ASCP MLS Exam Fee: What You Invest to Get MLS ASCP

If you want the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) show respond to your application quickly,

You must fill out the form attentively and pay the ASCP MLS exam fee with the form submission.

Until you submit your fee, you will not get any action from the board.

Hence, you must pay your fee with the application to make your process successful.

For different certifications, you have to pay different fees according to the recommendations of the board.

The ASCP BOC does not fix the high ASCP MLS exam fee that you cannot pay: it is low and easily manageable.

When you consider the advantages of ASCP medical lab scientist certification, its exam fee has no value.

  • A work license that permits you to do a job at any hospital worldwide.
  • Professional recognition with live events
  • Advance your career with continuing education programs (CE) that introduce you to the latest technologies
  • CMP (Credential Maintenance Program) updates your skills with your certificates.
  • You will get an honorable seat among your peers.
  • Many job opportunities with higher salaries.

Are you ready to know what you have to pay to earn this life-changing certificate?

Here, we will cover all about the ASCP MLS exam fee and the consideration of ASCP BOC regarding the application fee.


The ASCP Board of Certification awards its all certificates, including the MLS (ASCP), to U.S. and international applicants.

If you are a United States resident and want to apply for ASCP MLS, you have to pay $250 as an ASCP MLS application fee.

But, if you are an international candidate and go for apply for the ASCPi medical lab scientist certificate, you have to pay $210.

As an international candidate, you will receive a $95 discount on the application fee, if you are getting an education in a medical lab and belong to a nation that is highlighted in the “International Pricing Policy.”

Once you submit your application fee, it is non-refundable under all conditions because this fee covers the administrative costs (review all documentation).

What is the ASCP MLS Exam Fee to Reschedule or Cancel the Exam

If you consider that you are not ready for the exam or want to reschedule it due to any reason, you must contact Pearson VUE one day (24 hours) to start your exam (within eligibility periods: three-month window).

To reschedule, you do not have to pay an extra fee.

But, if you fail to schedule your exam appointment or skip/cancel it due to any reason, your fee is non-transferable nor re-fundable; for a new application, you have to pay the full application fee.

ASCP MLS Prep Course Cost

After applying for the exam, you next work to find the best resources that help you get your preparation done.

Despite choosing different resources from different platforms, you should choose one place where you can get all the resources at an affordable price.

For this, select the MLSIA MLS ASCP course by

Here, you will find all the necessary study tools on a very low budget.

Besides this, you can pay this course cost in installments; the academy does not force you to make a one-time payment.

(ASCP) MLS Recertification Costs

All the certifications that you will achieve from the ASCP BOC, are only workable for three years.

To revive your MLS (ASCP) certification, you have to take part in the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP), which renews your credential for the upcoming three years.

$95 is the CMP application fee for MLS ASCP and it is the same for all certifications.

$125 is the reinstatement fee that you have to pay in case your certificate is expired before sending your declaration (application for renewal certification)

The ASCP board also offers $15 discounts for candidates who have multiple certifications with the same expiration date (within three months)

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) has declared it modification about the CMP application fees.

From July 1, 2024, the ASCP BOC will increase the CMP fee by $5, the CMP restatement fee by $10, and the CMP fee for multiple certifications by $5.

(FAQs) for ASCP MLS Exam Fee

How much of the ASCP MLS exam fee do I have to pay as a U.S. applicant?

You have to pay $250 as a U.S. application fee.

How much of the ASCP MLS exam fee do I have to pay as an international candidate?

$210 is the ASCP MLS exam fee for international candidates.

What do I have to pay to renew/update my MLS (ASCP) credential?

If you have completed your three years and want to renew your certification, You have to pay $95 for MLS ASCP.

Resources: ASCP BOC.

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