MLA ASCP Exam Prep Online Review Course: MLA (ASCP) Study Material, Guide, Practice Exam Questions and Live Classes

MLA (ASCP) Review Course
MLA ASCP Medical Laboratory Assistant Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY's MLA (ASCP) Course Is Your All-in-One Preparation Package To Ace your Medical Laboratory Assistant Exam The Easy Way in The Shortest Time with The Minimum Effort. Course Package includes Live Online Classes, Recording Of Classes, One Unified Study Material and Q&A Bank.

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Ace Your C ASCP Exam in One Sitting!

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MLA ASCP Exam Prep Online Course by

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MLA ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

There is no better certificate for medical lab assistants than the MLA ASCP. But earning an MLA (ASCP) certificate is not walking in the park. However, under one condition, you can achieve this rewarding certificate. The condition is that you must pick the MLA ASCP exam prep online course.

Becoming American Society for Clinical Pathology certfied as MLA (ASCP) could be the dream of every medical lab assistant. Because this certificate is enough to attain the dream of a luxurious life.

Many ASCP medical laboratory assistant prep bundles are available that claim to offer the best services to ace the exam syllabus. But how can you identify the best bundle that will help you get this life-changing certificate?

Here we will expose the ultimate MLA ASCP exam prep online course with its features so that you can get a final path to reach your destination. Furthermore, we will also explain some efficient techniques to ace the MLA (ASCP) test.

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Your Pathway to ASCP Certification Success with MLSIA

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We are a dedicated Academy for ASCP certification that Provides All-In-One Prep Package for passing ASCP Exams.

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Leader in “Medical” Laboratory Science! Pioneer in ASCP Certification Preparation

Medical Laboratory Assistant, MLA (ASCP)/MLA (ASCPi) Exam Preparation Course Revealed

To achieve great success in life, you must think outside the box. For ASCP medical lab assistant certificate preparation, your selective course must offer all important material, including a practice test, study material, and live classes. Besides this, it offers flexibility in learning the content if you miss your lecture due to unexpected occurrences.

In addition, it must offer qualified tutors to ace the exam content area concisely.

What is your level of preparation when you have the opportunity to learn from experts, live online classes, inclusive study material, visual illustration, and many more facilities? Are you searching for a prep bundle that delivers all these services under one roof? Then you must sign up for the prep bundle.

  • Detailed login information at your MLSi ACADEMY membership dashboard.
  • A Zoom platform link to attend live sessions
  • 3 – 4 hours of live lectures per week
  • The weekly lecture process is continuous for 8 weeks
  • Access to recording of classes on your demand
  • Access to comprehensive, conclusive, and all-in-one study material.
  • Access to dozens of practice tests
  • Sign-up bonuses
MLA ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

Why is MLSIA Confident about its MLA (ASCP) Study Material?

To give you the value of your trust, MLSIA designed a study source that eliminates the need to search for other ones. This study source is crafted by ASCP-certified tutors who know all the basics of the ASCP medical laboratory assistant exam content area.

Where you choose many study materials to prepare yourself for exams, MLSIA unified learning material is enough because it digests the information from all BOC-recommended resources. This is the best option to save time, money, and effort.

Hidden features of study material

  • Comprehensive: Offer comprehensive details without unnecessary information.
  • Conclusive: Encompass all MLA (ASCP) exam content areas.
  • One Unified Study Material: Digest all BOC exam content areas with reading list resources into one unified study source.
  • Visual Illustration: Offer easy-to-understand material with visual illustration.
  • Flexible Format: Explain content in video and PDF format.
  • Affordable range: Very affordable budget

What Does ASCP Medical Laboratory Assistant Prep Bundle Cover?’s MLA ASCP exam prep online course covers all required exam content areas. From reading list resources to exam content areas determined by ASCP BOC, all are encompassed by the prep bundle.

Patient Registration & Specimen Collection

The MLSIA prep bundle offers in-depth details on specimen labeling, specimen collection procedures, clarification, verification, and review of orders, patient identification, coding procedures, specimen collection complications & considerations, patient communication, and billing & coding procedures.

Support for Clinical Testing

Explain the concepts related to slide staining, labeling, and preparation; STAT results and critical values; procedures related to reagents, controls, and standards; result reporting and retrieval; analytical instrumentation; plating and microbiology setup; inventory maintenance; and quality control.

Laboratory Operations

Laboratory information systems, safety, laboratory equipment, regulations, waste disposal, infection control, professionalism, and ethics are the encompassing content areas of MLSIA.

Specimen Preparation & Processing

You will get detailed information about specimen processing, specimen transport, specimen storage, testing the acceptability of specimens, special handling considerations, and specimen distribution and prioritization.

Point-Of-care and Waived Testing

Explain the major content areas, including reporting, operation, and performance of point-of-care and waived testing.

Eligibility Requirements for ASCP Medical Laboratory Assistant

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) determines the seven routes and clinical lab experience. Before applying for the exam, you have to meet the lab experience and one route requirement.

  • Route 1: Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) program of NAACLS and high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Route 2: Within the last ten years, complete a U.S. military medical lab training course of 50 weeks and a high school graduation degree or equivalent.
  • Route 3: Equivalent or high school graduation degree and laboratory assistant clinical experience of two years from an acceptable lab.
  • Route 4: Associate degree from an approved institution or academic credit 60 semester hours (6 semester hours in biology and 6 semester hours in chemistry from an approved institution. Besides this, laboratory assistants clinical experience of one year from an approved lab.
  • Route 5: PBT(ASCP) certification and one year of laboratory assistant clinical experience from an approved lab.
  • Route 6:  High school graduation or similar, medical laboratory assistant program of a two-part formal structure (clinical laboratory training and classroom training) within the last five years. Besides this, clinical experience of six months as a laboratory assistant.

