ASCP Professional Membership: Journey to Become Expert

The ASCP professional membership is established to meet your career demands and improve your expertise.

Because the ASCP supports the entire team of the medical lab, including professionals, it arranges membership programs for all to reduce their worries regarding education and career development.

Here are the ASCP professional Membership perks.

  • Meet your CMP credits
  • Eliminate your education expenses
  • Decorate your holidays by reducing expenditures
  • Member rewards programs offer you extraordinary saving
  • Widen your community circle within and outside of the country
  • Most prominent: Shine your career by introducing you to the latest technologies

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) wants to develop a supportive environment for patient care and safety.

This is why it focuses on laboratory medicine and pathology fields to make professionals experts in their fields.

Besides this, the ASCP Board of Certification also acknowledges the students’ responsibilities, which can hinder their way to move ahead.

Therefore, it designs membership programs that help them meet education costs, CE and CMP credits, and much more to balance their learning and practices.

Here, we concentrate on the ASCP professional membership programs and illustrate their superiorities for your professional career.

Besides this, you also get information about the other ASCP membership levels.

Why Choose the ASCP Professional Membership?

After becoming a part of ASCP professional membership, you will enjoy

  • Online education programs
  • Certification Programs
  • Live events
  • Quality improvements education
  • Journals and books
  • Professional Awards
  • Recognization programs

Online Education Programs

The ASCP BOC has an extensive store of online education products, that are accessible 24/7.

  • ASCP Case Reports
  • LabQ
  • Webcasts
  • Unlimited CME Package

Certification Programs

  • More than 20 certificates for lab professionals
  • All certifications sharpen your skills in your field
  • Increase chances of getting better job opportunities and salaries
  • Top ranking among peers

ASCP Live Events

  • The ASCP live events (workshops) is a core opportunity to learn about the experts’s experiences.
  • ASCP sessions also meet your CE and CMP credits.
  • The ASCP annual meeting is a global gathering, where you meet with experts face-to-face, get your CE and CMP credits, increase your community, and improve your skills.

Qualification Improvement Education

The ASCP qualification improvement education programs put you on the leading edge of your career.

  • Fulfill your CAP LAP/MOC/CMP, licensure, and institutional requirements
  • Meet CE credits
  • Provide you with quality education and assessment analysis.
  • CheckPath: it is an assessment program that helps you stay updated with your field and meet your CMP, institutions, and licensure requirements.
  • GYN & Non-GYM Assessment: Satisfy your CAP LAB requirements and increase your team’s interpretive skills in non-gynecologic and gynecologic cytopathology testing.

Professional Awards (ASCP Professional Membership)

  • Mentorship award
  • Excellence in Education
  • Excellent in Management
  • Lifetime Achievement

Recognition Programs

ASCP recognition programs

  • Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (Lab Week)
  • ASCP Member Week (Celebrate the accomplishment of lab professionals)
  • 40 Under Forty (Highlight 40 lab professionals who show excellent performance)

Understanding the ASCP Membership Categories

Each category of ASCP membership consists of the following options;

  • One-Year Membership
  • One-Year Membership + Unlimited Online CE
  • Three-year Membership + Unlimited Online CE +BOC CMP Fee
  • One-year Young Professional Membership

The following are the ASCP membership categories:

  • ASCP Pathologist Membership
  • ASCP Professional Membership (Laboratory)
  • ASCP Resident Membership
  • ASCP Student Membership
  • ASCP Professional Affiliate Membership

ASCP Pathologist Membership

Membership option for United State

  • Fellow
  • Fellow-in-Training
  • Medical Affiliate
  • Emeritus Fellow
Fellow Membership Requirement
  • Certified professionals in clinical and anatomic pathology or in other pathology subspecialties (must be licensed physicians) can apply for this
  • Must have a job in the U.S. or Canada.

