How to Renew ASCP MLS Certificate? Valuable Information

Are you familiar with the CMP (Credential Maintenance Program) and know about how to renew the ASCP MLS certificate?

Your ASCP medical laboratory scientist certificate is only valid for three years of getting it.

The program that renews the ASCP MLS certificate for the upcoming three years is CMP.

How to renew ASCP MLS certificates? This page exposes all the information about it.

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How to Renew ASCP MLS Certificate? A Comprehensive Guide

The following is the step-by-step guide about the MLS ASCP CMP process:

  • First of all, open your ASCP account with a login
  • To determine your certificate’s current status and end date, explore the “My Education” section and open the “Check Progress”
  • Allocate your ASCP credits (the credits that you get from the ASCP) and non-ASCP credits (that you earn from other resources instead of ASCP)
  • Once you meet all the requirements to renew ASCP MLS certificate, you can send a declaration to review (make sure to submit it at least three months before your certificate end date)
  • Make sure to keep all the certificates and documents at the time of audits
  • You will get a three-year renewal notification, once you have made it all successfully.

Eligibility Requirements for ASCP MLS Renewal Process

To renew your ASCP MLS certificate, you have to earn 36 points in the recommended areas.

Points and their distribution

Point DistributionRecommended Areas
Chemistry, hematology, blood banking and microbiology2 points in each: 8 points (total)
Lab or patient safety1 point
Medical ethics (sexual harassment, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), IRB, etc.)1 point
Lab specialty, molecular diagnostics, immunology education, or lab-related work26 points

Application Fee for the ASCP MLS Renewal

The application cost for the MLS (ASCP) renewal is $95 (same for U.S. and international certificates)

But, you have to pay $125 (reinstatement fee), when you fail to send your CMP declaration on time and your certificate is get expire. It is a charge for your expired certificate and application fee.

For multiple certifications, if you have, you will get the $15 discount if all these certificates have the same expiration date (at least within 3 months).

From July 1, 2024, your CMP application fee will be $100, and the reinstatement fee will be $135 because the ASCP BOC is going to increase.

How to Get CMP Points/ CE Credits?

The ASCP Board of Certification establishes many continuous education and career advancement programs that help you to achieve your CE (Continue Education) credits.

The CMP points will be added to your profile once you join these programs and complete them.

How to Tack ASCP and Non-ASCP CEs?

The following are the guidelines for tracking your ASCP and non-ASCP credits:

  • Go to your ASCP account and open it
  • Click on “Check Progress” under the “MY Education” section to know about continuing education credits.
  • The credits that you will get from ASCP automatically be entered into your ASCP transcript
  • For non-ASCP (that you have to enter manually), go for “Under Credits and Progress” and press the “Add Non-ASCP Credits” You must add all information about these credits including title, date types, etc.

How to Earn Non-ASCP Credits?

If you want to acquire credits from non-ASCP resources, the ASCP demonstrates a list of CE providers, you can get there.

Some of these are

  • ASH (American Society of Hematology)
  • CAP ( College of American Pathologists)
  • AMA (American Medical Association)

FAQs on How to Renew ASCP MLS Certificate?

How to take part in the ASCP MLS renewal process?

You have to submit the CMP declaration to participate in the ASCP renewal process for your MLS certificate.

What is the application charge to send ASCP MLS CMP declaration (CMP application fee)?

You have to pay only $95 to update your MLS (ASCP) certificate.

Resources: ASCP BOC.

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