ASCP International Membership: A Career Changing Opportunity

If you are an international candidate and have participated in the ASCP certification program, you must consider ASCP international membership.

  • It is a superb opportunity to experience all the miracles of ASCP BOC for your professional and personal growth.
  • You will get all the preparation resources at a lower price than non-members
  • Easy and cheap access to ASCP live events that meet your CE credits and explore you around the globe
  • ASCP member rewards programs provide you with valuable savings on all products
  • Free shipping on domestic (physical) products

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) not only conducts exams for United States candidates but also for foreign candidates.

Whether you are a U.S. resident or an international resident, the ASCP Board of Certification serves the complete team of laboratory medicine and pathology.

This team includes the pathologist, laboratory administrator, medical & lab students, fellow, scientists, residents, and technologists.

Like certification programs, the board offers ASCP membership programs for both U.S. & international candidates.

If you are going to earn the ASCP certification, you must apply for the ASCP international membership so that you can improve your skills with all the available resources possible.

Here we will offer a special concentration on international membership and its awards.

Furthermore, we will all explain the details of the benefits and tell you how you can join the ASCP foreign membership.

What is the ASCP International Membership?

The ASCP membership program that is designed for foreign candidates is called ASCP International Membership.

At first, the ASCP Board only diverted its attention to U.S. candidates and proposed certification only for them (not international certification).

In 2006, the board offered its certification to international candidates.

These certifications were for molecular pathology technologists, medical lab technicians, and medical technologists.

In fact, the ASCP BOC came into being in 1922 as a bureau for technician registration.

 At this time, there were no concepts to investigate the mastery and expertise of the technician.

The first time, the ASCP Board of Directors explored this fact by holding a committee on the “Registration of Technicians.”

From the beginning to the current ones, the ASCP has made many modifications to its profiles.

The ASCP’s current board came into being in 1928 with the name “Registry of Medical Technologists.”

In 1994, Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) was introduced into its exam format.

In January 2004, the CMP (Certification Maintenance Program) was added, and in 2009, it became ASCP BOC after merging with the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personal (NCA).

At this time, the ASCP Board of Certification has reached its peak of success and is recognized as the best agency to offer and design the best certifications and qualifications around the globe.

Benefits of ASCP International Membership?

ASCP international membership is not only a membership program but also a great prospect to streamline your lab professional career.

What ASCP international membership blesses you with:

Construct Your Community

  • Opportunity to establish relations with other members by messages or document sharing
  • Access to 100,000 board-certified professionals and lab professionals

Stay Updated with ASCP’s Latest News

  • Strong social networking with peers
  • Access to laboratory science publications, including Critical Value, ASCP News, Laboratory Medicine, The Pathologists, Daily Diagnosis, AJCP (American Journal of Clinical Pathology), and ePolicy News.

ASCP Membership Rewards

  • Odds to earn up to $500,000 in scholarships
  • Members reward programs including 40 Under Forty, Mastership, etc.
  • Insurance (Liability insurance + long-term care insurance)
  • Travels: meet vacations and travel expenses (hotels and car rentals)
  • Office Supplies: You will get 80% savings from Office Depot on behalf of ASCP
  • Identification Protection: LifeLock (ASCP members get 35% off first years of LifeLoack membership)
  • Student Loans: You will get access to the SoFi dashboard and get many plans to get a loan.

Participation in the Profession

  • You will also get the opportunity to serve the community as an expert.
  • Odds to take part in “Student-Focused Programs” such as NEXTPO
  • Improve your skills by participating in social media programs, interviews, etc.

CE + CME + CMP Credits

  • Meet your CE and CME credits
  • Changes to participate in an annual meeting, where you meet with other experts in the field.
  • Fulfill your CMP (recertification programs) credits

Resources at Discount Rate

  • ASCP members get all the products at discounted rates
  • To purchase an MLS review course, an ASCP member has to pay $49 and a non-member has to pay $59.

Certification and Education for ASCP International Member

Following are the international professional certification services that the ASCP Board of Certification presents.

  • International Technologist in Molecular Biology (MB ASCPi)
  • International Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS ASCPi)
  • International Medical Lab Technician (MLT ASCPi)
  • International Phlebotomy Technician (PBT ASCPi)
  • International Histotechnician (HT ASCPi)
  • International Blood Banking Technologist (BB ASCPi)
  • International Chemistry Technologist (C ASCPi)
  • International Cytogenetic Technologist (CG ASCPi)
  • International Cytologist (CT ASCPi)
  • International Gynecologic Cytologist (CTgyn ASCPI)
  • International Hematology Technologist (H ASCPi)
  • International Histotechnoligist (HTL ASCPi)
  • International Microbiology Technologist (M ASCPi)
  • International Blood Banking Specialist (SBB ASCPi)
  • International Chemistry Specialist (SC ASCPi)
  • International Cytology Specialist (SCT ASCPi)
  • International Cytometry Specialist (SCYM ASCPi)
  • International Hematology Specialist (SH ASCPi)
  • International Microbiology Specialist ( SM ASCPi)
  • International Molecular Biology Specialist (SMB ASCPi)

