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MLSiACADEMY.com''s C (ASCP) Course Is Your All-in-One Preparation Package To Ace your C ASCP Technologist In Chemistry Exam The Easy Way in The Shortest Time with The Minimum Effort. Course Package includes Live Online Classes, Recording Of Classes, Study Material and Q&A Bank.

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C ASCP Exam Prep Online Review Course: C (ASCP) Study Material, Guide, Practice Exam Questions and Live Classes

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 C ASCP Prep Course

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We are a dedicated Academy for ASCP certification that Provides All-In-One Prep Package for passing ASCP Exams.

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Leader in “Medical” Laboratory Science! Pioneer in ASCP Certification Preparation

Struggling to take your Chemistry Technologist career to the next level but with little or no luck? Perhaps you’re stuck with a low-paying job with no chance of landing a better-paying offer. Earning a C ASCP Technologist in Chemistry certificate will always make a difference. But how can you pass the C ASCP Exam? With the C ASCP Exam Prep Course!

Like every other aspect of the healthcare sector, the realm of clinical chemistry technologists is getting fiercer and more competitive by the day.

One with exceptional skills and knowledge only needs to navigate these evolving difficulties. One valuable certification that stands out and attests better to your ability to tackle these new challenges is the C ASCP Technologist in Chemistry. However, passing this professional exam costs a lot.

So, how can you prepare for the C ASCP exam, what is the best preparation course online, and why should you trust the online course?

Why You Must Pass The C ASCP Exam

At MLSI Academy, our goal is to help you pass the ASCP exam with ease and in the shortest possible time. We understand how important the credential is to every clinical chemistry technologist.

Clinical chemistry technologists contribute so much to human health. They are not far from the center of every successful medical diagnosis that comes after a lab test. They analyze cells, examine DNAs, and determine the chemical composition of samples. This vital profession has been projected to grow more rapidly in the coming years. With the increase in demand for clinical chemistry technologists, the best-positioned people will always get the better shot at jobs and pay. Positioning for these is only possible with your C ASCP certificate.

One of the boldest benefits of passing the C ASCP exam is that it makes you eligible to get better jobs and negotiate higher salaries. Thanks to the shortage of clinical chemistry technologists, the C ASCP certificate makes getting a license to work as a medical lab professional in the USA easier.

But you don’t have to be in a hurry to register for the exam. Earning the credential is important, Yes. However, passing the exam is not an easy hurdle. You need the help of certified professionals who already hold an ASCP certificate and have a wealth of experience around it.

 C ASCP Prep Course

The Best C ASCP Online Exam Preparation Course Revealed

Countless C ASCP exam Prep courses promise to help you gain the highest possible score in no time, but none prepares you better than the MLSIA courses.

Carefully curated by professionals in the clinical chemistry technologist sector, the MLSIA C ASCP exam prep package helps you gain an insight into the rich knowledge and experience of those who have been in the field years before you.

All-inclusive package

The MLSIA C ASCP Exam Prep Online Course is an all-inclusive package specially devised to help you ace your exam. It includes C (ASCP) live classes, a C ASCP study guide, and C (ASCP) exam practice questions. With our C ASCP Exam Prep Online Course, you can achieve the highest level of career satisfaction.

Our exam preparation course is your best bet of getting to the pinnacle of the clinical chemistry technologist career. This super-packed online course covers everything you need to know, step by step, category by category. It also offers demo questions and answers. Regardless of your schedule, this course flexibility is second to none.

If you’ve tried before and failed, or you want to enjoy the first stroke of luck, the MLSIA course is here for you!

Our (C) ASCP Online classes are educational learning platforms with numerous advantages. It includes:

  • Your login credentials at MLSi Academy membership dashboard to access resources and tools
  • A link to our online video conference platform (zoom) to attend classes
  • Up to 4 hours of lecture each week.
  • Weekly lectures for up to 6-8 weeks.
  • Recorded sessions for C ASCP exam preparation.
  • Best and well-structured study material at a single place. So you can focus on your exam preparation strategy.
  • The American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (BOC) directions concerning exam queries.
  • Dual mega bonuses. Get our free eBook “American Board for Medical Laboratory Professionals Ultimate Guide” for $9.99 worth.
  • Another gigantic bonus is our follow-up actions. We’ll stay in touch with you until your final C (ASCP) exam.

