Top ASCP Exam Study Tips: Your Ultimate Prep Guide

Passing ASCP is not a child’s game, so participant’s hard nut to crack to pass this exam.

But you can deal with it if you implement some simple ASCP exam study tips. These tips are

  1. Find a reputable source for study
  2. Or Subscribe to the ASCP preparation course (MLSi Academy)
  3. Establish an actionable plan
  4. Understanding the ASCP exam format and content area
  5. Participating in practice exam

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) conducts hard exams to demonstrate the candidates’ knowledge and skills in their area of specialty.

Hundreds of candidates sit for this exam every year, but lot of them fail it due to its challenging nature.

It is a fact that passing Ascp exam is a big deal, but not impossible.

If you use the best study tools and techniques to pass it, you can overcome its challenges easily.

You should keep its advantages despite the challenges in mind when you are studying for it.

It works as motivation.

Here we will offer some effective tools and actionable ASCP exam study tips.

Hopefully you will benefit a lot if you apply these in your study plan.

Understanding the ASCP Exam

Your first and foremost job is to understand the nature of the ASCP exam.

The ASCP Board of Certification conducts the exam every year around the globe.

It determines the content guidelines that offer you clear information related to the exam syllabus, including the subjects, topics, and sub-topics.

The ASCP exam is administrated by CAT.

CAT is the abbreviation of Computer Adaptive Testing.

Its mean the computer chooses the specific questions from huge bank of questions that present in it.

First, it determines the test-taker’s knowledge and then it puts the next question.

  • Your incorrect answer triggers the upcoming easy question.
  • You will face slightly difficult question if you answer the question correctly.
  • CAT system has no skipping options

All subjects are important for getting the best score, because the board takes different percentages of questions from each subject.

Study Tips for ASCP Exam Success

The ASCP BOC presents life-changing certification.

These certifications offer your unlimited benefits, including better job prospects, honorable position, huge salaries, and much more.

In return, it demands your little dedication and unwavering determination to pass it.

Below are some effective ASCP exam study tips that help you a lot to become ASCP certified.

Establishing a Study Routine

To perform better, you must develop a well-structured plan.

You have full control on your study, if you handle your content area with an effective schedule.

 At the starting of the day, you consider that you have lot of time to cover your tasks.

This thing make you lazy, never kill your time, if you have extra.

Save your time even a minute when you are dreaming of ASCP.

Every time study is also not a good thing, try to keep your mind fresh by adding other life activities during study.

To maintain balance between study and other activities, a study plan is only one solution.

Tips to set your study plan

  • Calculate the total time that you have for the exam’s final day and set your schedule accordingly.
  • Fix more time for large and difficult section and little for easy
  • Keep some time for entertainment or other activities
  • Create time to review your learning
  • Stick with what you have planned and scold yourself whenever you cannot follow it.

Power of Study Materials

The ASCP preparation’ journey may be full of anxiety for many candidates.

Because why

  • You have to digest a large volume of information that can overwhelm you.
  • Complicated content become out of comprehends

Hence, effective study strategies and materials are only valuable.

Depend on Actionable Tools

Flashcards, question banks, mock tests, are best tools for exam preparation.

Because all of these assist you in reaching your highest peak of preparation.

  • Offer your best ideas of exam questions
  • Train you to sit for the final exam
  • Establish easy path to cover exam content
  • Eliminate your fear of sitting in a real exam
  • Speed up the learning phase and enhance information retentions rate

All-in-One Study Guide

A study guide is a groundbreaking resource, presenting all that a learner needs to get ready for test.

  • It alleviates a lot of stress of learners by helping them revise and understand the content easily.
  • A good study guide is a perfect fit for all students of different intelligence levels.
  • It summarizes A-Z syllabus.
  • It use many format to make the content easy.

For example

  • Simple word: It changes all complicated and tough vocabulary into simple wording.
  • Diagrams: It use diagrams and mention all its part for better comprehension.
  • Tables: It use table to compare the content.
  • Short question: It breaks down the large concepts into little chunks.

You can get study guide for all your subjects.

For instance, if you want to get the ASCP medical laboratory scientist exam, you will get study guide for immunology, microbiology, hematology, etc.

Try Textbooks

A textbook is also a fundamental source for exam preparation.

Students and tutors get its benefits equally.

A textbook has following advantages:

  • Organize the content
  • Offer independent learning
  • Work best for revise the content
  • Allow candidates to note the professor’s important points

Join Online Prep Course

Getting an online prep course is the most beneficial tricks in all the ASCP exam study tips that you utilize to pass it.

