ASCP Exam Schedule – Plan Your Certification Journey Today

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) license enhances the value of medical lab professionals many times.

After meeting the eligibility requirements, the most essential work for candidates is the ASCP exam schedule.

The ASCP exam schedule is a timetable for sitting for the final exam.

You must be conscious of your ASCP exam date and deadline.

The ASCP Board of Certification allows you to set your exam schedule.

You can do it according to your preferences.

ASCP Exam Schedule

  • Will be available to you once you have been approved by ASCP BOC for certification Exam.
  • You will get a link to create your account as Pearson Vue.
  • Select the test center of your interest.
  • Determine the date and time within approximately 3 months’ time from approval email.

If you are looking for detailed information about the ASCP exam schedule, stay with us. Here we are going to explore the ASCP exam session schedule and all that is necessary to know.

Understanding the ASCP Certification

Since 1928, the ASCP Board of Certification has presented +610,000 credentials to medical lab technologists, technicians, specialists, and scientists.

The ASCP’s goal is to become the gold standard for medical lab professionals around the globe.

Therefore, it has become the world’s largest certification organization that is struggling to offer its best to patients and professionals.

The ASCP certification not only offers the best job opportunities but also career satisfaction to professionals.

Besides this, the board also presents many programs that help candidates improve skills, gain credibility, increase their network, and get experience from experts.

It is not only what ASCP offers to its candidates but also, through its continuing education program, it sticks with professionals to teach medical lab advancement.

Navigating the ASCP Exam Schedule

The ASCP exam schedule is a vital aspect of ASCP certification.

You must know all the critical information about scheduling and rescheduling your ASCP test.

The ASCP examination timetable is handled at a Pearson VUE Testing Center.

You can schedule your ASCP test appointment after receiving the email notification from BOC of registration.

Here is how you can set your ASCP assessment schedule:

  • Open your ASCP BOC account and see your admission notification.
  • Verify all the required information.
  • Pearson VUE offers some contact information in admission notifications. Use this information to set your ASCP exam schedule within your eligibility area.

Once your application gets approval from ASCP, you have three months to schedule your exam.

You must fix your ASCP certification exam timeline at least 24 hours before.

Once you set all about the ASCP test period date, you will receive confirmation from Pearson VUE that includes information related to your test center, date, time, phone number, and center address.

If you want to reschedule your exam, you must contact Pearson VUE  24 hours before starting your exam.

You will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE after approval of your rescheduling.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, it means you failed to reschedule your exam.

Registration Process for the ASCP Exam

To register for the ASCP exam, you have to submit an application.

Before applying for the exam, you have to meet the eligibility requirements.

These requirements may be related to your education, clinical experience, and training program that you get in your relevant field.

After approval of your application, which may take 30-45 days, you will receive an email notification from Pearson VUE.

This email notification contains information related to your exam registration or admission.

You have three months to schedule your exam after receiving your admission notification.

Remember, you must register for the exam when you are sure about your exam preparation.

Selecting Exam Location

The ASCP BOC permits the candidates to choose the exam location according to their preference.

Once you get your registration, Pearson VUE will offer you a list of test centers that are present on the ASCP website.

You can select one that is best suited for you during the ASCP exam schedule.

Before selecting the exam center, you must know some information, including distance, transportation, etc.

The ASCP Board of Certification determined some roles and regulations for the exam center.

  • Reach the exam center before half an hour to start the exam.
  • The candidate’s friends or family members are not allowed to visit the exam center.
  • You cannot take any personal item, including a mobile phone, calculator, or watch, to the exam center.

Effective Preparation Tips for the ASCP Exam

To ace the ASCP exam, you must apply some actionable strategies.

Because your success in being ASCP certified directly depends on your preparation.

You must implement the following strategies into your study plan.

Use Effective Tools

Many study tools are available that really work to prepare you for the ASCP exam.

These tools are practice tests, question banks, mock tests, and flashcards.

All these tools speed up your learning process and help you retain information for long-term memory.

You can get all these tools from, which is the best destination for ASCP exam preparation.

Use Comprehensive Study Guide

You will comprehend the content easily when the content is summarized in an easy format.

The best study guide explains and simplifies the content with visual illustrations, simple vocabulary, and many other ways.

Before purchasing the study guide, you must see its format for delivering information.

When it comes to MLSIA, it is very proud of its study guide.

Because it applies all the strategies that make the content easy to understand.

Besides this, the MLSIA study material covers the reading list resources and BOC content guidelines to make the study guide an all-in-one and ultimate source.

