ASCP Exam Online Resources: Maximizing Your Preparation

The ASCP exam online resources help you comprehend the exam content area.

These resources determine your preparation, highlight your weaknesses, make content easy, and summarize the exam content area concisely to minimize your effort to get ASCP certification.

The best online resources for ASCP exam preparation includes.

  • Study Guide (Explain the entire syllabus)
  • Practice Test (best for review the content)
  • Mock Test (best for real taste of exam)
  • Flashcards (cover the large volume of content in minimum time)
  • MLSIA ASCP Exam Review Courses (provides all study resources)
  • ASCP Certification Prep (a study group exist on Facebook)

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) is the largest credential organization that serves medical lab professionals around the globe by offering them the best certification.

To achieve ASCP certificates, you have to meet the eligibility requirements the board demands and pass the certification exam.

Overcoming the challenges of the ASCP certification exam has never been easy.

You need the best ASCP study materials and techniques to pass it.

So never take it easy, struggle hard, and implement all necessary tools to navigate its challenges.

In this article, we will highlight some ASCP exam online resources and their benefits for passing the ASCP.

Besides this, you will also know the best place where you can get all these resources at a minimum cost.

Understanding the Exam Content Outlines

The ASCP Board of Certification determines the exam content outlines for all certification in the “Content Guideline”.)

This Content Guidelines comprises.

  • Subjects’ name
  • Question percentage regarding each subject
  • Outlines of all main topics

Detailed Explanation of ASCP Exam Content Guidelines

For each certification, you have to cover the specific syllabus to pass the ASCP.

It is specific for specific certification.

For instance, if you sit for the ASCP medical lab scientist exam you have to cover the following content area.

Blood Banking (Subject)

Content outlines include:

  • Blood products
  • Blood group system
  • Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Transfusion practice

Chemistry (Subject)

Content outlines comprise:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Nitrogen containing compound
  • Acid base determination
  • Vitamins and nutrition
  • Enzymes
  • Drug monitoring
  • Lipids

Hematology (Subject)

Content outlines           

  • Hemostasis
  • Disease state
  • Physiology
  • Laboratory testing

Body Fluids Including Urinalysis (Subject)

Content outlines consist of:

  • Microscopic analysis
  • Physiology
  • Chemical and physical testing
  • Disease state

Microbiology (Subject)

Content outlines:

  • Bacteriology analytical procedure
  • Mycobacteriology analytical procedures
  • Parasitology analytical procedures
  • Mycology analytical procedures
  • Virology analytical procedures

Immunology (Subject)

  • Transplantation
  • Immune system disease
  • Serologic procedures
  • Principles of immunology
  • Infectious disease serology

Laboratory Operation

  • Laboratory mathematics
  • Basic management principles
  • Safety
  • Instrumentation
  • Methodology
  • Quality assessments

Aligning Study Resources with Exam Content Domains

You should check your exam content outlines before purchasing ASCP exam resources.

So you can get the best study materials for your certification preparation.

  • Use a study guide that explains the content with all its outlines.
  • Subscribe the best online prep bundle that provides the best tools to cover your exam content.
  • Use flashcards that simplify A-Z content outlines.
  • Participate in exam practice questions that cover entire syllabus even a single topic with few outlines.

Leveraging Study Guide and Books

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) recommended study guides and books for all certification preparation.

Recommended Study Guides for ASCP Exam

Following are the specific study guides for specific certification;

  • BOC Study Guides for Clinical Laboratory Certification Examination
  • BOC Study Guide for Histotechnology Certification Examination
  • BOC Study Guide for Phlebotomy Certification Examination

Besides this, the board also mentions some ASCP study guides and textbooks in the reading list of all certificates.

Key Features to Look for Study Guide

Although the ASCP Board of Certification determines the ASCP exam study guides, the board also clarifies that its recommended resources is only a partial source.

Hence, you should not rely on ASCP study guide blindly.

Make sure to purchase it from online resources that offer ASCP exam review courses with study guides and have a powerful background.

Here are some features of the study guide you should keep in mind when purchasing it.

  • Comprehensive Study Guide: Match it with the outlines of your certification exam content guideline and purchase it if it explains all the content.
  • All-in-One Study Guide: A study guide is a perfect solution to your exam requirements. Make sure to explore it to see whether it explains the ASCP reading list resources or not. Never purchase it if it does not explain the ASCP recommended study guide, online association, or journals.
  • Cost Effective: Always spend your money on valuable things. When come it to purchase a study guide for preparation, prefer to get that available at an affordable price.
  • Digestible Format: Check its format closely and determine which format it uses to explain the content. Purchase it, if it summarizes the content with visual illustration and other easy formats like simple vocabulary, etc.

How Study Guide Complements Exam Content Outlines

  • A best study guide describes all exam content outlines.
  • It explains the content in an organized way, keeps important outlines at the start of the chapter, and puts the least important outlines at the end of it.
  • It does not skip even a single outline whether it is important or unimportant. But it highlights the necessary and unnecessary content despite skipping it.

Exploring Online Courses and Modules

For satisfied preparation, you must subscribe to the ASCP online course and utilize the active learning modules.

Many online academies are presenting their services for ASCP certification.

But you must make sure to check some important things before subscribing to it.

  • Check previous students testimonials
  • Tutors qualification
  • Years of its experiences and its progress with passage of time
  • Explore all its services and the format of delivering them
  • Check it cost and its installments

Overview of ASCP Online Courses

 StudyStack.comExamEdge.comMometrixMLSi Academy
Live lectures and recordings   yes
Expert tutors (all ASCP-certified)   yes
Digital app   yes
Practice questions and answersyesyesyesYes(series of practice question)
All-in-one study guide   yes
ASCP test-taking strategies  yesyes
Flashcardsyes yesyes
Mock Test   yes offers its services for all ASCP certification.

