ASCP Preparation Tips: A Comprehensive Roadmap to Success

The American Society for Clinical Pathology examination is a challenging test to pass.

The ASCP test comes with many career opportunities in laboratory and clinical sciences, almost everyone tries to pass the test on their first attempt.

This examination evaluates the knowledge and skills that are mandatory in the clinical lab field.

However, passing the examination can be challenging along with the benefits it offers.

To prepare for the ASCP and pass it successfully, it is important to understand the content, exam structure, and importance of ASCP certification.

Let’s have a look at a few ASCP preparation tips that will be helpful to pass the ASCP exam.

ASCP Study Resources

This article will be an important message for you if you want to get good scores in the ASCP and stop worrying about your ASCP exam scores.

Recommended Textbooks and Guides

As part of ASCP preparation tips, the ASCP comprehensive study resources are prepared by our experts.

They are compiled with thorough research of the exam concepts and topics that you need to understand to pass the test.

MLSIA conducted a research study that unveils the skills and content areas you must understand before the test.

The academy has used this information to prepare a study guide for you that will make sure you pass the ASCP exam.

Online Courses and Webinars

MLSI Academy provides study guides, exam outlines, practice tests, and suggested reading lists.

If needed, special webinars about the test are also organized.

You can also check similar study resources on MLSIA dashboard.

ASCP Official Study Materials

MLSIAcademy’s all in one study package will speed up your medical laboratory scientist examination process with minimum effort and in less time.

The study areas covered in this study resource include laboratory operations, blood banking, chemistry, urine and other body fluids, hematology, immunology, and microbiology.

This package is part of ASCP preparation, and it also offers recorded classes, online live classes, a question and answers bank, and everything in one study material.

Study Strategies

Passing the ASCP exam is a big deal, normally, candidates do everything including following ASCP preparation tips to clear it in one go.

Here are some study strategies for you to pass the exam:

  • Understanding the content
  • Studying
  • Self-care
  • Knowing things that might happen on test day.

It is a CAT-based examination.

CAT technology allows the computer to select a question from a pool of questions based on the difficulty level.

If a candidate answers the question correctly, then the next question will be more difficult.

Whereas, if your previous answer is incorrect then the next question will be less difficult.

To get the minimum passing score, you need to try your best to answer each question correctly and take note of the ASCP preparation tips mentioned in this article.

You can also purchase test preparation study materials from MLSIA.

Additionally, you also need to focus on your mental health to prepare best for the exam.

You might get exhausted, reduce your concentration, and lose focus and memorizing ability if you exhaust yourself more than your mind and body capacity.

Don’t forget ASCP preparation tips, while you are attempting the exam.

Creating a Study Schedule

  • Create a study schedule that will help you study regularly.
  • Develop realistic goals and set the required time for each topic to study.
  • Divide your study material into smaller parts and schedule your time for study.

Active Learning Techniques

  • Consider talking to the professionals who have already taken the exam. They might not tell you what exactly to expect but they can help you focus on required skills and study topics.
  • Search for free practice tests and resources and join online platforms to talk to experienced professionals.
  • You can also hire a tutor to prepare for the exam.
  • Practice self-care. A relaxed mind performs better and helps in memorizing things easily. These meditation techniques will help you relax during the test.

Utilizing Flashcards and Mnemonics

As part of ASCP preparation tips, you will understand how implicit, procedural, and long-term memory shifts with age if you use flashcards to prepare for the ASCP exam.

These flashcards also address dementia, anxiety, and depressive disorder.

Moreover, you can also use flashcards for various other approaches to understand concepts.

Additionally, learners can use mnemonics to recall information.

There are various kinds of mnemonics.

These include musical mnemonics, keyword mnemonics, rhymes mnemonics, chunking mnemonics strategy, word, and letter mnemonics, etc.

ASCP Exam Overview

It is a 100 MCQ test with different levels of difficulty, each of these questions has different points based on their difficulty level.

You should try your best to mark the correct answer to get the passing test scores.

You should take note of the ASCP preparation tips mentioned here.

Structure of the ASCP Exam

A computer Adaptive Testing system is used for the ASCP exam.

This technology allows the system to select the question from a bank of questions based on the difficulty level a candidate possesses in their previous question.

Key Content Areas and Weightage

There is no set passing score, however, you need to score 400 out of 1000 to pass the exam.

Questions with less difficulty level earn you 10 scores, and the more difficult ones hold more points up to 25.

But you need to get 400 points in total.

How to make sure you score a minimum of 400 points?

If you get 65% on 100 review questions, 75% on subject tests, and more than 55% on CAT mode, you are ready to pass the ASCP exam.

Understanding the Question Format

The ASCPi and ASCP certification test comprises 100 MCQs with different levels of difficulty, each of these questions has different points based on their difficulty level.

The candidate needs to complete it in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, for PBT ASCP, the candidate needs to resolve 80 questions in 2 hours. For CTGY ASCP, 80 questions need to be completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You should take note of the ASCP preparation tips mentioned here.

ASCP Test-Taking Tips

The best ASCP preparation tips include utilizing study resources with simple study questions.

These study resources come with a detailed explanation of each question and their correct answers.

A few of these resources also provide practice tests that are like an actual exam.

It also will help you feel the real exam pressure and practice to complete the test within the given time period.

Time Management Strategies

Time management is the most important aspect of the ASCP preparation tips.

Understand how much time you need to devote to each subject area and stick to your schedule during your preparation period.