Membership Option & Fee

  • One-Year Membership: $399
  • Laboratory Administrator Membership: $629
  • Two-Year Membership: $749
Fellow-in-Training Eligibility Prerequisites
  • Graduation from the residency program
  • Enrollment in the pathology fellowship program

Fellow-in-training membership option & fee

  • Fellow-in-Training Membership: Free
Medical Affiliate Eligibility Requirements
  • Licensed physician
  • Not certified by ADCP BOC
  • Practicing in the U.S. and Canada

Membership option and fee

  • Medical Affiliate one-year membership: $199
Emeritus Fellow Eligibility Condition
  • Age must be at least 65 years old
  • Retired physician after computer pathology practice

Membership Option & Fee

  • Emeritus Fellow One-year Membership: $119

Membership Option for International Professional

  • Physician Membership (International)
Physician Membership (international) Eligibility Requirement
  • Licensed + certified physician in pathology (Clinical and anatomic) in the country in which you practice

ASCP Professional Membership (Laboratory)

U.S. Membership Option

  • Laboratory Professional
  • Young Professional
  • Clinical Professional
  • Emeritus
Laboratory Professional Membership Requirements
  • Trying to get the ASCP Board certification
  • Certified from ASCP BOC

Membership Option and Fee

  • One-Year Membership: $119
  • Lab Administrator Membership: $279
  • Three-Year Membership: $389
Young Professional Membership Requirement
  • ASCP certified candidates

Membership option & fee

  • One-Year Membership: $59
  • First-Year Membership: Free
Clinical Scientist Membership Requirements
  • Professional with an academic doctorate (Ph.D.)
  • Not ASCP certified

Membership Fee and Option

  • One-Year Membership: $119
  • Lab Administrative Membership: $279
Emeritus Lab Professional Membership Requirements
  • At least 65 years old
  • Retired physician (full practice)

Membership Option & Fee

  • Emeritus lab professional One-year membership: $29

International Membership Option

  • International Member
  • International Clinical Scientist
International Member Eligibility Criteria
  • Currently, or ASCP certified in one or more categories
  • Practice lab medicine ( in a country outside of the U.S.)
  • Have membership in the lab or other medical association (in the country in which you practice)

Membership Option & Fee

  • New International Certificants: Free
  • One-Year Membership: $79
International Clinical Scientist Eligibility Criteria
  • Academic doctorate (Ph.D.)
  • Not certified by ASCP

Membership Option & Fee

  • One Year Membership: $79

ASCP Resident Membership

U.S. Membership Option

  • Resident
  • Fellow-in-Training
Resident Membership Eligibility Requirement
  • Pathologist resident training from an approved program (U.S. or Canada)

Resident Membership Option & Fee

  • Resident Membership: Free
 Fellow-in-Training Membership Requirement
  • Graduation in residency programs
  • Pathology fellowship program enrollment

Membership Option & Fee

  • Fellow-in-training membership is free

International Membership Option

  • Resident Member (international)
Resident Member (International) Eligibility Requirement
  • Qualified and trained pathologist
  • Approved program enrollment.

Membership Option & Fee

  • International resident membership: Free

ASCP Student Membership

U.S. Membership Option

  • Medical Student
  • Laboratory Student
Medical Student Eligibility Requirement

Must have enrollment in an institution that is approved by

  • Liaison Committee on Medical Education of the American Medical Association
  • Committee on Accreditation of the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges
  • An osteopathic medical school approved by the Bureau of Professional Education of the American Osteopathic Association
  • American Association of Medical Colleges

Membership option & Fee

  • Its membership is free
Laboratory Student Membership Requirements
  • Must have enrollment in a college or university that has gotten approval from the appropriate authority.

Membership Option & Fee

  • Lab Student membership: Free

International Membership Option

  • Medical Student (international)
  • Laboratory Student (International)
Medical Student (International) Eligibility Criteria
  • Medical science or science program admission that is approved by the appropriate agency.

Membership Fee & Option

  • Medical Student (International): Free

Laboratory Student (International) Eligibility Requirement

  • You have to enroll in science or medical science programs approved by an accrediting agency

Membership Fees and Option

  • Laboratory student (International) membership: free

Professional Affiliate

Membership Option U.S.

