ASCP Certification Eligibility: A Comprehensive Guide

The ASCP Board of Certification is a gold-stranded agency for medical lab professionals.

The board only allows specific lab candidates to sit in the exam who fulfill the ASCP certification eligibility paths. Each certificate has its own eligibility criteria.

The American Society for Clinical Pathology offers many certificates to medical lab scientist, technician, technologist, and specialist.

MLS ASCP is the most significant certificate in all.

ASCP technician certification includes MLA, HT, MLT, and PBT.

ASCP technologist certificates are classified into nine certificates, including Ctgyn, HTL, CT, CG, BB, C, H, MB, and C.

SCYM, SCT, SH, SBB, SM, SMB, and SC are specialist certifications.

All certifications provide its owners with new flying in their medical laboratory career.

Regarding career opportunities, job satisfaction, higher reputations, and unbelievable double salaries, there is no alternative to American Board.

Here is a comprehensive guide to ASC certification eligibility, and all what you must know about this board.

Understanding ASCP: American Society for Clinical Pathology

The ASCP came into being in 1922 when there were no competence measurements for lab technicians.

At this time, pathology emerged as a new specialty.

The director of the ASCP Board arranged a committee with a mission to inform the technicians about a bureau that would accept applications from them for their registration.

The current ASCP BOC founded in 1928 with name of Registry of Medical Technologist.

After few years, many additional certifications were included.

In 1994, CAT (computer adaptive testing), in 2004, CMP, in 2006, international certifications, and in 2009, BOC, were added to ASCP.

From 2016 to 2018, many other certifications including MLA ASCP, SCYM ASCP/ASCPi, and SMB ASCP/ASCPi were added.

ASCP Certification Board: Ensuring Excellence

The ASCP Board is an independent credential agency that founded in 1928.

It establishes strategies and develops relevant standards that will help to maintain the competence of medical lab professionals.

ASCP awards certification to those individuals who meet clinical and educational criteria and who prove their experience on examinations.

The ASCP Board of Certification inserts excellent experience into medical lab candidates.

It emerged with a great vision: to become the gold standard organization for all lab professionals with worldwide credentials.

Who Are the Medical Laboratory Professionals

Medical Laboratorians is another name for medical lab professionals.

A lab team includes technicians, technologists/scientists, general and technical supervisors, and laboratory directors.

These laboratorians assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disease by providing them with information about lab analyses.

Medical laboratory professionals do a variety of work in the lab including analysis and testing, infection control, specimen handling and collection, and quality control.

The following are important tasks that medical laboratorians perform.

  • Cell and body fluids analysis and examination.
  • Prepare slides for microscopic analysis.
  • Identify microscopic organisms
  • Handle the transfusion process
  • Monitor the hormonal and chemical content in body fluids
  • Perform all variety of experiments: simple to complicated
  • Take care of lab instruments
  • Solve problems regarding samples, results, and instruments.

Navigating Educational Institutions for ASCP Certification

To meet all ASCP credentials eligibility, you have to get experience from some accreditation agencies and approved labs that the ASCP Board of Certification recommended.

NAACLS (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Lab Science) offers the following programs

  • Cytogenetics
  • Pathologists’ Assistant
  • Medical Lab Scientist
  • Histotechnician and Histotechnologist
  • Medical Lab Technician
  • Molecular Biology Technologist

You also get an approval process for some programs from NAACLS which are clinical assistant and phlebotomy.

CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) offers two programs including specialists in blood banking and cytotechnologists.

The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education presents one program: Medical Lab Technician.

JCI accreditation, DoD CLIP certificate of registration, accreditation, accreditation under ISO 15189, and CMS CLIA certificate of registration, accreditation, and compliance are some BOC-recommended laboratories for clinical experience.

ASCP Certification Eligibility Requirements: The Key to Success

Official transcript for study within the U.S. or Canada.

Foreign transcript evaluation for study outside the U.S./Canada.

Military training official certificate and letter of authenticity with experience and training documentation form are common requirements.

The ASCP BOC delivers more than 25 certificates for different fields of medical lab. Each has different eligibility requirements.

A bachelor's degree in relevant subjects, a few years of clinical experience from an accepted lab, and a few years of training program from an approved institution are common requirements for all routes.

Application Process: From Aspiring to Certified

  • First and foremost, you need to determine your eligibility for a specific certificate. You can match your eligibility from eligibility routes or check it through the BOC Examination Eligibility Assistant.
  • The second step is to create an account on the ASCP official website. You must insert the same name into your ASCP account that is present on your ID form.
  • Press the “Apply Now” button to access the application.
  • Select your interested certificate and route ( you can apply five times by using one route requirement)
  • After this, you need to verify the contact information.
  • Add all required documentation (all in PDF format) to complete the application form
  • Your academic institution must send official transcripts to the ASCP Board of Certification.
  • You can check your application status after login.
  • If any changes appear in your application status, you will get an email notification from the Board of Certification. Therefore always use the current email ID.
  • Submit the application form with the application fee. Otherwise, the application will not be submitted.
  • Complete the application with all aspects (missing or incomplete information will delay the processing).
  • Schedule your exam according to you
  • Get preparation done before the final day
  • Sit in the final exam
  • Get your Certificate

Preparing for the ASCP Certification Exams

The mission of BOC is to develop a healthy world by providing patients with all treatments possible.

