ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership: Life-Changing Decision for Your Career

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) is a gold standard for lab professionals.

It designated many professional development programs for them, including ASCP laboratory professional membership.

ASCP laboratory professional membership is a splendid revolution to win board godsend.

  • Keep a balance between your practice and CMP requirements
  • Offer you opportunities to get expert experience
  • Expose you around the globe by expanding your community circle
  • Meet your education outlay
  • Keep you informed by accessing ASCP News World
  • Offer you opportunities to visit the world’s best tourist place

The ASCP Board of Certification accomplishes many vital missions for the clinical pathology and laboratory medicine fields.

It suggests many convenient ways to sharpen their skills.

It also presents many programs, like ASCP laboratory professional membership to earn CE and CMP credits for certification maintenance.

Here, we will concentrate on ASCP lab professional membership and its miracles in your professional career.

What is ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership?

The ASCP BOC provides its professional members with educational resources, support, and opportunities for their professional development at a discounted price.

The ASCP laboratory professional membership impacts the lab professional profession deeply, like:

  • Build an online community with 100,000 lab experts and pathologists.
  • Construct connections with other lab professional members.
  • Access ASCP lab publications, including Pathologist, ePolicy News, Laboratory Medicine, Critical Value, ASCP News, American Journal of Clinical Pathology, and Daily Diagnosis.
  • Award + $500,000 scholarship-winning opportunities and many other programs (40 Under Forty and Mastership)
  • Deliver all the resources at a special discount to save the professional money
  • Odds to attend the expert webinar, sessions, roundtable, conference, and annual meeting
  • Hold re-certification conditions with education and practice

History of the ASCP

In 1922, the ASCP was launched, when pathology was a new specialty and there was no concept of measuring the technician’s ability.

Based on this bad condition of the healthcare sector, the ASCP Board of Directors established a committee to inform the technicians about a bureau that will submit their registration application.

Over time, ASCP made many modifications and added various certifications for technologists, pathologists, technicians, scientists, and specialists.

In the beginning, it only designed its certifications for the United States, but now all these certifications also go to international candidates.

Its first name was the “Registry of Medical Technologists.”

It changes it choose its name ASCP BOC after merging with the National Credentialing Agency for Lab Personal (NCA).

Comparison of ASCP with Top Competitors
CompanyCollege of American PathologistsNational Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory ScienceThe United States and Canadian Academy of PathologyThe American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification
IndustryHealth and MedicineHealth and MedicineHealth and MedicineHealth and Medicine
Membership programyesyesyesyes
Continuing EducationYesYesYesYes
Access News and publicationsyesyesyesyes
Networking opportunitiesYesYesYesYes

ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership Requirements

Below are some ASCP membership options that you must understand before the membership categories.

  • One-Year Membership
  • Unlimited Online CE and One-Year Membership
  • BOC CMP fee + Unlimited Online CE + Three Year Membership
  • Young Professional One-Year Membership

The ASCP BOC presents its membership for both the United States and foreign candidates.

United States Membership Requirements

  1. Laboratory Professional Member
  • If you are currently or previously ASCP certified, you are eligible for this.

Membership Choices

  • One-Year Membership: $119
  • Laboratory Administrator Membership: $279
  • Three-year Membership: $389
  1. Young Professional
  • ASCP-certified candidates can apply.

Membership Option

  • First-year membership: Free
  • One-year membership: $59
  1. Clinical Scientist
  • You can apply for this if you have a doctoral Ph.D.

Membership Alternative

  • One-year membership: $119
  • Laboratory Administrative Membership: $279
  1. Emeritus Laboratory Professional
  • You must be a current member, at least 65 years old, and a retired physician after full practice.

Membership Possibility

  • One-year membership: $29

International Membership Requirements

  1. International Member
  • If you are a current member or have earned ASCP certification and practice in lab medicine in your country (outside of the U.S.), you can apply for this.

Membership alternative

  • New international Membership: Free
  • One-Year Membership: $79
  1. International Clinical Scientist
  • One-year membership: $79

Application Process for ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership

  • First of all, you need to create an account on the ASCP official website.
  • Enter all personal information (name, etc) and insert the password
  • Under all ASCP activities, click on “Membership” and Explore the “Become a Member” option.
  • Here you will see all the options that the board offers in terms of  membership, click on “Laboratory Professional.”
  • Choose your resident international or U.S. option and click on “Join Now.”

Certification and Accreditation

The ASCP BOC presents the following certification for lab professionals.