Send Your CV to The Course Director,

  • Dr. Halim, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP)CM, SM, MB
  • Board Certified As Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS ASCP)CM
  • ASCP Board Certified In Molecular Biology (MB ASCP)CM
  • ASCP Board Certified In Microbiology (SM ASCP)CM
  • Education Committee Member Of Association Of Genetic Technologist, AGT-INFO.org
  • Ambassador Of Association Of Genetic Technologist, AGT-INFO.org
  • Member Of Association Of Molecular Pathology, AMP.org
  • Member Of American Society Of Human Genetics and Genomics, ASHG.org
  • Member Of American Society For Microbiology, ASM.org

Send Resume/CV to: [email protected]

 C ASCP Prep Course

MLSIA C ASCP Course Syllable (What You Will Learn)

Our top-notch C ASCP exam prep course online depends on the curriculum from the ASCP BOC. Covered by the best brains adept at transferring knowledge, what you’ll learn from signing up for our super-packed online course includes,

General Chemistry

With a 15-25% exam rate, our ever-result-oriented C ASCP Exam prep course covers everything from Biochemical theory and physiology to test procedures, test result interpretation, and disease state correlation for carbohydrates, lipids, and heme derivatives.

Proteins and Enzyme

With an equally 15-25 % exam rate, our bumper course will prepare you better in areas like Biochemical theory and physiology, test procedures, test result interpretation, and disease state correlation for enzymes, proteins, and other nitrogen-containing compounds.

Blood Gases/Acid-Base/ Electrolytes

Areas like Biochemical theory and physiology, test procedures, test result interpretation, and disease state correlation for acid-base determinations, blood gases, and electrolytes are all fully covered. BOC has clarified that these areas will make up 15-25% of the questions.

Special Chemistry

Although it makes only 15-20% of the questions, we are not leaving anything to chance. Due to this, we will be covering all the BOC content areas, such as biochemical theory and physiology, test procedures, test result interpretation, and disease state correlation for endocrinology, vitamins, therapeutic drug monitoring, and toxicology.

Laboratory Operations

While it's hardly seen as the core areas of C ASCP technologist content areas, it still contributes a reasonable amount to the exam questions (15-20%). Our impeccable C ASCP exam online prep course deeply treats areas like quality assessment/troubleshooting, compliance, regulations, safety, laboratory mathematics, instrumentation, and laboratory administration.

Features of MLSIA C ASCP Exam Study Material

Going solo studying for the C ASCP exam may seem like a great thing to do, but it might not end well. So why not take advantage of our specialized C ASCP exam online prep course?

Our unique course promises to give you,

  • All C ASCP exam content areas
  • ASCP BOC reading list
  • BOC exam test practice and answers
  • Guidance from professionals in the industry.

Best Study Material

Becoming an ASCP-certified clinical chemistry technologist comes with having excellent study material. Your success in any exam depends on how concise and comprehensive your study material is.

The same applies to the C ASCP exam. To this end, the go-to academy for everything related to the ASCP exam, MLSI Academy offers an exclusive exam prep course with in-depth study material.

The MLS offers a 1X8 ASCP exam prep course package. Renowned for helping hundreds of clinical chemistry technologists reach the peak of their careers, one of the most famous parts of our C ASCP online prep course is our premium study guide.

Crafted in line with the ASCP BOC reading list and study guidelines, our exclusive study guide offers,

  • All BOC Exam content areas mentioned in the C ASCP Technologist study guide
  • Demo exam questions
  • Comprehensive BOC recommended reading list
  • Notes from MLSIA staff members who passed the exam and have experience helping others (specialists, technologists, and technicians) pass the ASCP exams.

MLSIA C ASCP Study Guide Over Others

Compared to other C ASCP exam prep course study guides, the MLSIA's offer way more benefits. Beyond containing all that the BOC has recommended for the exam, our one-of-a-kind C ASCP exam study guide is,

Easy to Understand

Organized in clear, concise, and coherent language and tone, you need not read one line many times before you understand the message.


Everything you need to pass the C ASCP technologist exam with flying colors is available for your consumption.