This will make sure that you finish your exam in the given time.

Approaches to Multiple-Choice Questions

There are multiple parts of the ASCP exam, and each of them is relevant to specific clinical pathology areas.

These subject areas include but are not limited to microbiology, blood banking, hematology, immunology, and chemistry.

Each of these areas includes a different set of questions, some might contain more questions than others.

Each section of the exam is further divided into different parts.

These include fill-in-the-blanks, short questions, MCQs, and matching questions.

You need to use different strategies to pass each of these sections.

You should become familiar with each of these sections as part of the ASCP preparation tips and enhance your ability to answer them correctly.

Dealing with Test Anxiety

You need to stay confident and calm on the exam day.

You should visit the exam center the day before to avoid being late on the test day.

Reach the exam center 30 minutes before the test starts, also bring valid identification documents with you.

Trust your abilities and the ASCP preparation tips provided to you.

You can take breaks in between but should manage time and complete the exam in the given time frame.

You should also make sure to avoid making common mistakes that might cause your failure in the exam.

Recommended Topics

The ASCP exam covers a range of clinical laboratory science topics such as immunology, microbiology, chemistry, and many others.

The important thing is to prepare for the exam and familiarize yourself with the exam content and format.

Here are a few recommended topics you should consider preparing:


Every candidate for hematology ASCP should meet the BOC requirements before they apply for the certification exam.

These requirements are known as routes.

Both the international and the US candidates are required to follow these eligibility routes.

These involve completing a degree program and education related to your area of interest.

Clinical Chemistry

You can use our online study resources to prepare for the clinical chemistry ASCP exam.

These courses include self-assessment and lessons covering all the areas of chemistry that you might expect in the actual exam.


Candidates interested in the microbiology ASCP exam should fulfill the clinical training and education requirements.

There are five routes to become eligible for the ASCP certification.

This study area involves bacteriology analytical procedures, pre-analytic procedures, virology, lab operations, mycology, mycobacteriology analytical procedures, and parasitology.


Immunology is an area that includes the study of RBC antibodies linked with blood transfusions.

RBCs include more than 230 kinds of antibodies; they can be categorized into two major parts based on their chemical structures – polypeptides and carbohydrates.

ASCP Practice Opportunities

You can opt for different practice opportunities in-person and online as part of the ASCP preparation tips:

  • Make use of online learning resources, textbooks, and study materials to improve the understanding of each topic.
  • Talk with other ASCP candidates exchange information and get different perspectives.
  • Join community platforms and online groups where you can ask questions and get feedback from professionals.
  • Check our MLSIA questions bank.

ASCP Mock Exams and Practice Questions

You can prepare for your exam from the courses that are aligned with your study goals as an important part and parcel of ASCP preparation tips.

Start preparing with MLSIA practice tests where you will get instant feedback.

This way you can understand where you need to practice more.

Peer Study Groups

  • You can get different perspectives, share study materials, and learn from professional experiences.
  • You will be motivated when you meet readers with similar interests.
  • You can take mock exams, practice your skills, and learn from others' mistakes.

These tips will enhance your test preparation strategies.

Simulation Software

MLSIA exam simulator offers more than 5000 MCQs covering all the exam topics.

Most of these questions include photomicrographs and illustrations.

You can check what types of questions are included in the exam simulator by taking the 10-question preview for free.

The preview has been created as part of ASCP preparation tips.

ASCP Certification Requirements

Certification requirement includes the following documentation:

  • Academic transcript
  • Graduation certificate
  • Authenticity letter with experience certificates
  • Authenticity letter with training documentation
  • Acceptable foreign transcript evaluation

ASCP Eligibility Criteria

You must check your eligibility requirements for the ASCP.

The board of certification provides different eligibility routes for all the subjects.

You can check your eligibility on the official BOC website.

Application Process

Various certification exams are offered by the ASCP BOC.

You need to apply before you register to take one of the tests you are interested in.

You need to follow these simple steps:

  • Identify your area of interest.

There are almost 20 certifications, so do not think there is only one certification.

  • Create your account on the official ASCP website.

This account will serve as the main medium where you will communicate with the BOC. You will also find the online application form to get registered.

  • Complete the application procedure.

The steps for registering may vary depending on the certification area you are applying for.

Some of these exams require you to fill in an application form and submit the documents to the BOC headquarters.

The documentations include experience documents, educational transcript, authenticity letters, and other educational documents. Consider referring to the guidelines to make sure you submit all the documents.

  • Pay the non-refundable application fee.

The exam costs from 145 to 500 USD. You can pay through credit card or by check, note that your application will be incomplete until you submit your fee.

After you have submitted the fee, an evaluator will review the application to let you know if anything is missing.

The authority will notify you of the acceptance or rejection of your application.

Maintenance of ASCP Certification

Once the auditing process is complete, the prospective candidate will receive a new certificate, valid for three years.

Conclusion offers everything a medical lab professional needs to prepare for the ASCP certification exam. Through its educational portal, MLSIA.

These courses are designed to meet your study goals and provide useful ASCP preparation tips.

Wondering where to start?

Take the 15-question practice exam where you will get the result at the end of the test session.

You can identify your strong and weak study areas and can review them one by one.

ASCP preparation Tips FAQP

What is the goal of ASCP Certification?

ASCP aims to provide excellence in certification, education, and support to lab professionals, patients, and pathologists.

What is the ASCP Board of Certification?

A gold standard certification for medical professionals – ASCP has certified over six lac medical professionals since it was introduced.

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