ASCP Exam Schedule

Never book your exam until you are mentally ready for it.

With proper ASCP exam planning, you should apply for the exam.

Once you schedule your ASCP exam, you have no time to cover the exam content area.

Therefore, you must get all preparation done before the ASCP exam schedule.

Set a Study Timetable

Making a plan to move ahead is best for all types of work.

When it comes to ASCP exam preparation, you must establish an actionable study plan.

This study timetable must describe the time for each subject.

For difficult subjects or topics, you must set aside more time than easy ones.

Understanding the Fees and Cost

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) fixed fees for each certification.

It is different regarding the certification category and candidate residence.

For technologist certification, the application fee is $250 (for U.S. candidates) and $210 (for international applicants).

The MLS ASCP application fee is also $250, and the MLS ASCPi fee is $210.

For medical lab technicians, the ASCP offers four certifications.

The application fee for two certificates (MLA and PBT) is $145 and for the rest (HT and MLT), it is $225.

For specialist certification, you have to pay $300 as a U.S. candidate and $260 as an international.

Your ASCP certification is valid only for three years.

After this time, you have to participate in the ASCP renewal program, which costs $95 for each certificate.

Being an international candidate, you have to get foreign transcript evaluations, for which you have to pay an additional cost.

Many agencies offer your foreign transcript, like ICD (International Consultants of Delaware), of its general statement evaluation for $195.

You can pay the ASCP certification cost by check or credit card.

Exam Format and Structure

The ASCP BOC conducts its exam by using the format of computer adaptive testing (CAT).

This computer shows a difficult or easy question by checking the answer to your previous question.

If your answer to the previous question is correct, the next question that the computer displays on your screen will be more difficult than the first.

On the other hand, if your answer to the first question is wrong, the upcoming question that the computer puts in front of you will be easier than before.

Most ASCP certification exams contain 100 questions.

But few contain 80 (PBT ASCP) and 50 (CTgn ASCP) questions.

The ASCP 100-question exam takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish.

The time for an 80-question exam is 2 hours and the time for a 50-question exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

All questions are multiple-choice with one right answer.

Examinees have no choice regarding skipping any question.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements

The ASCP Board of Certification sets some eligibility routes for each certification.

Meeting at least one route prerequisite is necessary to proceed with the ASCP application process.

Although each certificate has different eligibility requirements, the following are common:

  • From an approved college/university, a bachelor’s degree in an interested field.
  • Clinical experience in appreciative subjects from approved laboratories (JCI accreditation, accreditation under ISO 15189, etc)
  • Training programs from approved institutions, including NAACLS and ABHES.

Some common documentation is also required, including an official transcript and letter of authenticity with clinical and training documentation.

Step-by-step Application Process

  • Select your eligibility route and category (you can use BOC Eligibility Assistant to determine the eligibility)
  • Create an ASCP account but if you already have one, login to open it.
  • Choose your routes and certification type
  • Verify all contact information
  • Complete the application form by adding all the required documentation.
  • Pay application costs
  • Submit your official transcript (your academic institution must send to ASCP BOC directly)
  • You can also monitor your application’s current status
  • After approval of the application, manage your ASCP exam schedule process
  • Scheduling the exam carefully and getting ready to take the exam.

Result and Score Reporting

For each ASCP certification, 999 is the total score range.

But 400 is the minimum score that is vital to earning ASCP certification.

Whether you pass or fail the exam, you will know it promptly after finishing it.

You will get your pass score report within four business days.

You are not certified until you receive it.

Final Thoughts for ASCP Exam Schedule

The ASCP exam schedule is a very critical step. Hence, you must do it at the right time.

At the time of the ASCP examination calendar updates, you must choose the best time, date, and center.

ASCP Board of Certification offers clear guidance about all its processes, including the ASCP certification exam timeline. 

You must follow these guidelines carefully to achieve your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ASCP Exam Schedule

How can I do my ASCP exam schedule?

ASCP exam scheduling and rescheduling are controlled by Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE offers you a list of testing centers; you can select one that is best for you. You also set the time and date for the exam according to your preferences.

What is the application fee for the ASCP technologist certification exam?

It is $250 for an ASCP technologist and $210 for an ASCPi technologist.

Which common documents are required for the ASCP certification application process?

A bachelor’s degree and clinical and training experience in a relevant field are common requirements for each credential.

How long does it take to cover the ASCP exam?

For many certificates, the time is 2.5 hours, and for a few, it may be 1.5 hours or 2 hours.