ASCP MLS Certification: Process, and Expert Tips

The American Society of Clinical Pathology presents many medical lab credentials including ASCP MLS certification. Getting an ASCP medical laboratory scientist certificate is great progress. Because you get a better environment to work with seniors in the medical lab.

Furthermore, you will also learn advanced techniques for the medical lab sector that boost your confidence to perform better. Through the ASCP recertification process, you also get awareness of emerging technologies that make you the most sought-after body among your colleagues.

To apply for the MLS (ASCP) exam, you have to meet some BOC-recommended eligibility requirements. Basic requirements may be a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and any training program offered by an approved institution.

If you are searching for detailed information about ASCP MLS certification, you are on the right page. Here you will know A-Z information about ASCP medical laboratory certification including how you can get a certificate on the first endeavor.

What is ASCP MLS Certification?

The MLS ASCP is a certificate for medical lab scientists offered by ASCP BOC (American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification). This certificate is designed for medical lab candidates who are masters in blood banking, hematology, chemistry, and other relevant subjects.

MLS (ASCP) certified have in-depth knowledge of performing all types of experiments (simple to complex) to diagnose disease.  They are responsible for delivering the best results that help physicians in the treatment of diseases.

ASCP Board of Certification conducts this exam all over the world.  Therefore, medical lab candidates from anywhere in the world can sit in the exam to get ASCP MLS certification.


The Board of Certification (BOC) awards certificates to both U.S. and international applicants. MLS ASCP certificates are for U.S. candidates, while ASCPi MLS certificates are for international candidates.

Eligibility requirements and application costs for ASCP and ASCPi are different. For instance, BOC determines six eligibility routes for U.S. certification and five for international certification. Besides this, $250 and $210 are application costs for U.S. and international applicants, respectively.

Exam format, content area, prep resources, and pass rate are the same for both.

Common Documents for ASCP MLS Certification

  • Letter of Authenticity with training & experience documentation form
  • Military training official certificate
  • Foreign transcript evaluation for study outside of Canada or the U.S.
  • Official transcript to verify the study within Canada and the U.S.

Eligibility Requirement for the ASCP MLS Certification

ASCP BOC demands applicants meet some education, training, and experience-related requirements before applying. These requirements are called routes. The BOC sets different eligibility routes for both U.S. and foreign candidates.

Eligibility Route for U.S. Applicants

  • Route 1: Medical lab scientist program of a NAACLS and bachelor's degree from an authorized college or university
  • Route 2: ASCP MLT certification and two years of clinical experience in relevant subjects. Besides this baccalaureate degree with 16 semester hours in biology (microbiology one semester) and chemistry (biochemistry one semester).
  • Route 3: The requirement has been removed from January 1, 2023.
  • Route 4: Baccalaureate degree with 16 semester hours in chemistry (biochemistry or organic one semester) and biology (one-semester microbiology) from an approved institution and relevant subject of clinical experience (must be five years. 
  • Route 5: ASCPi MLS certification, baccalaureate degree, and five years of full-time blood bank or other relevant subject clinical experience.
  • Route 6: Military (50-week) medical laboratory training course, baccalaureate degree with the combination of 16 semester hours in biology (one semester microbiology) and chemistry (biochemistry or organic one semester). Besides this, relevant subject clinical experience (must be one year).

Eligibility Route for International Applicants

  • Route 1: Baccalaureate degree in Medical Laboratory Science, chemistry, or biological science and MLS training program (must be in microbiology, chemistry, hematology, and immunohematology (blood banking).
  • Route 2:  Medical Laboratory Science baccalaureate degree and clinical experience in blood bank, hematology, microbiology, and chemistry (three years of experience)
  • Route 3: Medical Laboratory Science program with a maximum of two years in hematology, chemistry, blood bank, and immunohematology and a bachelor's degree.
  • Route 4: Five years of clinical experience in required subject and biological science or chemistry bachelor's degree.
  • Route 5: Chemistry or biological science two-year diploma, bachelor's degree, and clinical experience in the relevant subjects( five years).

How to apply for MLS ASCP Certification?

  • First of all, you need to check your eligibility requirements. You can check it from the BOC Eligibility Assistant or BOC eligibility routes.
  • After this, you need to create an account on the official BOC website.
  • To create an account, you can receive an application form. Add all the required documents carefully.
  • Submit your application with the application fee (make sure to double-check before submitting, because fees are non-refundable).
  • After approval of the application, you will receive an email with the message of the scheduling exam.
  • You must schedule your exam within the given time frame.
  • After scheduling, you will receive your center name, date, and time for the exam

ASCP MLS Certification Exam Prep

For a higher level of preparation, you must subscribe to the perp bundle. Your selective prep package must deliver the following services:

  • Live classes (interactive classes where you can ask questions from tutors and other classmates)
  • Recording of classes so that you can watch if you miss your live lecture.
  • All-in-one study material that digests all ASCP prep resources
  • Practice questions for better preparation.

MLSiACADEMY offers all these resources with the guarantee of one-time and great score success. Besides this, the Academy offers support till you become MLS (ASCP) certified.

How to Get ASCP MLS Certification?

Many students do not participate in the ASCP medical lab scientist exam because they consider it hard to pass. This exam is challenging; it is true. But if you choose the ultimate prep package and follow the following tactics, you can not only get a certificate with a great score but also earn it on the first attempt.

Total Time: 1 minute

Read Between the Lines

The ASCP medical lab scientist exam comprises MCQs. So you cannot skip any little piece of information. You must read between the lines to cover all questions.

Study from Ultimate Study Material

An ultimate study source eliminates the need to trust another one. Besides this, it saves money to purchase other study materials. A complete study guide covers all exam syllabuses in an easy-to-understand format. It also solves confusion with visual illustration.

Get Basic Information related to the MLS (ASCP) Exam

The MLS (ASCP) exam comprises 100 questions, each with one correct answer. All questions are MCQs. CAT (computer adaptive testing) is a format of exam.
Chemistry, hematology, immunology, blood bank, all-body urinalysis, lab operation, and microbiology are subjects for the ASCP medical lab scientist exam.

Use Flashcards and Practice Question

Flashcards and practice questions are effective tools for better preparation. They help to store information for a long time. Both are tools for easy preparation.

Revise Your Learning Content

Only reading cannot be effective; you must revise your reading content to fix it in your memory. If you use a pen and pencil for revision, you can get a better understanding.


  • ASCP MLS Preparation Course


  • ASCP MLS Live Classes
  • ASCP MLS Recording of Classes
  • ASCP MLS One Unified Study Material
  • ASCP MLS Practice Q&A

Materials: ASCP MLS PDF Study Material ASCP MLS Live Video Classes

FAQs for ASCP MLS Certification

How hard is it to pass the MLS (ASCP) exam?

The ASCP medical lab scientist exam is very hard to pass. The highly experienced candidate can only pass it. Your prep course and study material are important components that play an important role in ensuring your success.

What is the passing score for the MLS ASCP exam?

400 is the minimum score that is vital to earning a certificate.

What are the eligibility requirements for the ASCP medical lab scientist exam?

High school graduation (bachelor's degree) or equivalent, a few years of clinical lab experience in required subjects, and training programs are some common requirements for MLS (ASCP).

How long is the ASCP MLS exam?

2 hours and 30 minutes is the total time to cover the exam.

How do I know the result of the MLS ASCP exam?

Once you finish your exam, the pass and fail results will show on your computer screen. You will receive a score report after four days.

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