MLT (ASCP/ASCPi) Exam Routes, Content Guidelines, Study Guide, Questions and Preparation

Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam by MLSiACADEMY

If someone wants to work with high-tech lab equipment and play an essential role in patient care, there is no better choice than to become a medical laboratory technician (MLT). For this, you need to pass the high-challenge MLT ASCP exam. We will tell you everything about how you can pass this test.

To convert your dream into a goal, we offer all the essential details about the MLT ASCP exam for your convenience and to comprehend the exam basics.

Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam by MLSiACADEMY

Our mission is to provide all vital information about this exam, such as the exam study list, content guidelines, application procedure, fee structure, exam requirements and routes, and much more. Let's start to read.


American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), Board of Certification (BOC) conducts the most widely recognized credentialing exam for medical laboratory technicians (MLT).

Collecting specimen samples, testing samples, and providing practical information to the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of disease are responsibilities of medical lab technician.

Becoming ASCP MLT certified is a tremendous opportunity to get rewards in more ways than one_ it is a well-paying job that shines the future and financial condition of medical laboratory technicians.

MLT ASCP Exam Requirement

To apply for the BOC exam, candidates must meet all recommended requirements for this test that are related to experience, training, or education.

BOC offers separate routes for US-Based applicants and international candidates. Applicants can choose the specific routes (paths) that match their education and training experience.

MLT ASCP Routes for ASCP/ ASCPi Exam

Routes are an eligibility path for ASCP/ ASCPi exam. The Board of Certification allows many candidates with a variety of academic and professional backgrounds to become medical laboratory technicians (MLT) by dividing its requirements into different routes.

Candidates can qualify for the golden standard exam If they meet the requirements of any BOC-recommended routes.

Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam by MLSiACADEMY

Route for US-Based applicants MLT (ASCP)

  • Route 1:  Associated degree or 60 semester hours of academic credit from an accredited college or university and must complete a medical lab technician program from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) or Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) within the past five years.
  • Route 2: From January 1, 2023, the valid requirement for MLT route 2 has been discontinued.
  • Route 3: Associate degree from an accredited college or university with 6 semester hours in biology and chemistry or 60  academic credit semester hours from an accredited college and university with 6 semester hours in chemistry and biology.
  • Applicants must pass a One-year medical laboratory training program sponsored by the US military within the past ten years.
  • Route 4: Associate degree from an accredited college or university with 6 semester hours in biology and chemistry or 60 academic credit semester hours from an accredited college and university with 6 semester hours in biology and chemistry.
  • Three years of successful clinical laboratory experience in microbiology, blood banking, immunology, urinalysis/fluids, chemistry, and hematology from an accredited laboratory within the past ten years.

Routes for International Applicants (MLT ASCPi)

  • Route 1: 2-year diploma in Medical Laboratory Science, including training in hematology, chemistry, microbiology, and blood banking (immunohematology) from any approved technical institution.
  • Route 2: Two-year diploma in chemistry or biological science from an accredited educational institution and successful completion of a Medical Laboratory Science training program including microbiology, blood banking (immunohematology), hematology, and chemistry.
  • Route 3: Two-year diploma in chemistry or biological science from an accredited educational institution and three years of clinical experience in microbiology, blood banking (immunohematology), hematology, and chemistry from any accredited laboratory.

Exam Eligibility for MLT ASCP/ ASCPi

Candidates' study background, successful completion of a medical lab technician program from an approved institution, or a few-year diploma can determine their eligibility for the MLT ASCP test.

Candidates can match their experience or certification with the above-described route to know their eligibility for the exam.

Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam and Prep by MLSIA

Application for MLT ASCP/ ASCPi Exam

MLT exam application is a process of approval for the test from BOC. The BOC website offers an online application form to candidates for monitoring their eligibility for tests.

Candidates must carefully read all instructions and fulfill mandatory requirements such as study background, diploma, or training experience in the application form when they apply for the test.

Candidates receive exam details such as test date and center name after approval by BOC.

Cost for Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) ASCP Exam

BOC website sells their exam seat to candidates by receiving a cost to apply for and take the MLT (ASCP) certification exam. It may be $185 for international candidates and $225 for U.S. candidates.

This fee is non-refundable, because it covers the administrative costs of evaluating the application, confirming candidates' eligibility, and grading the exam.

International Applicants that have a medical laboratory education and currently reside in select nations receive a special discount of $95 for all international certification examination categories.

Syllabus Breakdown For MLT/ MLTi Exam

MLT test comprises the following seven subjects:

  • Blood Banking
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Urinalysis and other body fluid
  • Immunology
  • Lab Operation
  • Hematology
Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam and Prep by MLSIA

MLT ASCP/ ASCPi Examination Content Guidelines

BOC recommended the MLT ASCP/ ASCPi Examination Content Guidelines for candidates' convenience in test preparation. This content guideline provides essential topics for each subject area.

BOC recommended content guideline:


Carbohydrates, vitamins and nutrition, electrolytes, acid-base determinations (including blood gasses), toxicology, proteins and other nitrogen-containing compounds, enzymes, heme derivatives, lipids, therapeutic drug monitoring, and endocrinology.

Blood Banking

Molecular testing and serologic, blood group immunology, transfusion practice, blood group systems, pathophysiology and physiology, transfusion practice, and Blood products.


Preanalytic procedures; analytic procedures for mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, and virology; analytic procedures for bacteriology; post-analytic procedures.