  • HT ASCP (Histotechnician)
  • MLS ASCP (Medical Laboratory Scientist)
  • MLT ASCP (Medical Laboratory Technician)
  • PBT ASCP (Phlebotomy Technician)
  • MLA ASCP (Medical Laboratory Assistant)
  • BB ASCP (Blood Banking Technologist)
  • C ASCP (Chemistry Technologist)
  • CG ASCP (Cytogenetics Technologist)
  • CT ASCP (Cytologist)
  • H ASCP (Hematology Technologist)
  • HTL ASCP (Histotechnoloist)
  • M ASCP (Microbiology Technologist)
  • MB ASCP (Molecular Biology Technologist)
  • SBB ASCP (Blood Banking Specialist)
  • SC ASCP (Chemistry Specialist)
  • SCT ASCP (Cytology Specialist)
  • SCYM ASCP (Cytometry Specialist)
  • SH ASCP (Hematology Specialist)
  • SM ASCP (Microbiology Specialist)
  • SMB ASCP (Molecular Biology Specialist)
  • PA ASCP (Pathologist Assistant)

Importance of ASCP Certification

  • Offer you better job opportunities and double salary
  • The board presents many professional development programs, like continuing education
  • ASCP renewal programs add advancement to your certifications every three years
  • Network opportunities to make you prevalent around the world
  • Best working environment with qualified physicians
  • Top seat among peers and respectful environments
  • Offer educational resources to exam preparation

Continuing Education & Career Development

The ASCP delivers many programs for continuing education (CE) that offer all that lab professionals need for their career development.

There are some prominent ones:

Case Report

  • Self-learning tools and very recognized among laboratory professionals which concentrate on real-life scenarios.
  • Cover major areas of clinical and anatomic pathology
  • Follow the real exam format
  • Offer CMLE and CME credits

CE (Continuing Education) Packages

  • Present “One-year Unlimited Online CE Packages” and “Multi Credit Online CE Packages.
  • Access is available 24/7
  • Meet CE requirements

ASCP Patient Safety

  • Illustrate patient care and safety with interactive media
  • This program works on essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills that enhance patient safety
  • Manage CMP credits

Resident Question Bank

  • Most reasonable study tools for practicing pathologists and work for resident
  • Handle CC requirements
  • Work on every available browser

Virtual Pathology Grand Round

  • Cover lectures on laboratory medicine, clinical pathology, and anatomic pathology
  • Offer questions and answers

 Inside the Lab Podcast

  • Concentrate on the latest topics of laboratory medicine and pathology
  • Meet CME/CMLE requirements


  • Self-placed study tools cover 18 real-life case studies and are best for practice lab professional technologists.
  • Cover clinical chemistry, microbiology, molecular diagnostic, hematology, clinical immunology and transfusion medicine
  • Offer CMLE credits after completing the post-test
  • Cases comprise tables, digital images, laboratory results, reference links, and figures.

BOC Interactive Practice Exam

  • Bundle of 25,00 questions
  • Tech you time management to deal with final exam
  • Mobile-friendly

Network & Community

ASCP live events are

  • Annual Meeting
  • Experts Conference
  • ASCP Roundtable
  • Professional Sessions

Prominent benefits of attending ASCP live events

  • Increase your experience related to your field
  • Opportunity to improve skills under the experience of experts
  • Make you visible around the inside and outside of the country
  • Manage CE and CMP requirements

Furthermore, you should also join the ASCP public group to trace the ASCP’s latest news, learn the experts’ techniques to overcome the test and interact with current professionals.

  • ASCP Certification Prep (Created by MLSiAcademy)
  • ASCP Center for Global
  • ASCP Pathology Ambassador
  • ASCP Immunology
  • ASCP Career Ambassadors
  • ASCP BOC Programs Directors
  • ASCP BOC International

ASCP Success Stories

“ASCP offers a variety of excellent online continuing education courses and activities to help me earn my continuing medical education credits (CME) and meet my Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) and Continuing Certification (formerly MOC) requirements while staying on the forefront of the profession.”

Alexandra Harrington, F, MD, and MLS (ASCP), says

“As members of ASCP, we are the pulse of the profession, equipped with the knowledge and resources we need to be successful medical laboratory professionals.”

Jesse McCoy, PA, MHS (ASCP) says

Actionable Strategies Maximize your Membership (ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership)

  • You should attend ASCP live events, including annual meetings, roundtables, sessions, and conferences.
  • Make sure to get educational products, including books, study guides, and practice tests,  that the board presents at a discount.
  • Connect with ASCP publications, including Laboratory Medicine, ePolicy News, Critical Values, and American Journals of Clinical Pathology, etc.
  • Must participate in ASCP Membership Reward Programs to get the ASCP rewards
  • Make your holidays memorable by utilizing the ASCP laboratory professional membership facilities

Final Thought for ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership

To gain the edge of the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC), there is no better way to join ASCP laboratory professional membership.

Membership of Ascp furnishes you with many odds that enhance your career growth many times.

Besides this, it supports you a lot to minimize your educational expenses, fulfill CE and CMP credits, and provides chances to visit charming places around.

The most splendid perk is that it makes you famous as a lab professional around the and raises your chances of getting high-paying jobs.

FAQs for ASCP Laboratory Professional Membership

Why join the ASCP lab professional membership?

Reduce your education cost, meet CE & CMP credits, and expand your network.

What will I have to pay to participate in the ASCP laboratory professional membership?

It is different for each specific package. For instance, to get a young professional membership, you have to pay $119 for a one-year membership and $279 for lab administrative membership.

Are there is any free membership program for lab professionals?

Yes, of course, the “First-Year of Young Professional Membership” is free.

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