MLS ASCP FAQ for ASCP & ASCPi Certification

Comprehensive MLT ASCP FAQ Guide for ASCP & ASCPi Certification

The ASCP (Americal Society for Clinical Pathology) and all of its international counterparts (ASCPi) have always been synonymous with excellence in laboratory practice. As a result, the MLS ASCP FAQ for ASCP & ASCPi Certification becomes highly valuable for students who want to enroll for MLS certification.

Aspiring Medical Laboratory Scientists who seek their ASCP & ASCPi certification frequently encounter numerous questions related to this certification journey. Consequently, these always remain unanswered if they lack guidance.

Getting in touch with people who have MLS ASCP and ASCPi certification is one way to address most of your concerns. However, this is not sufficient for the long run, and you often need something to help you throughout the path.

MLS ASCP ASCPi FAQs Preparation Course by MLSIA

This is where the MLS ASCP FAQ for ASCP & ASCPi Certification guide comes in! This article aims to address your queries, providing up-to-date information to aid candidates.

This comprehensive guide aims to address these queries, providing accurate and up-to-date information to aid prospective candidates in their pursuit of certification.

FAQs for MLS ASCP & ASCPi Certification

As laboratory science assumes a highly critical role in healthcare, you should have a clear understanding of this certification process.

Keep reading the MLS ASCP FAQ for the ASCP & ASCPi Certification guide to explore comprehensive answers provided by MLS experts:

What is an ASCP in MLS?

Most employers need medical laboratory scientists to get this certification through an authorized body, like the ASCP Board of Certification. Finally, after passing the required exam, these laboratory scientists can practice under the MLS(ASCP)CM.

What are the major examination content areas for MLS ASCPi & ASCP Certification?

In general, the MLS exam questions contain different subject matters within Medical Laboratory Science. These mainly include:

Blood banking
Urinalysis and body fluids
Laboratory operations

Remember that all these content areas contain a particular percentage of the overall exam.

What is the main difference between ASCP & ASCPi?

The major difference is that ASCPi certification inclines towards eliminating specific credit hour and time requirements because they can vary from one country to another. Plus, all country have their own accreditation boards, which the ASCP’s BOC will consider while determining eligibility.

What is the actual meaning of MLS ASCPi?

The credentials of ASCP certification are listed with the ASCP designation after the category, basically initials for US certification. Likewise, ASCPi will be after the category initials for most international certifications as below:

MLS(ASCP) International Medical Laboratory Scientist

MLS ASCP ASCPi FAQs Preparation Course by MLSIA

When did ASCP change from MT to MLS?

In 2009, ASCP BOR and NCA merged to establish a unified certification agency known as the Board of Certification. The MT (Medical Technologist) certification is changed to MLS (Medical Laboratory Scientist). Meanwhile, a vision statement was efficiently adopted.

What score do you require to pass ASCP MLS?

The passing score required for the ASCP MLS exam is 400. While the ASCP provides a huge range of reliable credentials, all tests are typically scored on the scale (0-999). All in all, the candidate has to set a target number of a minimum of 400 to get this certification.

What are the ASCPi requirements?

Depends on each certificate! However, since ASCPi is for international non-US candidates, the common prerequisite is a degree equivalency to a USA degree by an education evaluation agency approved by the ASCP BOC.

What is the role of an MLS(ASCPi)?

An MLS (ASCPi) conducts various laboratory tests, from simple to complex, in chemistry, molecular biology, biological specimens, microbiology, and hematology. This way, they provide important information for the diagnosis of the disease and its treatment. Problem-solving issues with testing, instrumentation, and specimens are also observed by them. Moreover, they develop, evaluate, and validate the diagnostic testing.

Can ASCPi work properly in the USA?

It is an international equivalent to the ASCP certification and holds significant value in the global healthcare industry. Moreover, Med Techs residing outside of the USA can pursue ASCPi certification to enhance their credentials and increase their chances of securing employment in the United States.