What services you can get from MLSIA

  • Live online classes
  • Recording of classes
  • Unified study material
  • Practice question/answer, mock test, flashcards, question bank
  • MLSIA App
  • ASCP exam test-taking tips and expert supports

You can get these services for following ASCP exam review courses.

  • ASCP MLS Review Course
  • ASCP MLT Review Course
  • ASCP HT Review Course
  • ASCP PBT Review Course
  • ASCP MLA Review Course
  • ASCP BB Review Course
  • ASCP C Review Course
  • ASCP CG Review Course
  • ASCP CT Review Course
  • ASCP H Review Course
  • ASCP HTL Review Course
  • ASCP M Review Course
  • ASCP MB Review Course
  • ASCP SBB Review Course
  • ASCP SC Review Course
  • ASCP SCT Review Course
  • ASCP SCYM Review Course
  • ASCP SH Review Course
  • ASCP SM Review Course
  • ASCP SMP Review Course
  • ASCP PA Review Course

Benefits of Interactive Learning Modules

Interactive Learning Modules (ILMs) are important applications that engage learners to get information easily.

These modules explain the content with multimedia to make the content easy.

Benefits of Using ILMS:

  • Interactive learning tools not only explain the content in one way, but you can read, watch, listen, and experience their content.
  • Accessible everywhere
  • Make content easily digestible
  • With these digital apps, you will get a large volume of information with little investment.
  • Increase the chances of getting success because all content is explained in an easy format for better comprehension.
  • Save lot of time

Practicing with Practice Tests and Question Banks

Practice test and question bank is best resources for exam preparation in all ASCP exam online resources.

You must implement both these sources with your other ASCP certification resources.

Both are necessary tools for exam preparation.

You cannot complete your preparation without utilizing the practice tests and question banks.

Importance of Practice Tests in Exam Preparation

  • Practice makes you perfect, so you should pass through your learning from practice exams.
  • Give bests ideas about the exam format and question types
  • Teach you how to manage your time when you go for the real exam (Time-managements)
  • Tell you about your preparation and area of concentration
  • Make you brave enough to sit in the exam with high confidence.
  • Cover the exam content area with all its outlines

Accessing Quality Question Banks Online

A question bank is a bundle of many questions that exist in a collective form.

It may be questions from previous exams, specific chapters, specific subjects, or the entire syllabus.

You can get these questions from ASCP exam online resources, like from preparation bundle.

The one ASCP exam review course that presents question banks with all its ASCP certification resources is MLSi Academy.

MLSIA offers you a huge collection of question banks to streamline your preparation for ASCP certification.

Subscribe to it and get all at one platform.

Engaging with Study Forum and Communities

Establish online communities or join the study group is also a type of ASCP exam online resources.

You can get tremendous benefit from study forum and communities.

The Rule of Study Forum in Peer Learning

  • You will not only get benefits from your study strategies but also know about your peer strategies and get their benefits.
  • Appreciation on your best performance that motivate you to do best
  • Build confidence to solve any issues
  • You will learn more in collective study than studying alone
  • You will meet with medical lab professionals, current and ASCP-certified professionals in the ASCP study group, so you can get the best tips to ace the exam content area and the ASCP exam.
  • By participating in online ASCP study groups, your network also increase.
  • Opportunities to get all updates from the ASCP Board of Certification, because here all issues are discussed.
  • You also get workable ASCP test-taking strategies

Top ASCP Exam Study Communities Online

Following are the best online communities to join to get the most for ASCP preparation.

  • ASCP Certification Prep (Facebook group created by MLSi Academy)
  • ASCP Pathology Ambassadors (ASCP Public Group)
  • ASCP Center for Global (ASCP Public Group)
  • ASCP BOC Program Directors (ASCP Public Group)
  • ASCP Career Ambassadors 2.0 (ASCP Public Group)
  • ASCP Immunology (ASCP Public Group)
  • ASCP BOC International (ASCP Public Group)

Utilizing Mobile App for On-the-Go Learning

Like other ASCP exam online resources, the mobile app is also effectual study tool for ASCP preparation.

You should employ mobile apps for fast learning because they can polish your preparation.

Benefits of Using Mobile App

  • When you shift your learning on digital app, you will realize improvement in your learning
  • Learning from mobile apps is cost-effective and time-saving.
  • It boosts knowledge retention by 55% compared to other traditional learning techniques.
  • It is more engaging techniques to updates skills and learning
  • Accessible 24/7 and at any location
  • It is so fast and helps you complete your exam content area more quickly than all other ASCP exam online resources.

You must set time in your study schedule for using mobile app.

  • It is a really convenient and satisfying source for preparation.

Where you can Get Mobile Application?

MLSi Academy is the best place, from where you not only get your ASCP exam online resources but also the MLSIA app.

This app covers the exam content area digitally to insert advanced technology into your learning strategies.

To give final look to your ASCP preparation, use MLSIA App.

Final Thought for ASCP Exam Online Resources

The ASCP exam online resources are a complete solution to ace the ASCP exam content areas.

Make sure to get all these resources from one platform to reduce your expenses.

MLSi Academy provides you necessary ASCP exam online resources, including, study guides, practice tests, question banks, mock test, live classes and recordings of live session.

Besides this, academy has its MLSIA app and Ascp certification Prep (Facebook group).

FAQs for ASCP Exam Online Resources

Which ASCP exam online resources are best for preparation?

ASCP exam tutorials, study guide and practice test are best preparation resources.

What are benefits of using the preparation resources to the ace exam?

These resources speed up your learning process, prepare you to sit in the exam confidently, and clear your blurs concepts.

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