ASCP International Membership Eligibility

The board suggests the following membership options:

  • One-Year Membership
  • One-Year Membership and Unlimited Online CE Credits
  • Three-year Membership that comprises BOC CMP fee and Unlimited Online CE Credits
  • Young Professional Membership of One-Year

Eligibility Requirement for International Pathologists

  1. International Physician Membership
  • Certified candidates in anatomic and clinical pathology and licensed physicians

Membership option

  • One-year membership: $119

Eligibility Conditions for International Laboratory Professional

  1. International Member
  • You must be current or ASCP-certified in one or more categories of certification in a country other than the United State
  • Must have membership in any appropriate programs

Membership alternation

  • New International Certificants: Free
  • One-year Membership: $119
  1. International Clinical Scientist Member
  • Academic doctorate (Ph.D.) and not certified by ASCP

Memberships Choices

  • One-Year Membership: Free

Eligibility Criteria for International Residents

  1. International Resident Member
  • A qualified physician with enrollment in approved training programs

Membership Selection

  • International Resident Membership: Free

Eligibility Prerequisites for International Students

  1. International Medical Student Member
  • You must enroll in medical lab science programs accredited by an approved agency

Choices of Membership

International Medical Student Membership: Free

  1. International Laboratory Student Member
  • Candidates who enroll in science or medical lab science programs can apply for this

Alternation of Membership

  • International Laboratory Students Membership: Free

Eligibility Conditions for International Professional Affiliate

  1. International Professional Affiliate
  • You must have employment in a medical lab or other diagnostic setting.
  • Do not fulfill the requirements of other membership categories.

Options for Membership

  • One-Year Membership: $39
  • Laboratory Administrative Membership: $279

How to Apply for ASCP International Membership

  • Your first task is to create an account on the ASCP website.
  • Enter some personal details that the board required for your identification
  • Insert your password and mailing address information that indicates you are an international candidate.
  • Open “ASCP Membership” and click on “Become a Member.”
  • Here are all the membership options open in front of you.
  • Choose the relevant category and option.
  • Click on the Join Now button.

Continue Education for International Member

ASCP Continues Education Program comprises the following products:

ASCP Case Report

  • It is a multi-purpose self-learning tool that navigates the major parts of anatomic and clinical pathology.
  • Complies with high-resolution digital images
  • Meet CME/CMLE credits

CE Packages

  • The package includes the One-Year Unlimited CE Packages + Muti-Credits CE Packages
  • Fulfill all certifications, institutional, and license CE requirements.


  • The best study tool to practice as a laboratory technologist.
  • Demonstrate actionable techniques to solve lab problems.
  • Meet credits requirements.

Inside the Lab Podcast

  • Emphasize the current topics of laboratory medicine and pathology.

BOC Interactive Practice Exam

  • Best work for the U.S. and international candidates who plan for medical lab scientist certification
  • Contain 25,000 questions
  • Follow the real exam format
  • Access on mobile and desktop

ASCP Patient Safety

  • Explore ASCP patient safety and promote a safety culture
  • It comprises 8 modules on patient safety (one CE credit per module)
  • Some modules are specific for offering credits for Medical Ethics (CMP)

ASCP Vs. Other Pathology Organization
Full nameNational Accrediting Agency of Clinical Pathology ScienceThe College of American PathologistsUnited States and Canadian Academy of PathologyThe American Society for Clinical Pathology
IndustryHealth & medicineHealth and medicineHealth and medicineHealth and medicine
Recertification programsyesyesyesyes
Continuing educationOfferOfferOfferOffer
Membership programsPresentPresentPresentPresent

Testimonial and Success Stories

“Each year, ASCP recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to pathology and laboratory medicine. Through a variety of awards, we celebrate leaders across the profession for their imagination, their tenacity, and their vision.”

Melissa P. Upton, MD, M (ASCP) (University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA) says

“Along with providing exceptional education, opportunities, and resources, ASCP provides opportunities for members to truly make a difference in supporting the future success of the profession and patient care.”

Diana L Kremitske, MS, MT, and MHA (ASCP) (Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA) says

Final Thought for ASCP International Membership

ASCP certification is a great triumph for your career and ASCP international membership is an excellent way to reach on destination with ease.

With membership programs, you will get the preparation resources at a very low price which minimizes your education expenses.

Besides this, career development and advancement opportunities, make you elite from crowds.

ASCP live events support you to build your online community around the entire world.

Student loans, scholarships, and free domestic shipping are unparalleled features of ASCP international membership.

Ascp membership benefits cannot be described in words; become a part of it and check their real taste.

FAQs for ASCP International Membership

Why join the ASCP International Membership?

ASCP foreign membership is a career-changing opportunity that boosts your skills, community, and talent in many ways.

Does ASCP present any membership free of cost?

Yes, of course, “New International Certificants” and “International Resident” membership are free to join.

Do ASCP membership programs present the preparation resources at a low cost?

Yes, of course, being a member of ASCP, you will get all preparation products at a discounted rate.

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