Is ASCPi easily accepted in California?

Yes, some certifying organizations have been approved by the CLS generalist licensure exam department. It was accepted long ago, in October 2002. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the acceptance of this credential in California.

How many items are in ASCP Exam?

There are a total of 100 questions in the MLS ASCP & ASCPi certification exam. Additionally, the time given for the examination is a maximum of 2 hours to 30 minutes. Further, the examinee should always consider one best answer of the multiple-choice.

Is it difficult to pass ASCP?

Yes, ASCP BOC exams are tough, so it might be a wise decision to consider buying some test preparation resources. These workbooks are beneficial, as they guide the candidate through the particular skills and knowledge focused on their exams. Apart from that, the students are also provided with tests and questions that are undoubtedly invaluable practice.

What is the possible highest score on the ASCP exam?

On average, the highest score goes up to 999, which is quite amazing. However, if you’re just looking to pass the exam, scoring 400 would be enough.

MLS ASCP ASCPi FAQs Preparation Course by MLSIA 2

Are expert medical laboratory scientists in high demand in the USA?

This is another important query most students ask. Well, there’s a critical shortage of MLS professionals in US and Canada. So yes, there’s a high demand in the USA because of their important role in patient care and healthcare diagnosis. The increasing need for technological advancements and medical testing sustains their demand across healthcare settings.

What are the branches of medical laboratory science?

Areas of MLS training involve chemistry, immunology, toxicology, molecular diagnostics, transfusion medicine, chemistry, and microbiology. Laboratory scientists also own a variety of responsibilities to perform. These are analyzing and examining blood, cells, tissues, and fluids.

Are microbiology and MLS the same?

Microbiology is a crucial discipline in Medical Laboratory Science. There, candidates are responsible for identifying and detecting disease-causing microbes in most clinical samples. Where appropriate, they also test the microbes’ susceptibility to antimicrobial agents.

Is MLS also SLT?

Medical Laboratory Science and Science Laboratory Technology are two different fields. They may have some similarities when it comes to laboratory equipment and practices, but they’re entirely distinct from each other.

How do I pass the ASCP?

Some common and most effective prep strategies are:

Step 1. Initially, prefer talking to your peers. To study efficiently for your ASCP exam, you should talk to experienced people who have been through this.
Step 2. Also, familiarize yourself with your testing location.
Step 3. Last but not least, take care of your mental and physical health. It is the second most important factor you need to consider after studying.

Moreover, if you want to pass the ASCP successfully without much hassle, these tips will definitely help you throughout your journey. read more?

Can I switch from MLT to MLS?

Students with an associate degree may finish their MLT to MLS online program in 2 years. The online program is 100% NAACLS accredited.

MLS ASCP ASCPi FAQs Preparation Course by MLSIA 2

How do I know if I passed ASCP?

Immediately in the exam center in front of the computer, and after submitting your answers, you will see pass or fail on the screen. Your score report will be easily available to you within almost 4 business days. Similarly, if you didn’t pass the exam, your official score report would state that and offer a rundown of fields where you were less or more successful.

Which field is best in medical laboratory science?

Top MLS job types are given below:

1. Public Health Lab Scientist
2. Medical Clinical Laboratory Technician
3. International Medical Lab Scientist
4. Clinical Laboratory Scientist
5. Medical Technologist Clinical Lab Scientist
6. Travel Medical Lab Scientist

Which is better, microbiology or MLS?

With MLS ASCP (generalist), you can work in a medical lab! But with ASCP microbiology, you are certified to work in a microbiology lab only.

What is the specialization in MLS?

MLS specialties include chemistry, hematology, blood bank, microbiology, molecular biology, histopathology and more.

What is MPhil in MLS?

MPhil in MLS is a program that is specially designed for graduates in MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology) to attain more specialized and advanced training in various specialties of a clinical laboratory.

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