Here, you get all prepared food.

When it comes to get the services of prep online course, MLSi Academy is a best destination.

Why MLSi Academy?

  • It has strong history presenting best ASCP preparation materials
  • Offer one unified study material that covers the A-Z syllabus, including content guidelines and reading list resources.
  • Video lectures that are delivered by ASCP-certified professors
  • Practice questions and answers
  • These lectures are recorded and later accessible to students whenever they demand for.
  • Academy supports the students till they get certification in hand
  • 100% success guarantee
  • Claims of more than 400 score

Effective Test Taking Strategies

Following are the best test-taking techniques;

  • ASCP exam offer 100 MCQs for most of its certification.
  • All questions that the computer shows on your screen, you have to solve.
  • Read all the questions carefully and choose one option from all that you are confident will be correct.
  • If you know the time management strategy, 2 hours and 30 minutes is enough to cover the ASCP exam.
  • You have to answer enough difficult questions to earn passing scores.
  • Although the board does not set any skipping options regarding the questions, it permits you to go back and change the answer if you have doubts about any.
  • You must go for the exam before half hour of starting it.
  • Any personal items are not allowed to be taken with you, so avoid making this foolish mistake.

Practice Exam for Mastery

Do you consider that the ASCP exam study tips that you applied are not working in your case?

Then concentrate on practice exams that not only cover your syllabus but also prepare you for the final exam.

Practice exam benefits you in many ways:

  • Reduce Anxiety: Many students do not have the confidence to sit in the exam and make a mess when taking it due to fear. Practice exams make them confident for taking the exam.
  • Determine Weak Points: Practice exams help you figure out where you need to concentrate and which part is fully prepared.
  • Track Program: Practice tests tell where you stand to determine your current position.
  • Improve Learning: Practice test make the content easily digestible.

ASCP Certification: Your Gateway to Professional Advancement

Getting the ASCP is a great blessing. It is enough to change the prospect of your medical lab career.

  • ASCP certification make you popular person across your country.
  • By getting it, you will not only recognize in your country but also outside of it.
  • You receive higher salary
  • Top position among your colleagues
  • Job opportunities, you can perform many job of your related field by getting one certification.
  • By continuing education programs, you will get career satisfaction.
  • It recognize you with latest technology after every three year
  • Membership program offer you many benefits, including reduce your education cost.
  • Annual meeting and many other program increase you communities and introduce you with latest updates

Experts Insights: Advice from Successful Test Takers

Some famous test-takers of ASCP who have passed it successfully.

“ASCP is recognized worldwide as the provider of premier educational materials and resources for pathologists and laboratory professionals to learn, share, and grow throughout the entirely of their career.”

Henry Rinder, MD, F ASCP

“ASCP supplies the education programs to enhance the quality of my laboratory practice and meet regulatory requirements.”

Carol Eisenhut, MD, F ASCP

“ASCP online certificate programs give me the flexibility I need to advance my career.”

Valerie Fitzhugh, MD, F ASCP

Additional Resource and Supports

The ASCP Board of Certification also present many study resources.

If you are an early bird, you must get benefits from these resources.

These resources includes.

  • Study guide
  • Journals
  • Interactive practice questions
  • BOCStudyGuide question of the week on Social Media

Besides this, the board also determines some public groups and Facebook pages for its members.

Following are the ASCP groups;

  • ASCP certification Prep
  • ASCP Career Ambassadors 2.0
  • ASCP BOC Program Directors
  • ASCP BOC International
  • ASCP Immunology
  • ASCP Pathology Ambassadors

ASCP Exam Study Tips (Conclusive Verdict)

Passing the ASCP exam is not within everyone’s reach, but for those candidates who act upon on specific ASCP exam study tips.

Getting the services of MLSIAcademy is like “cherry on top” with others study strategies.

The academy hits your goal with best study tools and tips.

By following the instructions of MLSIA experts, your journey toward ASCP certification becomes more straightforward.

FAQs ASCP Exam Study Tips

Which are the best beneficial ASCP exam study tips?

Services of online prep bundle like MLSi Academy and set timetable for study is beneficial ASCP exam study tips.

Which are best tools for ASCP exam preparation?

Study guides, textbooks, mock tests, and flashcards are best tools for preparation

Is passing ASCP exam is tough?

Yes, of course, it is very tough. You have to become very serious about getting it.

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