Talk about leaving no stone I turned while offering essentials. Then you get the MLSIA's C ASCP study guide.


How do you want your material? Do you prefer PDF or video format or any other option? Whichever format you need, our study material is there just for you!

 C ASCP Prep Course

Why MLSIA C ASCP Online Prep Course

Guaranteed First Attempt Success

It doesn't matter how many times you've sat for the C ASCP exam. Your chances of passing this professional exam get higher as soon as you sign up for the MLSIA C ASCP prep course. This is possible because we have the best resources to help you and instill the confidence you need to pass the exam.

Best Available Tutors

A student can only be as great as the teacher allows. You must take tutelage from the best brains to do better in the C ASCP exam. At MLSIA, we delight in assembling the best available brains—the most accomplished and certified clinical chemistry technologists to work with exam candidates like yourself.

Guaranteed High Score

Of course, with the best available tutors, concise & updated materials, and the most impactful classes comes a guarantee for the highest possible score. Our target is to help you pass the exam and do so exceedingly well.

Best Study Materials

It's no news that the MLSIA offers the very best study material for the C ASCP exam. With our concise, comprehensive, inclusive, and up-to-date material, you are sure that the only way from here is to smash the C ASCP exam.

Communicative Classes

You don't just get to sit, watch, and hear others contribute to the class. Our prep online classes will absorb you in. Every participant gets the chance to ask questions and get direct answers.

Flexible Classes

Our classes are not just interactive but flexible as well. We perfectly understand that schedules might change at the shortest notice. This is why we have an open scheduling option. Our classes are recorded, offering you more flexibility.

Visual Representations

Teaching with graphics and other visual illustrations helps learning and understanding of concepts faster. We are pretty much aware of this. We implement diverse graphics to help you understand all C ASCP exam content better.

Ease of Accessibility

Regardless of your gadget's OS, you can always get a copy of the MLSIA C ASCP exam digital resources. All it takes is for you to register today, and boom!!!…the door to the resources will be opened to you.


Our outstanding C ASCP exam prep online course package will never be complete with mouth-watering bonuses. From guiding you through every step you take in registering for the exam to the $10 worth of free book and post-exam follow-up, there are so many reasons to go for the MLSIA online prep course.

 C ASCP Prep Course

Requirement for C ASCP Technologist In Chemistry

US Eligibility Routes

  • Route 1: Must have valid MLS (ASCP) certification and a baccalaureate from a recognized college or university.
  • Route 2: Major in chemistry or biological science with a Baccalaureate from a recognized college or university and a year of full-time experience in chemistry within the last five years.
  • Route 3: A baccalaureate degree with a major in chemistry or biological science and completion of a chemistry program endorsed by the NAACLS-accredited Medical Laboratory Scientist program not more than five years ago.
  • Route 4: A master's degree in chemistry or any related field from a recognized university or college and a six-month full-time experience in chemistry from a reputable lab not less than five years ago.
  • Route 5: Baccalaureate degree in medical laboratory science from a recognized college or university and completion of a NAACLS-approved program as a Medical Laboratory Science not less than five years ago.

International Technologist in Chemistry C ASCPi

  • Route 1: Must have valid MLS (ASCPi) certification and a baccalaureate from a recognized educational institution.
  • Route 2: Baccalaureate in biological science or chemistry from a recognized college or university and a year of full-time experience in chemistry within the past five years.
  • Route 3: Baccalaureate from a recognized chemistry or biological science educational facility and completion of chemistry clinical training program and internship.
  • Route 4: A master's degree in chemistry or any related field from a recognized education institution and a six-month of experience in chemistry from a reputable lab.
  • Route 5: Baccalaureate degree in medical laboratory science from a recognized college or university and a Medical Laboratory training program completion.

C ASCP Prep Course FAQs

Is it hard to pass the C ASCP exam?

Yes. It’s very hard to pass the C ASCP exam. Regardless, success is 100% guaranteed with the MLSIA exam prep course.

How Much Does The C ASCP Exam Prep Course Cost?

It will cost you just $499 to get the most well-rounded course that will help you clinch the C ASCP/ASCPi credential in one sitting.

Is C ASCP accepted in other cities outside the US?

Yes. Cities in Canada, UAE, and other places outside the US accept the C ASCPi.

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