Therefore, the Board of Certification takes the necessary steps to choose a suitable person for lab work.

For instance, it designates ASCP certification eligibility routes so that only qualified candidates can think about getting lab medical certificates.

The board also conducts an extremely difficult exam, only a qualified person can pass this.

Here we describe some tips and tricks that help to streamline your journey of becoming ASCP certified.

ASCP Exam Content Area

Like the ASCP certification eligibility prerequisites, the BOC also determines the exam content area for all certifications.

Closely reading all the content is vital to acing the exam.

For exam preparation, the ASCP Board of Certification also provides prep resources (journals, textbooks, and online associations).

You can choose these resources to prepare yourself for an exam.

The Board also permits its candidates to get information from alternative resources.

Because reading list sources are partial sources of the exam.

Effective Plan for ASCP Exam Preparation

The actionable plan is necessary for all work. But when it comes to getting success in the American Society for Clinical exams, it plays a crucial role.

You must set an actionable plan to cover the exam content before the exam's final day.

Your plan must keep in mind some aspects of reading while setting your study schedules. For instance, you must know

  • How much content should you cover per day?
  • How much time do you need to spend on one subject?
  • Which subject needs extra time?
  • Which subjects need the least time?
  • How much time do you need to review the content?

Implement Perfect ASCP Prep Bundle

ASCP preparation resources are the partial sources for exam prep.

Hence you have the option to implement any alternative resource.

To succeed in the ASCP exam in the first attempt, you must subscribe to an online preparation bundle like

MLSIA ASCP prep bundles are packed with wonderful resources, and it also offers the best plan to ace exam syllabus. check MLS ASCP Prep!

You can get an MLSIA prep package for all ASCP certifications.

No matter whether you want to get ASCP technician certificates or ASCP specialist certificates, the academy always stands behind your ASCP certification aims.

You will receive live online classes, recordings of all lectures, a comprehensive study guide (all-in-one solution), and practice tests for all ASCP certifications.

ASCP Exam Final Day Instruction

  • You must reach the center half an hour before starting the exam. Contrary, you will not be permitted to sit for the test in case you are late.
  • Any friend or family member cannot enter the exam center.
  • Any study material, paper, etc. is not allowed in the exam center.
  • Any personal items, including electronic devices (mobile phones, etc.), Watches, hats, purses, etc. are not permitted.

ASCP Exams Practice Tests

Practice tests are a beneficial strategy to get the preparation done.

Because you can get a better idea about the exam format, important questions, and your preparation percentage.

MLSIA offers you many tools related to practicing for the exam like practice question/answers, mock tests, question banks, and flashcards for better preparation.

You should also use paper and a pen while learning the content.

Because reading is not as good as practicing with a pen and paper.

It transfers your knowledge into long-term memory.

Maintaining ASCP Certification: Continuing Education

A Continuing education program is the best step of ASCP BOC.

This program touches the candidates with advanced technologies in the medical sector.

Your American Society for Clinical Pathology certification expires after three years.

After this time, you have to take part in maintaining the ASCP certification program that updates your credentials for the upcoming three years.

This cycle will continue lifelong.

To meet CMP eligibility requirements, you have to get some points; many certificates require 36 points, while a few require 9 points.

These points are distributed into different categories.

For instance, for microbiology specialist certification (SM ASCP), you need 36 points.

Microbiology 10 points, management, lab specialty or other relevant lab areas 24 points, medical ethics 1 point, and patient safety 1 point.

Benefits of ASCP Certification: A Career Catalyst

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification enriches the candidates' lives with so many blessings.

For instance

  • Higher salaries
  • Enhanced job prospects
  • Many career opportunities
  • Career satisfaction
  • Top seats among peers
  • Odds of getting admission to global conferences and events
  • Respectful environment
  • Chances to work with the world’s qualified physicians at the world’s biggest hospitals and research labs

If you get the opportunity to become an ASCP member, you can get the following advantages.

  • Credits for online continuing education
  • Online subscriptions and prints to Lab Medicine & Critical Value
  • AJCP (American Journal of Clinical Pathology) online subscription
  • Discounts for travel, professional liability insurance, student loans, and identity protection.
  • Daily ePolicy News, diagnosis email news, and ONEab Memos

Conclusion for ASCP Certification Eligibility

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) leaves no confusion in understanding the exam process.

It offers ultimate details about ASCP certification eligibility, application process, exam format, exam content guidelines, and much more.

Becoming ASCP certified is a gold-standard odds that opens many doors for medical lab candidates to stand out.

Career opportunities, career satisfaction, and powerful earnings are a few advantages of ASCP Board of Certification.

FAQs for ASCP Certification Eligibility

What is ASCP certification eligibility?

ASCP certification eligibility is education, skills, or experience-related requirements that BOC fixes for each certificate.

Where can I check my ASCP certification eligibility?

You can check your eligibility through eligibility routes or BOC Eligibility Assistants.

What is the ASCP Continuing Education Program?

The ASCP renewal certification program, or CMP, is called the ASCP Continuing Education Program. This program updates the certification for the next three after expiration.

What are the advantages of ASCP?

The ASCP Board of Certification has many advantages. You can get career satisfaction, career opportunities, double salaries, chances to work with qualified physicians, top seats among peers, and much more.

How To Check ASCP Certification Eligibility?

Your degree, expertise are the major part to check your eligibility per the certificate intended