TIME 
BB19834721201828491037775%2625% 3,631
C19483721031007622459539%15061% 5,758
SC1954421112188664452556%2044% 1,886
SCT195953562394624131292%18% 739
DLM198939881190618492347%2653% 1,135
DPT200344493306588191474%526% 430
H19714641261407361017069%3131% 4,037
SH1968441107273690362056%1644% 2,836
M194841711113975425614657%11043% 6,962
SM1953429100243677613354%2846% 3,358
SMB12018290961197206946%6594% 19
SCYM2017441126178689472860%1940% 1,034
Other2        25,532
Credit@ ASCP BOC

Preparation Courses and Program

The ASCP recommended resources are the partial source of preparation, so you should purchase an online prep course that will help you ace the ASCP difficulty.

When it comes to getting the online prep bundle, you must consider the MLSiACADEMY.coms’s reparation course that not only offers you effective study resources but also the best guidance to pass the exam.

What MLSiACADEMY offers

  • Live online classes
  • Recording of live lectures on students’ demands
  • Unified study guide for each certification that covers the reading list and content guideline.
  • Best study tools including flashcards, mock tests, practice Q&A, and questions bank.
  • 100% success guarantee with more than 400 score
  • Two tremendous bonuses: a book and experts’ support

Tips for Success

Nothing is impossible if you have a firm determination to do.

ASCP difficulty is a fact, but it is also a fact that a lot of students ace these difficulties every year by implementing the right strategies at the right time.

Here are some tips, that hopefully help you to achieve the American Society for Clinical Pathology certification.

Set Timetable

You must set an effective study timetable to perform better in the ASCP exam.

  • Divide your time between all subjects
  • Fix time to practice the learning
  • You should also mention which subject needs more attention and which needs less

Use Pen and Paper

Only reading is not beneficial.

Practicing with paper and pencil helps you a lot to get preparation done.

The information that you get by practicing with paper and pen stays with you for a longtime.

Keep Health in Priority

You cannot perform better until you are fit physically and mentally.

Therefore, keep health in priority.

  • Never eat unhealthy food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do exercise daily

Balance between ASCP and Other Activities

You must keep balance between ASCP and other activities.

For ASCP CE credits, you must make a proper plan or set a timer to get them on time and send a declaration.

ASCP Difficulty (Final Thought)

Although acing the ASCP difficulty is a challenging task, it is not impossible.

With better strategies, you can keep balance between ASCP and other life activities.

Use the best study preparation course to ace the exam content area.

Never submit application with fee without understanding the ASCP policy.

Set the timer to meet the ASCP CMP credits on time.

Participate in practice exams to understand the ASCP exam format.

If you do all work on time, ASCP certification examination hurdles are nothing in front of you.

ASCP Difficulty (FAQs)

What is ASCP difficulty?

With great blessing, the ASCP exam also has some difficulties including a huge syllabus, exam format, etc.

Is passing the ASCP exam a challenge?

Yes, of course, but you can pass the ASCP exam easily if you have the best prep bundle and strategies.

How can I overcome the ASCP certification challenges?

If you have a proper timetable to do things on time and know all the ups and downs of the ASCP, you can ace its challenges.