Serologic procedures, test results, diseases of the immune system, Principles of immunology, infectious disease serology, and transplantation.

Laboratory Operations

Instrumentation and automated/manual methodology, troubleshooting/Quality assessment, education principles, basic management principles, safety, and laboratory mathematics.


Laboratory testing, hemostasis (laboratory determinations, disease states, and physiology), disease states, and Physiology.

Urinalysis and other Body Fluids

Microscopic analysis, Physical and chemical testing, disease states, and physiology

Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam and Prep by MLSIA

How Many MLT ASCP Exam Questions?

The MLT ASCP test is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions with one best answer. BOC selects a different percentage of exam questions from each subject area.

Distribution of exam question

  • Blood Banking (15 – 20%)
  • Chemistry (20 – 25%)
  • Microbiology (15 – 20%)
  • Urinalysis and other body fluid (5-10%)
  • Immunology (5-10%)
  • Lab Operation (5-10%)
  • Hematology (20 – 25%)

How Hard are MLT ASCP Exam Questions?

Achieving an MLT credential has never been easy. Due to the wide syllabus of BOC, candidates always face tribulations overcoming this exam.

The BOC exam measures candidates' scientific knowledge of their practical experience. Hence Applicants must have enough knowledge and strategy to solve MLT ASCP complicated exam questions.

For the preparation of exam questions, an examinee must choose a comprehensive study material that presents all BOC syllabuses in an easy-to-understand method.

How to Pass the MLT ASCP Exam?

MLT ASCP test could not be prepared without any proper preparation guidelines. Therefore, candidates must choose a conclusive study material that figures out all MLT complicated questions.

In this regard, MLSi ACADEMY offers a 4×4 MLT ASCP Preparation Course that has many advantages for the reader.

Tips to pass the MLT ASCP test.

Step by step from a certified MLT ASCP to pass the exam!

Total Time: 1 minute

Cover exam subject

MLT ASCP Preparation Course by MLSi ACADEMY covers all exam subjects including chemistry, immunology, Hematology, Blood Banking, laboratory operation, and Microbiology and their topics that are recommended by BOC.
MLT ASCP/ ASCPi Exam Preparation Online Course Bundle by MLSIACADEMY

Choose a Comprehensive Study material

MLSi ACADEMY offers easy-to-understand and comprehensive reading material for exam preparation that offers the BOC-recommended reading list in a straightforward way.

Do Practice on Question

Practice MLT questions with pen and paper is more valuable than only reading. If you only study not practice, you may forget. But if you practice exam questions with pen and paper, it prints questions in your mind.

Format of Exam Question

BOC offers 100 MCQ in the exam and MLSi ACADEMY Preparation Courses follow this format. MLSi Course offers MCQ for all BOC-recommended subjects and their topics.

MLT ASCP Exam Flashcards

Flashcards are an extraordinary source of information that is present in the form of tiny, digestible, and understandable MCQs, true or false, and little paragraphs.

For BOC exam preparation, Flashcard works as an extremely valuable tool to clear concepts, revise learning content and boost memory.

MLT ASCP Exam Study Guide

ASCP BOC offers an exam study guide for all subject areas in the form of a PDF for test preparation. This PDF comprises necessary and unnecessary information for the exam. This huge amount of information is difficult to learn for candidates.

Therefore, candidates must choose an exhaustive study material for exam preparation that offers all-in-one study material for MLT ASCP exam preparation.

Medical lab Technician MLT ASCP Exam and Prep by MLSIA

MLT ASCP Exam Prep

Candidates must read the information from all available study materials like flashcards, test questions, and BOC recommended syllabus for getting this certification in one sitting.

For better exam preparation, Candidates must get help from ASCP MLT prep course packages such as the MLSi Academy Preparation Course which offer all information for exam preparation in the form of online classes, flashcards, and Q&A.

MLT ASCP/ ASCPi Exam Material for Study

BOC recommended list presents 3 journals, 15 online resources, and 28 textbooks for exam preparation. It is difficult for candidates to read information from BOC's recommended huge resources for exam preparation.

Hence, candidates must select only one excellent study material instead of many for exam preparation. All-in-One study material helps candidates to clear blur concepts and save both time and money of reader.

Practice Tests for MLT/ MLTi Exam

MLT exam candidates must participate in practice tests for MLT/ MLTi exam before sitting in a real exam test.

These practice tests follow the format of BOC and help candidates to learn the exam format and question pattern.

Such types of practice tests help candidates boost their ability to solve questions in a given time and increase their knowledge about the BOC test and its exam content area.

MLT Pass Score for ASCP Exam

Although ASCP offers a wide range of professional certifications such as MLS and MLT, all tests have the same score range of 0-999 including MLT.

The minimum passing score to qualify for the credential is 400. The candidate's passing score depends on the number of correct answers and the difficulty level of the exam.

Pass Rate MLT Examination

The number of candidates who passed the BOC exam out of all examinees that sit to take the exam is called the pass rate.

The Pass Rate of the MLT Examination is 71% in 2022. 2, 902 students sat to take the exam, but 2,074 candidates passed the MLT ASCP exam in 2022.

Pass Rate MLT ASCP Examination 2022

 Exam Recall Questions

The previous test takers recall and discuss some questions after passing the BOC certification exam for medical lab technicians (MLTs), such questions are called recall questions. These recall questions show the exam format and subject matter of the test.

BOC ASCP prohibits candidates from divulging the recall question and itself goes against the candidates who break its rule.

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