ASCP Membership Renewal Guide: Maximize Your Professional Goal

Once an ASCP member but looking for a means to renew your ASCP membership?

Perhaps you just became part of the largest global professional body, but you're wondering how to go about your ASCP membership renewal at the end of your subscription?

Here is all you need to know about ASCP membership renewal.

Welcome to ASCP Membership Renewal

Do you know that besides the better job opportunities and higher salaries that come with being ASCP verified, there is much you can gain from ASCP membership?

Why ASCP Membership Renewal

You should seek to renew your ASCP membership for many reasons.

Being a member of a massive body like the ASCP offers you so much professional development in pathology.

If you're a medical laboratory professional, being a part of the world's largest laboratory medicine community gives you unlimited networking opportunities and resources.

Importance of ASCP Membership for Professionals in the Field

Whether your goal is to land your dream job, migrate to the U.S., or get better pay, there are so many things to gain from being a professional under the ASCP body.

As an ASCP-certified pathologist or laboratory professional, you have direct and unlimited access to valuable, trustworthy information on demand. 

You're constantly updated on best practices, clinical research, emerging case studies, industry news, and other vital information.

Members can continuously grow in knowledge and skills with the ASCP certificate and recertification exam preparation, annual meetings & exhibitions, online courses, and continuing education (CE) program.

ASCP membership allows you to avoid federal legislation and regulatory issues as members are provided with regulatory and compliance resources.

Lastly, the networking opportunity also helps members to grow in their careers and equally venture into consultancy practice.

Obtaining the ASCP certification will lead you to a fruitful career.

However, all these benefits end as soon as your membership expires.

Imagine missing out on all of these because you could not make ASCP membership renewal.

Key Benefits Of Membership

Virtual and Hard Copy IDs:

Membership ID cards have always been more straightforward proof of association with a group or cause.

In the case of ASCP, its virtual membership ID card indeed shows that the bearer is remarkable in their chosen field.

To get your ASCP virtual membership ID, log in to your dashboard, edit your profile, and print your membership ID card.

Access to Online CE Credits:

One strong benefit of earning ASCP certification, whether you're a pathologist or laboratory professional, is the unlimited access to ASCP online products.

The ASCP online products are targeted to offering members the most convenient way to update their knowledge and sharpen their skills.

All of these tools and information are accessible through the CE Package.

The CE Package comprises everything necessary to help you remain at the top of your career.

It grants you access to a library of hundreds of on-demand courses at a very affordable rate.

Your membership CE Credits unlocks all these courses, which are vital to helping you attain certification or licensure in your field.

Subscriptions to Critical Values, Lab Medicine, and AJCP

There is never a professional membership body that keeps you up-to-date on everything in your field like the ASCP membership.

Becoming a member gives you unlimited access to some of the exclusive laboratory science publications and journals, including,

  • American Journal of Clinical Pathology (AJCP)
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Critical Values
  • The Pathologist
  • Daily Diagnosis
  • ASCP News
  • ePolicy News

Professional Learning and Continuous Education

Learning never stops.

In such an ever-evolving field like a clinical laboratory or medical laboratory, learning can only stop when you retire or draw your last breath.

Some of the importance of continuous learning and professional development include,

  • Adding to your knowledge base and developing new skills will make you remain ever-valuable in your workplace.
  • Being in tune with the latest trends and scientific methods as a laboratory professional will make you remain marketable.
  • It helps you achieve your career goals faster.
  • If you're seeking more professional certification or licensure, continuous learning can help you achieve it.
  • It makes you attain a promotion easier.
  • It helps to build self-confidence.

ASCP offers many online learning resources, books & journals, and live events to foster continuous learning and education among its members.

Whether you're a pathologist or laboratory professional, you can count on gaining so much advantage to your skills and knowledge through these various ASCP learning programs.

Understanding Your Membership Options

Being an ASCP member is a significant career achievement.

It means you're very skilled and knowledgeable in your field.

Whether you're a pathologist or laboratory professional, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) perfectly understands the uniqueness of its members.

Given this, they have made its membership as flexible as possible.

If you're ASCP BOC certified, you can choose from various membership options. Here is the list of ASCP membership options that are available to you.

  • One-year Member
  • One-year Member with Unlimited Online CE
  • Three-year Membership that includes the Unlimited Online CE and BOC CMP fee
  • One-year Young Professional Member

ASCP Pathologist

US Membership Options


You'll be granted fellow membership if you're a licensed physician certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, or a pathology subspecialty.

Licensure could be by the American Board of Pathology or any reputable certifying body.

Also, you MUST be practicing in the United States or Canada.

Fellow In Training:

Eligibility here includes graduating from a residency program and enrolling in a pathology fellowship program.

Medical Affiliate:

Eligibility criteria include a licensed physician not certified by the American Board of Pathology (ABPath) and practicing in the United States or Canada.

Emeritus Fellow:

Exclusive for current Fellow members who are up to 65 years old and retired from the whole pathology practice.

International Physician Option Membership

Eligibility criteria include being a licensed physician certified in anatomic or clinical pathology in your country of practice.

You must equally hold membership in any appropriate medical or laboratory association in your country of practice.

Laboratory Professionals

US Membership Options

Laboratory Professionals:

To be eligible, you must be or have previously been certified by the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) in one or more categories.

Young Professional:

First-time certification by the ASCP BOC. The benefit includes free membership for the first year of certification and a discounted membership rate for an additional two years.