  • Professional Affiliate
Professional Affiliate Eligibility Condition
  • Current employment in a medical lab or other medical settings
  • Or provide services to other members of  the lab
  • Not meet the requirements of other membership types

Membership Fee & Option

  • One-year Membership: $59
  • Lab Administrator membership: $279

International Candidates Membership

  • International Professional Affiliate
Professional Affiliate Eligibility Condition
  • Employers in medical lab or other medical lab setting
  • Offer support to medical lab teams
  • Do not satisfy the other membership category requirements

Membership Fee & Option

  • One-year Membership: Free
  • Lab Administrator Membership: $279

Why Join ASCP Professional Membership

It offers remarkable advantages that eradicate your many worries related to education and career development.

Expose you Worldwide

  • Opportunity to become part of ASCP online communities
  • Access to other lab professionals and pathologists at 100,000
  • Many learning opportunities

Stay Updated with the Latest News

  • Access to laboratory science publications, including ePolicy, Critical Values, The Pathologist, ASCP News, American Journal of Clinical Pathology (AJCP), Lab Medicine, and Daily Diagnosis.
  • This publication is accessible 24/7

Professional Membership Award

  • Up to $500,000 in scholarship
  • Many other programs, including 40 Under Forty and Mastership, pay you a lot.

Foster Skills & Expertise

  • Opportunities to get senior experience for career developments
  • Direct access to many education topics.

Odds to Work as an Expert

  • Chance to interact with the community as an expert in the field
  • Become the voice of other professions
  • Get popularity by participating in social media, interviews, and programs

How to Become the Part of the ASCP Professional Membership?

  • Create an account on the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) official website.
  • Enter all the required personal information correctly
  • Enter your mailing address, which must show your residence (U.S. or International)
  • Add demographic information (mention that you are a lab professional)
  • Under all ASCP activities, click on “Membership.”
  • Open the “Become a Member” section and explore it.
  • Click on Laboratory Professional and choose your interest category
  • Press the “Join Now” button

Testimonial & Success Stories

“Along with providing exceptional education, opportunities, and resources, ASCP provides opportunities for members to truly make a difference in supporting the future success of the profession and patient care.”

According to Diana L Kremitske, MHA, MS, MT (ASCP)

“Through ASCP's live events, I have access to education and networking opportunities that take my skills and knowledge to a new level.”

According to Zubair Baloch, MD, M (ASCP),

“Along with providing exceptional opportunities, education, and resources, ASCP provides opportunities for members to truly make a difference in supporting the future success of the profession and patient care.”

According to Diana L Kremitske, MS, MHA, MT (ASCP),

Tips for Maximize ASCP Professional Membership

You must follow the below instruction to get all blessing of ASCP membership programs.

Join Annual Meeting

  • The ASCP annual meeting is a big gathering of experts who share their real-life experiences with other joiner experts to encourage them
  • Meet your continuing education credits
  • Meet your CMP credits
  • Visible you worldwide

Use ASCP BOC Education Resources

For ASCP exam preparation, you will get all the resources at a discount rate.

  • BOC study guide
  • Books
  • Interactive Practice Questions
  • MLS Review Course
  • Experts interviews

Live Webinar

  • Important topics are discussed in the live webinar
  • Certified-professional share their experiences

ASCP Session

  • You will get deep information about your field and the latest technologies
  • Meet your CE and CMP requirements

ASCP Publication

  • Get the latest information by joining the ASCP publication world.

Make your Holidays Memorable

  • Visit the World and enjoy its beauty because ASCP offers you a special discount on vacation and travel.

Final Thought ASCP Professional Membership

Take you lab professional career on high opportunity of success; ASCP professional membership is best decision.

Try to get all the perks of membership programs to boost your career and personality.

Make sure to attend Ascp live events, including annual meeting, webinars, and sessions.

ASCP professional membership programs and its services make you perfect with all your career accomplishments, never miss this worthwhile and life-changing opportunity.

FAQs for ASCP Professional Membership

Why participating in the ASCP professional membership is necessary?

Membership programs help you earn CE and CMP points, boost your experience, and wide your networking.

Which eligibility condition is ASCP board fixes for professional membership?

The ASCP BOC presents many choices for professional to become ASCP member, each has its own criteria. But for most, you have to earn ASCP certification.

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