How To Pass the MLT ASCP Exam: A Personal Experience form A Certified MLT (ASCPi)

MLT ASCP Certification

The MLT ASCP exam is one of the most difficult exams among the most challenging aspects of your medical lab technician journey. There is too much to remember, learn, practice, and organize before sitting for this test.

To become MLT ASCP-certified, it is crucial that every MLT ASCP/ASCPi candidate do well in this test. Hence, you must learn some tricks in order to position yourself at the top and pass this exam successfully.

There is no doubt that the ASCP exam is difficult for every candidate, but if you meet with seniors and ask questions about their experience, read previous test questions, choose perfect study material, and apply the following tricks to your study strategies, you must pass the ASCP MLT in one sitting.

One-by-One Guide on How to Pass the MLT ASCP Exam?

MLT ASCP Exam Prep bundle by MLSIACADEMY

Obtaining an MLT ASCP license has never been easy, but its obstacles are nothing in comparison to tenacity. The following are very effective strategies to <a href=””>get </a>the MLT ASCP credential. Not every tactic works for every candidate; hence, test with a few of these essential learning tips to figure out which ones work best for you.

Total Time: 2 minutes

MLT ASCP Exam Structure

The Board of Certification (BOC) conducts the ASCP exam for candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the medical lab. To perform well, one must apprehend the MLT ASCP exam nature before booking the exam.
●      The MLT ASCP exam is administered by applying the format of CAT (computer adaptive testing).
●      There are 100 MCQs with one response answer.
●      2 hours and 30 minutes of time are fixed to cover all questions.
●      This test is arranged in order to the level of difficulty. If you correct the answer, the upcoming question is tougher than the previous one, but if you are incorrect, the next question is easier than the previous one.
●      BOC recommends seven subjects for this exam, including chemistry, blood bank, urinalysis & other body fluids, lab operation, immunology, hematology, and microbiology.
●      BOC chooses the different percentage of exam questions from each subject.

Must visit BOC recommended Content Guideline

Following are BOC-recommended exam percentages for each subject.
●      Chemistry: 20–25%
●      Hematology: 20–25%
●      Blood Bank: 15–20%
●      Microbiology: 15–20%
●      Lab Operation: 5–10%
●      Immunology: 5–10%
●      Urinalysis and body fluids: 5–10%
MLT ASCP exam question percentage

Check BOC Recommended Resources

BOC recommended 28 textbooks, 15 online associations, and 3 journals for BOC subject area exam preparation. Here we describe the names of BOC-recommended resources for every subject, including chemistry, blood bank, immunology, and so on.
I. Microbiology for Online Resources
●      Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
●      DPDx-CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria
●      Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) publications
●      ClinMicroNow- American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
II. Hematology for Online Resources
●      The Fritsma Factor
●      CellaVision CellAtlas-Blood Cell Morphology Guide
●      Hematology Outlines- Online Textbook and Atlas
●      Bloodline Image Atlas (HematologyImages)
III. Online Resources for Blood Bank
●      Transfusion Medicine Questions
●      AABB
●      Indian Immuno-hematology Initiative
●      Blood Bank Guy-Transfusion Medicine Education
IV. Chemistry Online Resources
●      AACC Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines
●      AACC
●      AACC Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council (CCTC)

MLT ASCP Exam Prep bundle by MLSIACADEMY

Finding Excellent Learning Material

Spend time figuring out precious learning material to cover this exam syllabus. The excellent study material has the following features:
Conclusive (cover all required details): A conclusive study material explains all topics and sub-topics about the exam subjects, including chemistry, hematology, lab operation, and so on.
Comprehensive (explain necessary information): A comprehensive study material explains only what is required rather than what is necessary and unnecessary.
All-in-One Option Plan: You can avail of cooked food by choosing an all-in-one study material that provides you with all the details of the MLT ASCP exam in a straightforward manner and combines the BOC reading list for exam preparation into one of the best learning materials.
Question and Answer: Explain all-important questions with answers.
Use a versatile format: Excellent learning material explains the exam content in flexible formats such as PDF and video.

Special Note: The MLSIA study material is one of the best learning materials available because it provides a conclusive, comprehensive, all-in-one option, Q&A, and flexible format learning material to assist MLT ASCP and ASCPi candidates in obtaining credentials in the first sitting.

 A well-planned schedule

Organizing yourself by making a well-planned schedule is one of the most important tricks to covering the exam syllabus before the final day, especially for the MLT ASCP exam. To pass the MLT ASCP exam, set aside 5–6 hours for study. You can also divide this time to cover the content of the BOC's recommended seven subjects based on your interests.

Learn about the Study Phase

A good study plan has two phases: one is recognizing the information, and the second is the knowledge retention phase.
It means that when you study something, it appears to you that you have understood it, but when someone asks you to tell or write down your learning content, you are unable to do so. In this case, you understand the information with no retention.
Both phases are critical for the MLT ASCP exam; you must study information and be able to explain your learning material.

MLT ASCP Exam Prep bundle by MLSIACADEMY

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Nothing is better than practicing your learning content. Practice makes everything clear and helps store information in the mind for a long time.
You must use paper and pen to train yourself for MLT exam questions. Choose some questions from all your learning content and practice them for retention. In this way, you are able to achieve the MLT ASCP certificate successfully.

Use MLSIA as an Alternative Resource

BOC offers all required resources for exam preparation in the MLT ASCP reading list and subjects with topics and sub-topics in the MLT ASCP Content Guideline. However, without guidance, candidates will be unable to understand these complex sources of information.

As a result, MLSIA provides Q&A, online classes, all-in-one study material with a flexible format, and opportunities to ask professor questions in live classes. To obtain an ASCP MLT credential, you must have faith in MLSIACEDEMY.

Use Visual Illustrations

Visual illustrations help people remember information for a long time. To improve your learning memory as an MLT ASCP candidate, use flow charts, images, and videos. Visual aids assist learners in making sense of concepts and increasing the likelihood of long-term memory retention.

Manage time for Rest and Study

Imbalanced time management can create many problems in life, so managing time properly is a good way to succeed in life. All-time study is not better, so spend some time on your hobbies to refresh your mind.

Stay away from unhealthy Food

After scheduling the exam, you must look after yourself. Sleeping well, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding unhealthy Food and extracurricular activities are the best strategies for allocating more time for revision and studying well.

MLT ASCP Exam Prep bundle by MLSIACADEMY

Visit the Exam Center before the Exam Day

After booking the MLT ASCP exam, you get the name of your nearest center for the test. Make sure to visit the center once before the final day. By doing this, you get an idea of the distance, mode of transportation, and time required to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions for MLT (ASCP and ASCPi)

Are MLT (ASCP and ASCPi) the same?

There is a key difference between MLT ASCP and MLT ASCPi. MLT ASCP is for US candidates and MLT ASCPi is for international candidates.

Are the eligibility criteria for MLT ASCP and MLT ASCPi the same?

No, BOC recommends different eligibility criteria for both MLT( ASCP and ASCPi). Check the eligibility routes for US and international conditions.

Can I use any alternative study material with BOC-recommended resources?

Yes, of course, you must choose any conclusive, comprehensive, and unified study material with a flexible format that helps you provide clear information.

How many scores are needed to get the ASCP MLT certificate?

BOC conducts many ASCP exams, like MLT ASCP and MLS ASCP, to choose eligible candidates for the medical field. All have 0-999 scores, including MLT ASCP. You must get 400 to become ASCP MLT certified.

Is MLT ASCP composed of long questions?

No, the MLT ASCP exams are composed of 100 MCQs with one right answer.


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