Clinical Scientist:

Eligibility includes having an academic doctorate (Ph.D.) and not being certified by the ASCP BOC.


Exclusive to current members up to 65 years old and retired from full practice of Laboratory Medicine.

International Membership Options

International Member:

Eligibility is for current or previously ASCP BOC certified professionals in one or more categories and practice laboratory medicine outside the US or Canada.

You must also be a member of any reputable medical or laboratory association in your country of practice.

Clinical Scientist:

You must hold an academic doctorate (PhD) and not be certified by the ASCP Board of Certification.

 Besides the above membership options, ASCP offers other options, such as students, affiliates, and residents.

Step By Step Guide To ASCP Membership Renewal

It's no news that ASCP offers its members the most rewarding laboratory management and leadership training.

As a member, everything concerning your working conditions and generally improving your career life is painstakingly treated by the ASCP.

However, such exclusive content and offers end at the expiration of your membership.

You don't have to wait till the expiration of your ASCP membership before going for a renewal.

Here are the proper steps to renew your ASCP membership.

ASCP membership runs through a calendar year.

To renew your membership,

  • Log in with your ASCP account, enter your password and password.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Choose a membership option.
  • Choose a preferred CE option package.

Making the Best from the ASCP Membership CE Package

ASCP membership gives you unlimited access to tools and educational resources that will take your career to the next height and make you valuable in your workplace.

Access to these tools and educational products is through the ASCP Membership CE credits.

Some of the exclusive CE packages include,

Hematopathology Premium Content Education Package

It costs $130.

This package gives you  12 CME.

In addition, you get case history with discussion, laboratory data, differential diagnosis, pertinent references, digital images, and illustrative tables and figures.

Cytopathology Premium Content Education Package

The price tag is $130; this exclusive content features case history with discussion, laboratory data, differential diagnosis, pertinent references, digital images, and illustrative tables and figures.

You also get 12 CME.

Clinical Chemistry Premium Content Education Package

Valued at $130, this exclusive content for clinical chemistry gives you access to case history with discussion, laboratory data, differential diagnosis, pertinent references, digital images, and illustrative tables and figures.

You equally get 12 CME.

Surgical Pathology Premium Content Education Package

Coming for $130, this exclusive package for Surgical Pathology gives you access to case history with discussion, laboratory data, differential diagnosis, pertinent references, digital images, and illustrative tables and figures.

It also comes with 12 CME.


The LabQ is one of the most affordable yet very rewarding packages.

Valued at $75, adding LabQ to your ASCP membership renewal package gives you access to all the CMP solutions.

LMU Core Competencies Package

At $50, access the most career-advancing package with the most well-rounded training and practicals in laboratory management.

Leadership Institute Core Competencies Package

With $50, enhance your laboratory management through the most in-depth leadership training.

Whether you're a pathologist or laboratory professional, the ASCP's Leadership Core Competence Package is worth exploring.

ASCP Member Reward Programs

ASCP has formed a strong partnership with many brands and consumer companies.

This partnership aims to provide exclusive discounts on products and services to ASCP members.

Some of these partnerships include insurance, travel, office supplies, student loans (Sofi), and more.

All these discounts (student loans, professional liability insurance, travel, identity protection, and more) are possible thanks to the power of over 120,000 members.

Being an ASCP member automatically qualifies you for these ASCP discounts and reward programs.

While ASCP has a good relationship with the partnership brands, it by no way endorses the brands for its members.

ASCP Membership Renewal FAQs

Leveraging on Your ASCP Membership

Renewing your ASCP membership gives you continuous access to the very best educational tools.

If you want to expand your pathology and laboratory medicine knowledge, take advantage of the ASCP educational resources.

For students and new professionals in the field, ASCP Membership offers a series of annual meetings, seminars, and workshops.

These live events offer the best networking opportunities.

Staying active in these live events will bring you closer to more experienced professionals in your field.

You can get new information for career success and recommendations for higher jobs.

Seeking for mentors?

Take advantage of the ASCP Mentorship Program. The ASCP Mentorship Program matches mentees with the right mentors.

Some of the benefits of the mentorship program include,

  • Promote professional development
  • Improve personal life
  • Help cultivate leadership skills
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Polish talents

Bottom Line

To date, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) remains the biggest professional umbrella for pathologists and laboratory professionals. 

Whether you're in clinical pathology or a laboratory professional, being a part of the ASCP gives you access to the largest global community in your field.

The Ascp offers the most rewarding networking opportunity to its members.

Beyond networking opportunities, ASCP provides vital resources and a knowledge database to help its members grow and become better in their careers.

However, all these exciting benefits come to an end if you fail to renew your membership.

You don’t have to wait till the very end to renew your ASCP Membership.

Do the right thing for your career today.

Renew your membership.

If you’re seeking a means to become a member, MLSIA offers the most reliable programs and resources to help you pass the ASCP exam and become ASCP certified.

Take control of your career. Check ASCP membership levels?

What Happens If My ASCP Membership Expires?

When your membership expires, you'll not be permitted to use your named ASCP credential and you have to make ASCP Membership renewal.

How Much is The ASCP Member Renewal Fee?

To know how much it will cost you to renew your ASCP membership, log in to your account. Select your membership options and preferred CE option package.

You'll get the total of your ASCP membership renewal.

Can I Renew Before My Membership Expires?

Yes, you can renew even 90 days before the expiration of your existing membership. Your new membership count starts immediately at the expiration of your current membership.

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