Clinical Laboratory Experience

To meet the clinical lab experience requirements, it is also essential to meet the eligibility requirements. You must have clinical lab experience in all the following within the required timeframe.

  • Support for Clinical Testing
  • Specimen Preparation & Processing
  • Lab Operations

Why Should I Subscribe to the MLSIA MLA ASCP Exam Prep Online Course

MLA ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

The MLSIA Prep Bundle is packed with effective services that can help encompass the exam syllabus before the final day. In other words, we can say that it is the ultimate solution that finishes the need to get knowledge from other study materials.

Following are the promises and services of MLSi ACADEMY

Success in the First Trial

Do you not want to subscribe to the online prep course that guarantees first-attempt success? Of course, gives you a first-sitting success guarantee after you sign up for its prep course.

Success with Excellent Score

Getting a 400 score is a good achievement, but what is your success level if you get more than 400? Definitely, it is a tremendous victory. But how will it happen? If you contact MLSIA, you will be able to achieve more than a passing score. It is a promise.

A Complete Study Material

MLSIA offers a comprehensive, inclusive, and all-in-one study source that describes the exam content area in an easy format. ASCP-certified experts designed this study material. You can digest information from this study guide with ease because it explains the content with visual illustrations.

Well-educated Tutors

Any exam, including the MLA (ASCP) exam, cannot defeat you when you are trained by well-educated and well-experienced tutors. This is why MLSIA has a team of ASCP-certified tutors who deliver lectures based on their experience.

Interactive Classes

Asking questions increases the chances of getting more and better knowledge. offers you the chance to ask questions in interactive classes. Where you can interact with tutors and other classmates.

Easy-to-understand Content

Sometimes text content cannot be easily comprehended, but visual illustrations make it understandable. Therefore, the study material broke down the complicated concept with graphs, images, and drawings.

Practice Question

Studying with practice questions offers you a better understanding of the exam format. All the practice questions that MLSIA offers are very close to a final exam.

Subscription Bonuses

After subscribing to MLSIA, you will get two wonderful bonuses: one, professor support until the end of the exam, and a second, an eBook worth $9.99, you will get it free.

MLA ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

What is the Cost of MLSIA MLA ASCP Exam Prep Online Course?

No doubt, MLSIA determined the right path for your ASCP medical lab assistant destination. But how much does MLSIA charge you for its services? When it comes to the MLSIA perp bundle cost, it is too low for its services. You have to pay only $449 for its priceless services.

When you see the magical benefits of MLA (ASCP), you will realize that this fee is really little for the MLSIA team's hard work, which they did to design this extraordinary course.

Send Your CV to The Course Director,

  • Dr. Halim, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP)CM, SM, MB
  • Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS ASCP)CM
  • ASCP Board Certified In Molecular Biology (MB ASCP)CM
  • ASCP Board Certified In Microbiology (SM ASCP)CM
  • Education Committee Member Of Association Of Genetic Technologist,
  • Ambassador Of Association Of Genetic Technologist,
  • Member Of Association Of Molecular Pathology,
  • Member Of American Society Of Human Genetics and Genomics,
  • Member Of American Society For Microbiology,

Send Resume/CV to: [email protected]

How To Pass the MLA ASCP Exam?

The one thing that is on everyone's mind about the ASCP exam is that it is very difficult to pass. This is a right for those who use the wrong material and path to get there. But if you use the best MLA ASCP exam prep online course and continue your hard work, you can pass it on to your first attempt.
Here are some tips that help to eliminate your struggle for an ASCP medical lab assistant certificate

Total Time: 1 minute

ASCP Medical Laboratory Assistant Exam Nature

The first and foremost thing to pass the test is complete awareness of the ASCP medical lab assistant exam. You must know all the basic exam information, including the format, exam content area, given time frame, and number of questions.

Syllabus for ASCP Medical Lab Assistant

Patient registration and specimen collection, support for clinical testing, point-of-care &  waived testing, specimen preparation and processing, and laboratory operations are ASCP medical laboratory assistant exam content areas. ASCP chooses a different percentage of exam questions from all, so the overall syllabus is vital to be prepared.

Depend On Conclusive Study Material

MLA ASCP Preparation Course by MLSIACADEMY

You should not waste your time gaining knowledge from various materials. Pick only one unified study source and stick with it, like the MLSIA all-in-one study source.

Right Time to Book the Exam

After booking the exam, you have little time for preparation. So make sure you are 99% ready for the test before booking it.

Meet With Experts

You can get a better idea from those who have already gotten through this test. Hence, you should choose the prep bundle that is delivered by ASCP-certified. In this regard, MLSIA is the best.


  • MLA ASCP Live Classes
  • MLA (ASCP) Recording of Classes
  • MLA (ASCP) Study Material


  •'s MLA (ASCP) Prep Course

Materials: MLA ASCP PDF Study Material and MLA (ASCP) Recording of Classes Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions for MLA (ASCP)

How can I pass the MLA (ASCP) test?

You cannot pass this test on your own. To pass this test, you must subscribe to an online prep bundle.

What does MLA ASCP stand for?

MLA ASCP is a certificate for medical laboratory assistants that is offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC).

Do ASCP medical lab assistant certificates work forever?

No, it does not; this certificate will expire after three years. Then you have to participate in the CMP program to update your certificate. has been featured on:

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